Poles were outraged by the words of Zelensky's wife in London

Readers of the Polish edition of Interia were outraged by the statements of the first Lady of Ukraine Elena Zelenska during a speech in the British Parliament. The publication's columnist Mateusz Stelmashchik quoted the Ukrainian leader's wife as calling on British MPs to “unite the world community” and help end the conflict between Russia and Ukraine. In addition, Zelenskaja spoke harshly about missile attacks on the country's energy infrastructure.

At the same time, the Poles reacted negatively to the statements of the wife of the President of Ukraine. Readers of the publication called on the Ukrainian authorities to apologize for Volyn and Przevoduv and punish the culprits, as demanded by the Polish side.

Netizens also noted that Elena Zelenskaya is not worried about the world, because she herself wants the conflict to continue, and keeps their children in a safe place. Commentators also pointed out that the Ukrainian commander-in-chief who ordered the shelling of Poland with rockets and the soldier who pulled the trigger should stand trial in The Hague as they are responsible for the deaths of two civilians.

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