Puškov praised Congress' decision to ban the lifting of sanctions by Biden

Photo: Evgeny Semenov

Russian Senator Alexey Pushkov praised Congress' decision to pass a bill banning US President Joe Biden from lifting sanctions on Russia's Nord Stream-2 pipeline.

As a member of the Federation Council wrote on the Telegram channel, pipeline is set to become a major factor in world politics. According to him, this suggests that Russia's role in world affairs is much greater than that Western opponents, who speak of it as a “regional power”, are trying to present it.

Pushkov added that American and European experts are trying to fit in with the goal of reducing Moscow, while Nord Stream 2 and Russian energy have become one of the notable topics in world politics involving the United States, Germany, Poland and the Baltic countries.

“Regional Power”? With which the United States is negotiating strategic stability – the only country in the world? And what the US Congress intends to get into conflict with the White House, “Puškov concluded.

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