“Preparing for the worst”: The Chinese assessed the situation in the Taiwan Strait

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news that Taiwanese Army Commander Xu Yanpu visited & nbsp; And visited Washington, which continued a series of military exchanges between the United States and Taiwan. Beijing believes that the United States is moving away from the one-China policy, and readers of Huangqiu Shibao believe that there is no going back and that it is necessary to “prepare for the worst.” Coordination between the United States and China has been lost and room for maneuver has been reduced to a minimum. & Nbsp;

The Taiwanese authorities say they are ready to fight to the end to “ defend a free and democratic way of life“. The United States says it will support its democratic ally. And China can't back down because it protects & nbsp; national sovereignty and territorial integrity.

“There is a high probability of an accidental shot that will cause a sudden war to break out at the most unpredictable moment,” the newspaper said. p>

Readers also expressed their opinion. “Because Taiwanese don't like” One country – “two systems,” it's best to have one country, one system, “one of them threatened.

“The first battle is coming soon!” another commentator.

“This nest of” independence “needs to be moved as soon as possible and don't leave a stone unturned,” another participant demanded. “He also believes that the principle of` `one country – & nbsp; two systems & # 39; & # 39; is no longer realistic, so Taiwan can only become a province of China.

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