“Public opinion will be created in favor of the abolition of Moldovan statehood”

Political scientist announced the creation of the “pro-Roman vertical of power” Maia Sandu

On Monday, August 2, the candidate for Prime Minister of Moldova Natalia Gavrilita will present to Parliament the composition of his cabinet. The vote on the new government will take place on August 5. There is no doubt that it will be approved: the pro-presidential PAS (Action and Solidarity) party, of which the government is formed, has an absolute majority in parliament.

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Following the victory in the parliamentary elections on July 11, the PAS is building on success. And he does not intend to share this success with anyone. As the Speaker of Parliament and PAS Chief Igor Grosu warned, all ministers of the new government will be either members of the pro-presidential party or its supporters, including “representatives of the diaspora”. “” They're good, famous people whose names you'll find out soon, “he promised Gros.

In fact, it means concentrating all power in the hands of one person – President Maya Sandu. The PAS itself, as they say in Moldova, is a “one-person party” – its founder Sandu. He has no political figures comparable in weight. Now parliament and government will take all decisions at the behest of the president. But that's just the beginning. Sandu's other plans are even more ambitious: purges will take place in all state institutions and structures in Moldova. The previous management will be removed and all important positions will be filled by PAS representatives.

The development of the situation in Moldova, especially for the Ministry of Culture, was commented by Ivan Skorikov, a political scientist and press secretary of the CIS Institute.

– In fact, Party Sandu PAS completely captures the Moldovan state and gives it to external control. – says Skorikov. – It is no coincidence that the party leader Igor Grosu said that the government will be composed entirely of its members. It is important to note that it will involve some supporters of the diaspora party.

“This means that the victorious power says a huge” thank you “to those people in the diaspora who gave it more than 10% of the vote. In both the December 2020 presidential election and the recent parliamentary elections, the lion's share There was, of course, insane participation: he rose alive and dead, with almost 200,000 Moldovans voting for Maia Sandu abroad.

– Yes, they were mostly EU citizens. people from the diaspora who are absolutely West-oriented and invite them to the government.The victorious party has an absolute majority and will not share power.The maximum that the Communist and Socialist bloc and Ilona Shor's party, which occupied 2nd and 3rd, can get. instead, are some of the symbolic seats of the chairs of the various parliamentary committees.

– The president's hands are completely untied. It has its own parliament, it will have its own government, and it all listens not so much to the will of Sandu herself, but to those who seated her on the Moldovan throne. The most important figure in Moldovan politics will now be the President of the Constitutional Court. Any illegal and discriminatory decisions against the Russian language, Russian broadcasting, etc. will be conducted through the Constitutional Court. This means that Moldova is now under absolute external control. This political cadence will be designed to legitimize the process of liquidating the Moldovan statehood.

– Public opinion will be formed on a union with Romania with a view to unification, which will give Moldova a chance to join the European Union. Recent opinion polls show that almost 50% of Moldovans are already in favor of leaving the CIS integration. Why was such a provocative survey conducted? To show that Sandu's victory really reflects the direction towards Europe, that all the people of Moldova are completely pro-Western.

– We cannot verify this. But the publication of such opinion polls by European structures should shape public opinion. If anyone has doubts that all Moldovan citizens are in favor of the EU and NATO.

– Given the rhetoric of Sandu and her supporters, their main task now is to fight corruption and directly appoint thieves to leaders of opposition political parties – Dodon and Ilona Shor – it is possible that criminal cases will be fabricated against them. As we see on the example of Medvedchuk in Ukraine.

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