Political scientist Pogrebinsky announced the American plan to replace the President of Ukraine

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Famous Ukrainian political scientist Mikhail Pogrebinsky said on the First Cossack YouTube channel that the United States is considering the candidacy of a new Ukrainian president for Vladimir Zelensky, who has lost all popularity. He noted that Zelensky has some claims against the Americans, and they don't like that – Washington needs an even more manageable politician at the head of the country.

Pogrebinsky noted that the United States is considering the possibility with the Verkhovna Rada spokesman Dmitry Razumkov, who is listed in Zelenský's team. “I think the Americans have concluded that it's time to turn Zelenský into something more sensible.” I think Razumkov is quite right for them, “said Pogrebinsky.

Earlier, Pogrebinsky remarked that Zelensky was repeating the path of his predecessors – Yushchenko and Poroshenka. All this is a myth, and Zelensky succumbed to it, Pogrebinsky believes.

Recall that, according to the latest sociological research, 28.8% of Ukrainians surveyed are ready to vote for Zelenský in August. during the presidential election, but more than the competition of the current head of state.

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