Strelkov said he would not join Wagner because of “Prigozhin's lies against him”


Igor Strelkov-Girkin stated that he refused to join Wagner. He called the reason “a stream of the most open lies” addressed to him by PMC head Yevgeny Prigozhin.

In his Telegram channel, Strelkov said that Prigozhin had called him the day before to discuss arranging a meeting about possible entry into the PMC. Strelkov promised to arrive in Lugansk for this meeting within two days.

“The last public speech of Mr. Prigozhin, in which a stream of the most open lies was directed at me, completely excludes the possibility of my participation in this PMC,” – Strelkov fumed.

He added that he could not serve under a man who accused him of betraying Russia and hurled dirty insults.

Earlier today, Prigozhin recorded an audio in which he spoke obscenely about Strelkov address. The essence is that he will be invited to the LPR on the advice of the Wagner PMC commanders, who will ask Girkin a number of questions, for example, about how “he took money from Akhmetov and fled from Slavyansk, leaving the boy. “

“This man is not famous for courage, courage and reliability,” declared Prigozhin. And he promised to throw Strelkov into hell if by some miracle he suddenly passed all the tests. However, there is an alternative – to come not as a commander, but as an ordinary attack aircraft.


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