Strelkov called the outcome of the Geneva summit: Ukraine will join NATO

Photo: Still from the video

Former Minister of Defense Igor Strelkov was skeptical on the outcome of the summit of US and Russian presidents Joe Biden and Vladimir Putin, to be held in Geneva tomorrow. According to Strelkov, Biden will deceive Putin because the Americans once deceived Soviet President Mikhail Gorbachev.

“Something is happening – he is trying to take some measures late,” an interview with the telegram of the NSN Radiotochka channel.

He noted that if the United States is convinced of the Kremlin's indecision and weakness, it will accept Ukraine into NATO in the future.

Strelkov said that Joe Biden is now primarily concerned about the alliance between Russia and China, which is already beginning. To prevent this alliance, Biden can sell to Putin that Ukraine will not join NATO, according to the former DPR defense minister.

At the same time, Strelkov recalled that when Soviet President Mikhail Gorbachev first spoke to the Americans, they were also first promised that he would not expand NATO to the east. “To date, the United States has never complied with agreements that are not beneficial to them and that their opponents cannot defend,” Strelkov said.

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