Putin began a natural experiment with coronavirus

Photo: kremlin.ru

Vladimir Putin on In a meeting with members of the government, he provided details of his isolation from contact with coronavirus.

According to him, several people in his inner circle became ill, including one who “works in the immediate vicinity. “” I've been talking to him all day, “Putin said.

He said the patient had been vaccinated and recently revaccinated due to a drop in antibody titers.” But it seems too late, “the president said. p>

On the other hand, this situation allowed him to take part in a “natural experiment.” “Let's see how Sputnik V actually works in practice,” Putin said, adding that he still has high defensive titles. > Recall that the head of state was vaccinated against coronavirus in March.

Today, the press secretary of GDP Dmitry Peskov said that the head of state is going into isolation and canceling events face to face. Putin himself is healthy.

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