Scout Matviychuk spoke about the conditions of the second wave of mobilization

“Can only be announced in the event of a sharp deterioration of the situation”

The second wave of partial mobilization can only be announced in the event of a critical situation at the front or on the border. Military expert, former intelligence officer colonel with combat experience Anatoly Matviychuk, spoke about the most sensitive sectors of the front, as well as about possible remobilization, which is expected to be announced in the near future.

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Photo: Press Service of the Ministry of Defense

– 300 thousand people called up as part of partial mobilization are the overall needs of the Russian Armed Forces in terms of ensuring security Earth. Part of the mobilized will therefore leave to supplement the coalition grouping of troops in Belarus, another part will replace the losses of military units suffered during the special operation.

The mobilized are trained in various specialties. Each military profession has its own training requirements. For example, you can prepare a machine gunner in ten days, a driver-mechanic in a month and a half to smell a car, and so on. Now mobilized cannot be thrown into battle because they are not mentally prepared. Any fight is a terrible mental and physical test for a person. But you can slowly get to the line about having to engage in battle.

– There have been some changes to the line of contact. In the north towards Kharkiv, we are in positional defense – we have prepared well-fortified defensive areas, we are withdrawing reserves, rear units. Everything is fine there.

We are advancing in the center, we are advancing magnificently, we are approaching Artemovsk, we have taken Pavlovka. I think the offensive against Kramatorsk will continue in the near future.

In the south, towards Kherson, we went behind the Dnieper line. We have prepared positions also on the left bank of the Dnieper, reserves are being prepared. In fact, the army is now returning to normal after the battles and preparing for the next tasks.

Will there be tasks to follow? Of course they will. The fact is that we were forced to leave some of our territories – the city of Kherson, a number of settlements in the Lugansk region. And we are obliged to return them, because it is the territory of the Russian Federation, which cannot be occupied.

– I still don't see a reason for subsequent mobilization. Because the mobilization of reservists is a terrible blow to the economy. Hard-working people who ensured the economic security of our country are going to the front. It was calculated that the partial mobilization caused minimal damage – someone transferred their trade for a while, someone got a reservation. But can you imagine that a second wave of mobilization would be announced now? We will undermine the economic stability of our country.

– Yes, in a general conflict it can be done, because the life of the state is at stake. That was the case during the Great Patriotic War. But now I think that the second wave of mobilization can be announced only in the case of a sharp deterioration of the situation in the NVO zone or on the borders. The NATO bloc is now concentrating its forces on the western borders. So far, nothing serious threatens us there, at least until the end of this year. After the new year we will wait and see.

– This is not true, we have volunteers from Serbia, Syria and even the USA fighting on our side. We have a lot of specialists who work specifically for our armed forces. Internationalization is happening. By the way, many Ukrainians from the western part of the country are on our side in this conflict.

– Internationalization will be done. We just don't publish this question yet. And Kyiv perfectly controls the training of psychological operations and uses even the slightest hint for information attacks. But in reality, Kyiv has completely exhausted its mobilization resources. Terrible things are happening in the Ukrainian army – the army has lost almost its entire composition since February 24. Now it consists of territorial defense reserves, and about 17% are already made up of foreign mercenaries.

Of course, this is not paid by Kyiv, but by NATO countries, or rather by their taxpayers. This conflict is truly taking on global proportions. And note, we have foreign specialists. Pin? Enough to complete tasks.


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