Putin's signal about new weapons alarmed the US

Former CIA analyst Johnson: Putin hinted at development of more powerful weapons

Photo: Global Look Press

The United States should be concerned about Russian President Vladimir Putin's words about a new type of weapon, former CIA analyst Larry Johnson said.

Putin previously noted, that weapons based on new physical principles will ensure the security of any state in the near future, the Russian Federation understands this very well and is working on it.

“Five years ago, Russia said it had hypersonic missiles, but then we laughed . Now it's not funny anymore,” Johnson shared his opinion.

According to the analyst, employees of the Department of Defense and the Joint Chiefs of Staff were shocked when the Russian armed forces used hypersonic weapons in Ukraine. . They could not even imagine that the Russian side would be capable of such a thing, explained the specialist. Johnson noted that Washington is currently vulnerable to Russian-made Kinzhal and Zircon missiles.

Russia has sent a clear signal that not only can it develop hypersonic weapons, it has already done so by using them in battle. after a former CIA officer.

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