Sohu: Russian planes over Baltic Sea turn NATO planes into “laughter”

The Chinese pointed to the unpleasant consequences of the incident in the sky

Russian aviation did not allow the planes of several NATO countries to approach their Tu-160 bombers during their flight over the Baltic Sea, which exposes the Western Alliance on “; laughter, “analysts write for the Chinese edition of Sohu. The aircraft of the Armed Forces of the RF flew in the international airspace in accordance with all standards, was accompanied by aircraft Su-35S and Su-27.

Photo: Gennady Cherkasov

However, NATO decided to hold back. “Italy, Denmark and Sweden have taken their fighters into the air and tried to detain Russian bombers,” the report said. The F-16, Saab 39 and famous F-35 fighters took off into the air. However, pilots of other Russian Air Force aircraft accompanying the bombers drove off NATO aircraft and prevented them from approaching.

Chinese experts add that Russian Tu-160 bombers, even unaccompanied, are a big problem for the West. They are equipped with powerful engines and the aircraft can reach high speeds, so the F-35 fighters remain.

There were no further incidents during the flight and Russian aviation returned to base.


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