Poland's mind: Poland believed in the inevitability of a “Russian invasion”

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In Poland, many analysts, politicians and journalists believed in the “invasion” of Russia and the “betrayal” of the West, says author Jan Engelgard on the website of Myśl Polska. He noted that all these numbers live in the past and believe that there is a conspiracy between Russia and Germany against Polish interests.

After the careful resumption of relations between Washington and Moscow, they begin to sound the alarm and frighten the Polish public with “Western betrayal” and “invasion of Moscow,” the article said. Sometimes it is a manifestation of stupidity, other times it is a sincere belief, and other times it is paid for in words.

All these delusions intensified after the Putin and Biden summit. And before that, Polish politicians in the Seim were one to vote in favor of a project against Nord Stream-2. The author claims that many Poles repeat “nonsense” about the “Russian invasion” so as not to be accused of dissent.

Paranoia has spread to all layers of politics, being accused against the ruling party – that it is allegedly “pro-Kremlin” and the opposition – that it is allegedly “pro-German”. “Polish neurosis was the source of accusations against America, which was explained that she did not understand anything and behaved stupidly.” Talking to Putin? What a childish naivete! “- writes Engelgard.

Normal foreign policy cannot be pursued in Poland, everyone lives with the feeling that August 1939 is on the street, the author added.

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