Prigozhin described two possibilities for Strelkov's participation in the Wagner PMC

Yevgeny Prigozhin. Photo: A still from the video.

Concord's press service published in Telegram an audio recording of a statement by businessman Yevgeny Prigozhin, in which he offered former DLR Defense Minister Igor Strelkov two options to participate in the Wagner PMC in the special operation zone.

Prigozhin said that Strelkov had received the phone number of Andrei Troshev, with whom the issue of arrival in Lugansk should be discussed. The conversation took place, but they have not yet agreed on anything, the businessman noted.

Furthermore, Prigozhin said that if Strelkov comes to Luhansk, then he will go there according to the standard procedure – a council of commanders, whose decision the former head of the Ministry of Defense of the DPR can become command line. According to Prigozhin, the commanders can ask Strelkov questions: “Tell me, bitch, how you gave up Slavyansk, tell me how you took money, you filthy creature, from Akhmetov to escape from him. Tell me how you left the boys, you bastard. ” !”.

The businessman also added that Strelkov “is not famous for his courage, courage and reliability.”

According to Prigozhin, when Strelkov goes through the training camp, he will be “thrown into hellish darkness” , so that he can prove his reliability in combat conditions.

“If he remains alive – I will give him a hand, .. if he dies – we will bury him with honors,” summed up the founder of Wagner PMC.

Igor Strelkov has already responded to this call, stating that “Mr. Prigozhin's speech, in which a stream of the most open lies addressed to me, completely excludes the possibility of my participation in this PMC.”


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