Putin commented on Kaliningrad Governor Alichanov for a reference to the special operation

Anton Alikhanov. Photo: Wikipedia.org. During a video conference with Kaliningrad Governor Anton Alichanov, Russian President Vladimir Putin warned him that it was unreasonable to justify the decline in construction in the region by a Russian special operation in Ukraine. “There is no need to refer to our special military operation. , “Putin told Alichanov.

The head of state added that this was not necessary because there was a decline in construction in the Kaliningrad region. back in 2020-21. Alikhanov asked him to explain what he meant, but Putin interrupted and remarked, “This is not necessary. The special military operation in Donbas has absolutely nothing to do with it. This link It was, frankly, not very appropriate. “At the same time, Putin added that there are other difficulties, of course, that's clear.” But it's good that you know about it, pay attention, “he said. President.

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