Safronov's column on “spy mania” disappeared from Vedomosti, the page also “fell”

Photo: Lina Panchenko

Former journalist from Kommersant and Vedomosti, an adviser to the head of Roskosmos, Ivan Safronov, suspected of treason, wrote a column for Vedomosti talking about the work of investigating espionage. articles. It is curious that a few hours after the publication, the article disappeared from the place of publication. Now at this address & mdash; & nbsp; blank page and caption: “ Maybe wrong link“. And after a while, the Vedomosti website probably fell due to a DDoS attack.

A column by journalist Ivan Safronov disappeared from the Vedomosti website after Presidential Secretary Dmitry Peskov said in response to a question from Echo that he inserted this article into the daily press review preparing for President Vladimir Putin?

– Alexey Venediktov (@aavst) July 23, 2021

In his article, the journalist stated that in such cases, investigators gather at least 5-7 volumes of the case, the court satisfies 100% of the investigator's requests and sends ` `an often frightened person who doesn't understand anything“; in pre-trial detention. He also noted that the suspect is virtually deprived of the opportunity to defend himself and remains isolated from the world, which “ disrupts his psyche“ and frightens the unknown.

& quot; A person is beginning to believe in anything, & mdash; & nbsp; wrote Safronov. & mdash; & nbsp; Including that he may be a spy. ; & # 39; & mdash; & nbsp; to force the accused to testify against others in exchange, for example for a telephone conversation with a loved one. At the same time, he emphasized that he had clearly decided not to conclude any agreements.

& quot; The conveyor works around the clock, no matter who you are, & mdash; & nbsp; wrote Safronov. & mdash; & nbsp; Any & quot; will suffice.


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