Popular mechanics: Russian ships near Hawaii are doing “something weird”

Americans decide to decipher the purpose of keeping the Russian fleet close to their base

American experts from the Popular Mechanics portal tried to find out to find out that the Russian fleet is conducting tests 35 miles from Hawaii . The squadron includes the rocket cruiser Varyag, frigates of Marshal Shaposhnikov and “Admiral Panteleev”, the corvettes “Guarding”, “Loud” and “Aldar Tsydenzhapov”. It is emphasized that the Russian Federation has not sent such forces to the Pacific Ocean for a long time.

Photo: Still from the video

“Seven Russian warships doing something strange near US Hawaiian missile defense systems. The Americans intend to launch a ballistic missile from Kodiak Island; fires a rocket at her from Kwajalein Atoll near Alaska. The Russians want to watch it, the publication suggests.

In addition, the maneuvers of the Russian fleet have a purely political goal & ndash; remind them of their interests in the Pacific, which is of strategic importance to them.

He previously published material in Popular Mechanics about China's inability to repeat the bold maneuver of Russian aviation that bypassed Japan in 2011 & nbsp; and so the one who sent a clear signal to Tokyo. The Chinese did not do the same thing in Taiwan a few days ago.

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