Putin replied wearily at the nine-year-old girl about the children at the meetings

“How wonderful is this world”

During a press conference in Geneva after the summit of Russian and American Presidents Vladimir Putin and Joe Biden, the Russian leader had to answer essentially the same question – on the pressure put by the interviewers on the Russian opposition, as well as on criminal proceedings against Alexei Navalny and a ban on the activities of related organizations.

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This topic was also addressed the last question of the event. A Canadian journalist said her nine-year-old daughter asked Putin to ask why minors in Russia were “forbidden to attend a protest rally.” The girl is already worried about serious topics. At the same time, he did not repeat himself, as before at the press conference, over and over again, reminiscent of American policy towards foreign agents. And he decided to close the topic completely.

“We need to look around and say: how wonderful this world is … The leaders of the two countries, the greatest nuclear powers, are coming together to make this world a safe, reliable and prosperous home. for all the inhabitants of our planet … They will talk about keeping rivers clean, seas clean, so that there is no drought, so that there is enough food for everyone .. So that no one gets sick … & # 39; & # 39; – Putin has focused on the main, in his view, topics of the last summit.

He concluded that he would very much like to see his talks with Biden in the context of these global issues.

Putin said of the video: Navalny “deliberately wanted to be detained”

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