Peskov spoke about Putin's attitude to Kudrin's resignation from the Accounting Chamber

Dmitry Peskov confirmed that Vladimir Putin received resignation letter presented by the head of the Chamber of Accounts Alexei Kudrin. According to him, the president has not met with Kudrin in person in the near future and is not planning to, however, the official had the opportunity to submit his resignation to the head of state. >

In response to a question about Putin's emotions after receiving his resignation from a man he had worked for for many years, a Kremlin spokesman said that “in such situations there is almost no room for an emotional reaction.” Peskov recalled that Kudrin himself noted in his statement that “he intends to focus on large projects that affect a large number of people.” “So some interference with the state will inevitably happen,” he emphasized.

Aleksey Kudrin wrote on his Telegram channel that he resigned from the post of head of the Accounting Chamber and explained that he wanted to work on projects related to “the development of private initiatives in in a broad sense” and having a significant influence on people.

Kudrin specified that he submitted a request to the president in the prescribed manner.

Earlier, sources from state press agencies said that Kudrin can accept a post in Yandex.


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