RIA Novosti: Europe has capitulated to the United States and is preparing to fight Russia

Photo: Global Look Press

On the final surrender RIA Novosti informs the EU before the US. Journalist Irina Alksnis pointed out in her publication that the words of the head of European diplomacy, Josep Borrell, attracted attention.

He pointed to the state of the armies of European states, saying that there is no single organism on the continent, but “there are 27 different armies” . After the collapse of the Soviet Union, Europe reduced spending on defense and the military-industrial complex, it made a mistake. In addition, the Europeans delegated the issue of defense to the United States and the North Atlantic Alliance.

Now Borrell asked the member states of the European Union to transfer funds to create a unified structure. That's roughly what the White House was pushing for when it requested defense spending. The EU's own army will mean further investment in the United States and allow Washington to “fight Russia to the last European.”

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