The Russian-speaking Afghanist asked Russia for protection, but received no response


The people of Kabul, who taught Russian, applied to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Russian Federation and the Russian Embassy. She asked for her and her family to be protected from the Taliban (a terrorist organization banned in the Russian Federation). However, she did not receive an answer.

Sharifa (name changed) Gazeta.Ru said she worked for an organization that worked with the Russian embassy in Afghanistan. Therefore, he hopes for help from Moscow.

The girl was born in Afghanistan, then her family went to Uzbekistan and then to Tajikistan due to the war. Sharifa graduated from a Russian school there and received a medical education. In 2015, she returned to Afghanistan. There she practiced medicine and taught Russian.

Sharifa has all documents in Russian. She had to hide them – the locals advised her not to tell anyone that she spoke Russian because it could be dangerous.

The girl noted that the United States is helping those who worked with them to leave Afghanistan. They even expelled her neighbor, who worked as a doorman at their embassy.

“And what about Russian speakers?” She asked.

Sharifa applied to the Russian embassy immediately after the Taliban's arrival in Kabul. However, the embassy told her that everything would be fine and refused to cooperate because she did not have Russian citizenship.

“We are the victims of this war. Russia, don't leave us! “She told Sharif. She has small children, she said she is very worried about their lives.


The Afghans told how they fled to Russia from the Taliban

From Kabul to “Sevastopol”

The rapid takeover of power in Afghanistan by the Taliban (an organization recognized as terrorist and banned in Russia) has led to a panic escape by those with a new regime death or violence. These are those who have worked with foreigners (especially the United States and Western countries), feminists, and progressive community activists. Some are fleeing Russia – and the exodus has already taken place in the spring and summer.

Members of the Afghan diaspora told MK when and how it happened.

Photo: AP

Diaspora officials refrain from commenting – and they can be understood: if the Russian Foreign Ministry does not condemn the Taliban as terrorists (and by law they are exactly that, and even the name of the organization is banned in the Russian Federation), but at least relations with them, then the diaspora – ordered Allah himself. We will also be waiting for official comments, but for now you can contact the Afghans who trade at the Sevastopol Hotel near Kakhovskaya Metro Station for details. The “seat” of the diaspora has been located there for almost thirty years – since the Democratic Party's supporters and President Najibullah arrived in Russia in 1992. He lost an unequal battle with the Mujahideen of the time.

“My cousin and his family flew to Moscow two months ago,” says one of the vendors (due to the instability of the situation, members of the diaspora asked not to give their names). – He worked as a translator for Americans, Americans promised to give a visa for several years, but they started pulling. When they announced that the Americans were leaving, he realized that he needed to fly anywhere. Save yourself and your family. Thanks to that, thanks to friends from various departments, we managed to turn it into an invitation to Russia. It was hard and expensive to get there because of the covid, we flew with a few transfers. There are five of them – my brother, wife and three children, almost all my savings had to be paid for tickets. They sold a car in Kabul and brought the money with them. He is now relinquishing his Russian license to drive a truck – he is a good driver. Wife? No, my wife does not work, it is not accepted and you have to sit with the children.

According to the partner “MK”, ​​there are many such people who look to the future, who came to Russia because there are relatives or friends, and simply did not apply to the West. Everyone has their own story – how they got invitations and permission to come, how they sold things and left their homes (usually with relatives who stayed) and established life. The ancient Moscow diasporas went through this thirty years ago, the current generation is going through it now.

Photo: Mikhail Kovalev

“Finding a job is harder now than it was thirty years ago,” two old Sevastopol lovers agreed at once. – After that, citizenship of the USSR and Russia was formally demanded – but no one in the markets was afraid of that. Good man, if you know how to work – come. There were their own questions: national, for example. For example, there were people in the markets … from those “Afghans” who are veterans of hostilities. And in general, of course, they had no complaints about us: the war was with the Mujahideen, not with the legitimate government of the republic. But there were traumatized people, nervous. And if they “kept” a point, it was better not to argue and leave. And now everything is simpler with the national problem, but there are many formalities: you need citizenship, a temporary residence permit or a patent. Migration centers are a terrible “conveyor belt”.

