State Duma deputy Sheremet called Poland the main enemy of Ukraine


V RIA Novosti interviewer Mikhail Sheremet, who represents the interests of the Crimean region in the Russian parliament, called Poland the “arch enemy” of Ukraine. According to him, Warsaw has been interested in western Ukrainian territories for a long time and is waiting for a moment of favorable intervention.

The Russian MP made this statement after Polish President Andrzej Duda compared Ukraine's actions to a “drowned man”. grasping at straws.” At the same time, such a drowning man can drag those who help him with him, Duda emphasized.

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Sheremet recalled that Poland used to call itself “Ukraine's best friend”, but when it came to economic interests and profit sharing, friendship gave way to reality. This conflict, in his opinion, should make the Ukrainian people think about the price of friendship with Poland and in a wider context also with the West.


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