RV: a mine barrier was “launched” in front of the attack group of the Armed Forces of Ukraine near Kupyansk

PHOTO 6 channel freeze frame video telegram https:///t .me/RVvoenkor

A strike group of the Armed Forces of Ukraine was destroyed near Kupyansk by Russian troops using a mine barrier. This is reported by the Russian channel Spring Telegram.

The text accompanying the video says that the “surprise” for the armed forces of Ukraine was prepared by sappers because of the Arctic Circle. The mine barrier consists of anti-tank mines connected by a cable. Typically, such traps are placed on narrow roads where military equipment moves.

Drone footage shows an infantry fighting vehicle and a group of Ukrainian soldiers following it. For some reason they don't see the mines laid on the ground and they are thrown at them. After the smoke cleared a little, the only surviving Ukrainian soldier tried to leave the explosion site.

Источник www.mk.ru

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