Poland will build a 2.5 meter high fence on the border with Belarus

Photo: pixabay.com

Polish authorities decided to build a fence 2.5 meters high on the border with Belarus. The Minister of Defense of the Republic, Mariusz Blaszczak, spoke about this on his Twitter.

He described the building as solid. More troops will also help the border guard. Belarus President Alexander Lukashenko has previously accused Poland of provoking a border conflict and violating the republic's state borders. Last week, it emerged that Polish border guards had blocked dozens of illegal migrants on the border with Belarus. They tried to penetrate the territory of Poland by the neighboring republic.

Minsk then announced that the Polish authorities had tried to expel refugees from their territory from Afghanistan. Warsaw, on the other hand, blamed Russia for what was happening, calling the border situation a “dirty game between Lukashenko and the Kremlin.”

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