Moscow Afghans try to help their compatriots with work (especially because they are often direct relatives). However, the “informal” employment sector is shrinking: more and more industries are now being “digitized” through aggregators and applications. For example, delivery of goods and taxis: some members of the diaspora (as well as tsarist officers in Paris after the revolution) work as drivers, but such work is only available with a Russian driver's license. A Russian passport is extremely desirable – otherwise it is unstable, you know. Here, however, the problems of Afghans (it doesn't matter – Pashtuns, Tajiks or Uzbeks) are combined with the problems of all migrant workers.

The newcomer – who was in Kabul at the beginning of the year – was also seen in Sevastopol. It is true that he does not speak Russian, he had to communicate in English. The 30-year-old refrigeration technician also worked for the US embassy — and had “approval,” albeit at a low level. In April, he was informed that he needed to flee, but because he knew the stories of many acquaintances who were unable to obtain permission to leave for the West, he immediately contacted his uncle in Moscow. And in June, he managed to get to Russia. He has no family, but he, a social man, has already met the girl: she is a first-high school student, originally from Kandahar, and now that the Taliban has returned, she is not going to her homeland.

– We only want one thing – for Russia to treat us like ordinary migrants, “says partner” MK “. – There is no need for a 'special approach' – on the contrary, it is dangerous: Russia is trying to build relations with the new regime, and that will not bring us any benefits.


The US military has evacuated about 6,000 people from Afghanistan since August 14


White House Representative he announced that US authorities had evacuated about 6,000 people from Afghanistan since August 14.

He said that the US military had evacuated about 1,800 people since yesterday. In total, we have removed almost 6,000 people from Afghanistan since August 14.

Recall that the day before, Afghans literally broke not only into the airport, but also into planes as they tried to leave the country. The mass exodus of citizens began after the Taliban (a banned terrorist organization banned in Russia) came to power in Afghanistan.

The US Air Force has announced that it has begun an investigation into the discovery of human remains in the landing gear of a US Boeing C-17 military aircraft taking off from Kabul.


Afghan rebels are asking the West to send them weapons to fight the Taliban


The Washington Post published statements by resistance fighters from Panjshir province, which still remains out of the control of the Taliban (a terrorist organization banned in Russia). In it, the rebels ask Western countries to help them with arms supplies.

Their leader, Ahmad Massoud, said that America and NATO countries had simply left the “battlefield” and left them alone. At the same time, the United States can still become a “great arsenal of democracy.”

“That's why I ask our friends in the West to stand up in New York and Washington. Tell the presidential administration and Congress about our problems. Intercede for us in London and Paris. Afghan army soldiers and special forces have already responded to our call. Now he is heading to Panjshir with weapons and equipment, but that is not enough, “Masood said.

According to him, Mujahideen fighters will defend Panjshir to the last as the last bastion of Afghan freedom, but it will require more equipment and ammunition.


“At home – death”: Dozens of Russian Afghans feared deportation to the Taliban

“I am especially sorry for young people”

Afghan students and specialists living in Russia are afraid to return home, where obviously nothing good awaits them. Very young children in their homeland are in mortal danger. In Moscow alone, dozens of Afghans are now awaiting their fate under threat of deportation. Will Russia allow them to stay?

If the new Taliban government (a terrorist organization banned in the Russian Federation) is recognized by the Russian authorities as “tradable”, there will be no political reasons for the Afghans being detained.

Photo: AP

Saida I met Gulam Yasin three years ago. In Basmann's court. Where the question of his deportation from Russia was decided.

He has lived in our country since 1985.

Once the Democratic Republic of Afghanistan and the USSR signed an intergovernmental agreement, according to which 1,850 Afghan teenagers came to the Union. These children lived in boarding schools, learned the language and completely immersed themselves in our lives. As a result, the graduates will leave, hold senior positions and pursue a policy of loyalty to the Soviet Union.

Most of them were complete orphans, but among them were children of the Afghan army, officials and security officials. Their farewell was reported on national Afghan television, President Babrak Karmal saw teenagers at the airport.

