Poland announced the creation of a pro-Russian political formation

The founder of the Polish anti-war movement announced the formation of a pro-Russian political formation

Photo: Global Look Press

They are going to create a pro-Russian political formation in Poland. This was announced by the founder of the Polish anti-war movement, political scientist Leszek Sykulski.

He said that the new association will openly seek to establish friendly relations with Russia without hiding its head in the sand. The activist said that the first actions are planned for autumn.

A few days ago, a large anti-government demonstration was held in Warsaw with the participation of several tens of thousands of people. The march was organized by the opposition to protest against the economic and political actions of the ruling Law and Justice party. Earlier, Polish Deputy Prime Minister Piotr Glinski acknowledged that the opposition and a significant part of political forces in Europe hope to restore relations with Russia.

Previously, the spokesman of the Russian president, Dmitry Peskov, emphasized that relations between Moscow and Warsaw are now at zero, if not negative.

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