Saakashvili called Ukraine a gateway to criminals

Photo: Facebook

Former President of Georgia and Chief Executive Officer Executive Committee of the National Council of Reforms of Ukraine Mikhail Saakashvili said that Ukraine has become a gateway for criminals from the post-Soviet space.

“Ukraine is the gate, there are criminals from all over the post-Soviet area, there is a cesspool … Criminals certainly know that everyone can be released,” he said in a Ukrainian broadcast 24.

According to him, when solving problems in the country, you can hire any police investigator, any prosecutor, “as well as the judge,” noted the politician.

“Just hire a police officer and he will dance for any money on your order. How can such a police officer prevent something? The system is deeply ill, “added the former Georgian president.

Saakashvili said that in the migration service it is possible to stand in line for a long time, “but with the money bin Laden will receive a certificate that he will testify that it is some Marchenko whose great-grandfather lived in Ukraine. “

” Whoever enters, whoever leaves, whoever shoots, whoever explodes. And all this is happening in front of everyone, “Mikhail Saakashvili concluded, explaining that all this is happening due to corruption in law enforcement agencies.


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