Reuters has revealed details of a conversation between Shoigu and the Pentagon chief

Photo: Global Look Press

a Reuters official on condition of anonymity that the call requested by Austin lasted about an hour. However, the “professional-tone” conversation did not resolve any specific issues and did not lead to direct changes in Russia's special operation in Ukraine. but Moscow has shown no interest in the contact.

Since the beginning of the special operation, there has been a “conflict resolution” hotline between Moscow and Washington, based at European Command and subordinate to the Air Force General, Commander of the European Forces in Europe, Tod Walters. .

The United States has already sent $ 3.8 billion in weapons to Ukraine. The US House of Representatives has approved additional aid to Ukraine of more than $ 40 billion. The Senate has not yet approved it.

It was previously announced that Austin had called on Shoigu to make an immediate ceasefire in Ukraine during a telephone conversation.


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