Scholz spoke about Ukraine's and Georgia's prospects for joining NATO


Chancellor German Olaf Scholz said that NATO could not guarantee Russia's non-enlargement. Nevertheless, the entry of new Eastern European countries into the alliance, he pointed out, “is not on the agenda”. According to S & uuml; Against this background, Scholz does not understand why this request from Russia.

“There can be no such guarantee,” he stressed. The Chancellor added that a transatlantic defense alliance was necessary.

Interestingly, NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg had previously said that the alliance had already decided to accept Ukraine with Georgia. He also warned that the conditions for joining the alliance had not been set for new members.

So far, Russia's position on NATO enlargement says that neither Ukraine nor Georgia should become members of the alliance. Moscow needs reinforced concrete guarantees that the two countries will not be accepted there.


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