Puskov responded to the London threat by imposing sanctions on Russia

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Russian Senator Alexei Puškov assessed the threat of sanctions from the United Kingdom. In his Telegram channel, he noted that British Foreign Secretary Liz Truss could come to Moscow to “not only tell us about how the Mongols and then the Tatars attacked 'proud Ukraine', but also 'other warnings and threats.' p>

As a result, as Puškov pointed out, a visit to the Minister does not make sense in this case. He recalled that London was sending a lot of weapons and special forces to Ukraine. The politician says it's unlikely that Truss “has something to do with it, but he said you could” do a good job of promoting the crisis “. British Attorney General Dominic Raab said earlier that London was ready to impose severe economic sanctions. . against Russia, not only in the event of an “invasion of Ukraine.” >

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