Romania has responded to Russia's request to withdraw NATO troops


The Romanian Ministry of Foreign Affairs responded to the request for “The Foreign Ministry rejects the Russian Foreign Ministry's inappropriate and unsubstantiated statements about the Allied military presence on NATO's eastern flank,” the Romanian Foreign Ministry agreed. NATO's presence in various countries is the result of decisions taken by the leaders of these states, it is due to a defensive response to Russia's growing aggressive behavior, said Romanian representatives. They added that they welcomed the statements by the United States and France about plans to deploy troops in Romania to protect the Allies. The Romanian side has also expressed hope that negotiations between Russia and the West will lead to a de-escalation of the situation.

The Russian Foreign Ministry has previously called for the withdrawal of NATO forces from Bulgaria and Romania. This follows from one of Russia's proposals for security guarantees.

As mentioned, we are talking about the withdrawal of foreign forces, equipment and weapons from countries that were not members of the North Atlantic Alliance in 1997.


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