Russia has set the conditions for a NATO military response

Konstantin Gavrilov. Photo: Russian Foreign Ministry. Russia will provide a military response if NATO continues to attack sore places. This statement was made by the head of the Russian delegation at the negotiations on military security and arms control in Vienna, Konstantin Gavrilov.

“The conversation must be serious,” the diplomat told Russia. 24 TV channel. He noted that, despite all power, NATO understood the need for concrete political action.

“Otherwise, Russia's military-technical and military responses are an alternative,” Gavrilov added, stressing that there was now a moment of truth in relations between Moscow and Brussels.

Recall that Russia previously published its security requirements. Moscow is proposing that all parties refrain from deploying medium- and short-range missiles. In addition, Russia is demanding that NATO refrain from moving east, even at the expense of the former USSR.


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