Puškov made fun of Zelenský, “rushing around the world”.

Russian Senator Alexei Pushkov criticized Ukrainian President Vladimir Zelensky. He said the head of the neighboring state was “rushing to political platforms” instead of engaging in reforms. Pushkov therefore commented on the report of the EU Accounts Chamber on the ineffectiveness of EU support in the fight against corruption in Ukraine.

European auditors noted in their report that the country had failed to defeat widespread corruption and oligarchs. By the end of 2022, Kiev was advised to develop a strategy to fight corruption and sanctions against the oligarchs.

According to Puškov, in 2015 it was discussed that Europe would not invest in Ukraine if the state of affairs did not change. And because there have been no significant changes in the country in 6 years, Zelensky has to travel around Europe and ask for support for insignificant projects. For example, as the “Crimean Platform”

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