Singer Victoria Daineko led the “Green Alternative” in the State Duma elections

Photo: Lilia Sharlovskaya

Number one in the list of political parties Singer “green Victoria Daineko will go to the Russian State Duma elections in September 2021. TASS writes about this with reference to the Green Alternatives press service.

Victoria Daineko topped the top five on the party's federal list. The singer is 34 years old and holds the “Star Factory-5” (2004) and “Star Factory” awards. Return “(2011).

It was also revealed that rapper Vyacheslav Mashnov, aka” Purulent “and” Glory to KPSS “, who is also going to go to the Duma from the” Green Alternative “, is still not going to vote As the party emphasized, the “green alternative” could not agree with the rapper and find a common language.

Many show business representatives are preparing for the State Duma in this election, so it is known that the party's list in St. Petersburg led by Tatyana Bulanova.


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