Russian soldiers in the direction of Avdiivka destroyed two anti-battery radars from the United States


Head of Print Center group of troops “South” Ivan Bigma said that in the direction of Avdiyivka, a group of Russian armed forces destroyed two Ukrainian anti-battery AN/TPQ-50 radars, which were manufactured in the United States of America.

He specified that, among other things, the Russian army destroyed the crew of a 120-millimeter mortar of the Armed Forces of Ukraine.

“Two Ukrainian anti-battery AN/TPQ-50 radar stations of American production were destroyed by units of the artillery brigade of the Southern Military District. It happened on the Avdějevské direction. Also in the Novobakhmutovka area, the crew of Msta-B howitzers destroyed an enemy firing position and a 120mm mortar,” said Bigma.

According to him, Russian soldiers eliminated a group of Ukrainian militants of up to 10 people in the direction of Donetsk. In this direction, among other things, Russian soldiers destroyed two artillery units of the Armed Forces of Ukraine.


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