Putin gave Biden an ultimatum: Ukrainian surrender or war

Biden embarks on a risky fight with Putin over Ukraine

Columnist Julian Borger has published an article in The Guardian concluding that Russian President Vladimir Putin has in fact given an ultimatum. USA Joe Biden in Ukraine. Moscow is reportedly concentrating its forces on the border with Ukraine and shows that it can actually launch an “invasion”. But it can be left if Biden refuses to help Kiev and puts pressure on Zelenský over the Minsk agreements in a version that Ukraine does not like.

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The White House has not yet confirmed a virtual meeting between Joe Biden and Vladimir Putin. However, White House spokeswoman Jen Psaki emphasized that “high-level diplomacy is a priority for the president,” citing Biden's video conference with Chinese leader Xi Jinping as an example.

Based on this, Borger concludes that Biden is still preparing for a conversation with Putin and that the main topic of conversation will be the Ukrainian question. The author also emphasizes that China is now threatening Taiwan. As a result, the United States may be drawn into both conflicts, which is fraught with “catastrophic consequences.” p>

He notes that Biden continues to talk about “unshakable support for Ukraine's sovereignty and territorial integrity.” The material explains that such statements by the American side are “a means of deterrence and intimidation” of Moscow. But Borger asks what Biden will do if Putin catches him bluffing.

For example, Rajan Menon, a professor of political science at City University of New York, noted that such statements put the United States in a position to defend Ukraine, and if they refused, it would be considered a shameful weakness and the position of the administration would be very difficult.

Fiona Hill, who was involved in preparing for Donald Trump's summits with Putin, also said that now “the United States is either capitulating on Ukrainian sovereignty, acting above Ukraine and Europe, or risking the war in full. “The Kremlin is pushing the United States until the Cold War, when the two superpowers sat at the negotiating table and defined spheres of influence.” Putin could be reassured by the agreement that Ukraine will not join NATO and will be limited Hill says it turns Ukrainian sovereignty into nonsense.

He stresses that Ukraine cannot be negotiated by the United States. Washington can talk to Moscow about strategic stability, but it cannot sacrifice Ukraine. < Rajan Menon, co-author of Conflict in Ukraine in 2015, added: "If they say they will not allow Ukraine to join NATO, it should not be taken as an empty bluff." I don't think they're bluffing. "

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