But the teenagers could not return to their homeland. As now, the Mujahideen suddenly came to power in Afghanistan. The fate of their parents is still unknown; they were most likely executed; the same Yasin then looked for at least some distant relatives, but in vain. These former children themselves became enemies of the people overnight. So four of his boarding school friends disappeared and tried to return home.

It turns out that he was “stuck” in the Russian Federation for more than thirty years. All this time, Yasin had neither citizenship nor a temporary residence permit, nor a refugee certificate. To clarify his situation, he appealed many times to the Migration Department of the Ministry of the Interior, but was always rejected …

Said Gulam Yasin has been seeking refugee status for 7 years.

In general, Said Gulam Yasin's judicial trials lasted about seven years. “I've lost the number of trials I've been through, it's even scary to remember. I kept going with certificates, documents, not to be detained, to explain that I'm here legally, that there are courts and appeals. No one told me why I get rejection after rejection. “

It was not until the beginning of 2021 that Yasin finally obtained asylum in the territory of the Russian Federation.” I did not believe that it finally happened, there was joy and fatigue, joy that I could feel like a person “After all, I wasn't here either and I'm not even there,” he explains.

In fact, receiving the long-awaited asylum saved Yasin from possible deportation from Russia today. But now dozens of Russian Afghans are under a similar sword of Damocles. Despite the fact that Islamic fundamentalists were not in power until recently, they still watched the fates of those they considered their enemies and “traitors to their homeland”.

So now all these people are most likely not to expect anything good in their homeland.

“There will be ten people among my acquaintances who may be deported in the near future,” Gulam Yasin continues. – They don't know what to do. I recently met Afghan students who are in exactly the same situation. And he suffers as I once did. They came to study on the basis of a contract, but it turns out that they have nowhere to return. There is a war at home. And here it all depends on the decision of the migration services. Officials reassure them: everything will be fine with you, there is an embassy in Kabul, no one will kill you. But we all understand that these are just words.

– I can barely advise you, – Yasin sighs. – It all depends only on the position of Russia. Seeking temporary asylum, as I once did, is not the easiest option, but there is no other way out, otherwise torture and death.

“A cross has been placed on the future of Afghans”

History in Afghanistan has been constantly changing. And it never happened peacefully. Soon after the withdrawal of Soviet troops, rebel Mujahideen came to power.

In 96, the country was completely captured by Taliban terrorists. Then the Americans entered Afghanistan. And now there is a new castle. Is it random?

Photo: AP

“No one believed in the result that in just one week a Taliban armed with several thousand rifles will seize power in Afghanistan, we called our friends a month ago and everything was fine, yes, there was talk that hostilities could start the border, and that is “is due to the fact that the US will leave Afghanistan in September, but it was just rumors,” said Maiwand Abdul Ghani, a lawyer with the Civil Aid Committee (recognized as a foreign agent). He has lived in Russia since 1996, but has already acquired Russian citizenship. he also had refugee status.

“My family fled the country in the 1990s, when the Taliban came to power.” I was a child, – continues my partner. – I remember how we managed to leave our homeland in 24 hours. The parents rescued all four children. My father was a special services colonel, a well-known party leader, a communist, graduated from the KGB academy. It was obvious that they would come for us as well. Because my father's colleagues were abducted and killed, the guides did not spare. “

– Yes. I am especially sorry for young people. Who is from 25 to 35 years old. They were sincerely convinced that they had received an education, found a job, and their lives were improving. And now, with the rise of Islamic fundamentalists to power, a cross has been put into the future.

– So it is not possible to say immediately – who will be deported and who will not. If the Taliban are recognized by Russia as an official power in Afghanistan, there will be no obstacles to the expulsion of citizens living there. But most Afghans we work with do not have refugee status, they are all in this situation. Until September 30, this process will somehow be limited by outdated restrictions, people cannot be sent to another country due to coronavirus, but once these measures are lifted, nothing can prevent their deportation.

– Why? I think that in such a situation, any foreign citizen can apply for political asylum in their host country. In principle, it is not wrong to have refugee status. Both for life and for study.

However, various other factors may intervene here, which may complicate this process, the reasons why these people used to live here, or whether they went to court earlier. In any case, for three months, until the asylum issue is resolved, Afghans can legally stay in Russia. An appeal against a denial will also take some time. This means that they will be able to live here legally for a year or more.

– Canada recently announced that it is ready to receive 20,000 refugees, America – about 80,000, Europe does not refuse to help its compatriots.

– I don't believe they will be kinder. Its only a game. As a religious organization and a power that governs the state, they have probably grown up. Now they don't last, as before, to kill everyone in line. But sooner or later he will return to it.

Video from Kabul Airport stunned with drama: US plane takes storm

Watch video on this topic


Biden praised Trump for his agreement on Afghanistan: allowed to avoid attacks


Jak bylo reported ABC US President Joe Biden paid tribute to his predecessor Donald Trump and said his agreements with the radical Taliban (a terrorist organization banned in Russia) made it possible to avoid attacks on the US military in Afghanistan.

“I heard a statement: you had 2,500 troops in Afghanistan and nothing happened. The fact is that the reason was the actions of the last president, that the US troops will be withdrawn by May 1 and there will be no attacks during their withdrawal … That's why nothing happened, & # 39; & # 39; said Biden. Trump's party is not so loyal to its successor. He has repeatedly said that Biden makes a lot of mistakes in foreign policy. For example, he called the withdrawal of American troops from Afghanistan a “flight”.


Runaway urged Ghani not to believe that he had sold his people


Afghan President Ashraf Ghani after fleeing Afghanistan, he posted a statement on his Facebook urging him not to believe that his act was a betrayal.

In his video message to Ghani, he emphasized that he had not left the country to simply save his life.

“If someone says,” The president sold you out of his own financial interests and fled to save his soul, “- don't believe it,” he asked.


Zhirinovsky named ways to solve the Afghan problem

Photo: Evgeny Semenov

LDPR Head Vladimir Žirinovsky During his speech on the television channel Russia 24, he named three approaches that, in his opinion, Russia can use in response to the events taking place in Afghanistan.

“Three options for solving the Afghan problem. We do nothing, we do not recognize anyone – let everything go as usual, “said Zirinovsky's first approach.

According to him, the second solution could be to provide strong support to Tajikistan, Uzbekistan and Turkmenistan in order to prevent the invasion of any troops from Afghanistan, to prevent them.

“And the third option is to divide Afghanistan,” the politician said.

It is impossible not to interfere with the events in Afghanistan, Žirinovsky believes, otherwise various terrorist organizations will enter Central Asia and concentrate in Afghanistan.


The Ministry of Justice included the “Voice” movement in the list of foreign agents


Ministry of Justice of Russia included in the list of foreign agents the all-Russian public movement to defend the rights of voters “Golos”.

Because the movement was not officially registered, it ended up in the register of unregistered public associations performing the functions of a foreign agent.

This year, the Ministry of Justice of the Russian Federation created this register and the “Golos” movement was the first on this list.

The Ministry of Justice noted that “Golos” was funded by an Armenian citizen.


Daily Express: The Kremlin is preparing for the “annexation” of Belarus

Photo: Gennady Cherkasov

Russian authorities are preparing Takeover of Belarus according to the Daily Express. This view was shared by Brian Whitmore, chief scientist at the Eurasian Center of the Atlantic Council. He noted that the statement by senior Russian officials that such an “annexation” was not being prepared was “dust in the eyes.” Whitmore.

In general, the publication says that Russia is trying to use economic and political mechanisms to organize the “merger” of the two countries. According to Whitmore, the Belarusian economy is highly dependent on Russian oil imports and potash exports. Lukashenko's agreement to export products through Russia is a concession and a signal that Russia is gradually taking control of the neighboring country's economy.

The article was also from the point of view of a military analyst and employee of the Center for the Analysis of Maritime Problems Michael Kofman believes that Russia intends to assert itself in Belarus and militarily through regular exercises. According to him, this year was a “qualitative breakthrough” in the presence of Russian military forces in Belarus.