Blinken admitted the possibility of seizing Russia's blocked state property

Photo: possibility to seize state property of the Russian Federation which are subject to sanctions. This was said by US Secretary of State Anthony Blinken. Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky also turned to the West to give Ukraine Russian money.

Earlier, US President Joe Biden announced to Congress a request for the possibility of confiscating funds and other assets of Russian businessmen following anti-Russian sanctions. blocked. Biden called Russian businessmen “kleptocrats” and stressed that the United States would take their expensive houses and yachts.


Half a million dollars confiscated by Viktor Medvedchuk's housekeeper

Photo: Viktor Medvedchuk's Press Service

In Ukraine at the house of the local opposition Viktor Medvedchuk's policy was seized during a search of $ 467,000. They also found 87,000 euros.

According to Ukraine's Attorney General Irina Venediktová, a woman was judged on social networks.

Previously, the motion for a resolution on the removal of seats was registered in Ukraine. Viktor Medvedchuk, former member of the opposition bloc Taras Kozak and Vadim Rabinovich representing the same party. Medvedchuk's policy on prisoners of war.

12. April, President of Ukraine Volodymyr Zelensky announced that SBU officers had detained Medvedchuk. Zelensky accompanied the report with a photo of the detainee in camouflage and handcuffs. Later, the President of Ukraine offered to exchange Medvedchuk for Ukrainian citizens who were captured.


The Bulgarian Foreign Ministry called on compatriots to leave Moldova as a matter of urgency


The Bulgarian Ministry of Foreign Affairs has called on its citizens to leave Moldova due to a “complicated situation”. And Bulgarians should also refrain from traveling to the republic.

Sofia also calls on Bulgarian citizens in the country “to take measures to leave the country on currently available vehicles.”

The WarGonzo Telegram channel has previously reported that Romania is reportedly preparing for an invasion of Transnistria. . The video was shot by a user filming on the road. At the same time, the Romanian Ministry of Defense stated that the transfer of NATO military equipment to the Ukrainian border allegedly did not take place. They added that military exercises were taking place in the country with the participation of allied countries.


Sandu announced the condition of Moldova's accession to Romania


Moldovan President Maya Sandu said in which case the country could be reunited with Romania. According to her, this is only possible with the support of this idea from the population.

& quot; While people do not want it or there is no critical mass of people who would support this goal & quot ;, & ndash; Sandu noted on the Jurnal television channel.

Earlier, former Moldovan Prime Minister Iurie Leanca said the republic should become part of Romania. According to him, this will provide protection by NATO and the European Union from the alleged military threat.

However, he noted that this can only happen with the support of the people. Leanca pointed out that Moldovans do not want to go “in the event of an armed conflict on the left bank of the Dniester.” The head of the resort, Vasile Dyncu, said that the incidents in Transnistria were provocative. Everything that is happening all over the country is causing concern in the department. However, he stressed that the issue of sending weapons from Romania to Ukraine is not on the agenda.


Naryshkin announced Poland's preparations to send troops to Ukraine

Photo: Alexander Astafiev

Head of Foreign Intelligence Service (SVR) Russia's Sergei Naryshkin said there was information that Washington and Warsaw were drawing up plans to establish close military-political control of Poland over “their historic property.” in Ukraine.

According to him, the entry of Polish troops into the western regions of Ukraine must take place first. This can be done under the slogan of “protection from Russian aggression”; & nbsp; Poland is discussing mission modalities with Joe Biden's administration. Among the priority tasks of the Polish army will be the gradual capture of control of its strategic objects by the National Guard of Ukraine.

At the same time, Poland is already looking for representatives of the Ukrainian elite to form a “democratic” opposition to nationalists. He will focus on Warsaw. Naryshkin added that the mission could be without a NATO mandate. “Wishing” states can participate in it. At the same time, the Polish side has not yet negotiated the conditions with potential participants in a “coalition of like-minded people”. Consolidation in western Ukraine is therefore most likely to lead to the division of the country.

There are currently about 7,000 foreign mercenaries in Ukraine. They came from more than 60 countries. The data was announced at a briefing by the official representative of the Russian Foreign Ministry, Maria Zakharova.

& quot; MK & quot; hosts online events in Ukraine


Former Deputy Councilman: Families of Greenlandic representatives have been granted British citizenship


Former Representative of the Supreme Ilya Kiva said Ukraine officials of President Volodymyr Zelensky had been granted British citizenship as security guarantees.

Such security guarantees from the British Prime Minister Boris Johnson, “said Kiva.

It was previously announced that 335 deputies had voted for the removal of Ilya Kiva from the next session of the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine. He was previously expelled from the faction on the initiative of Yuri Bojko, co-chair of the opposition Platform for Life.

In Ukraine, criminal proceedings for high treason have been initiated against Kiva.


Chubais is in Italy and has no plans to return to Russia to testify

Former CEO Rosnano, Russian politician Anatoly Chubais moved to Italy. He is said not to plan to return to his homeland or to testify as a victim in the theft of his property for 70 million rubles.

Recall that the main person involved is his former business partner Ilya Suchkov.

Chubais did not appear before the Khamovnichesky district court in Moscow on Wednesday, where he was to testify in a theft case.

Chubais is represented in court by three lawyers. However, due to the absence of the victim and one of the prosecution's witnesses, the judge adjourned the hearing until May 25.


Criminal proceedings for the theft of property from a residential complex in the village of Peredelki, Odintsovo district, were initiated in 2017 at the request of Chubais.


The Kherson region authorities ruled out a return to Ukraine

Kirill Stremousov, deputy chairman of the Kherson region's military-civilian administration, said the return of the region's liberated territory to Ukrainian control was completely ruled out.

> Photo: is completely ruled out.

It was previously announced that the Russian army had taken control of the entire Kherson region. A civil-military administration was established in the region. There is a gradual resumption of trade relations with Crimea and the return of Russian radio stations and television channels.

“The issue of returning the Kherson region back to Ukraine is completely out of the question. Such a development is impossible, “said Stremousov.

He specified that at the moment, Ukrainian propaganda is trying to influence the people of the region and informs about the alleged impending liberation of Kherson.

” This information does not correspond. facts, “Stremousov emphasized.


Olympic winners Ščerbaková and Bolšunov did not arrive for the meeting with Putin

The President presented the state decoration to the athletes

Vladimir Putin finally presented the state award to the winners of the Beijing Olympics and congratulated the winners. There were no major stars among those present in the Kremlin – figure skater Anna Shcherbakova and skier Alexander Bolshunov. To the rest, the president said that the great traditions of Russian sport would certainly continue: alternative international competitions were organized for athletes in all sports. Putin has sharply criticized the Olympic and Paralympic movements and accused its curators of “bagging” and degradation.

.jpg “/>

Olympic winners in Beijing are clinking with the president – skier Denis Spitsov and figure skaters Kamila Valieva and Anastasia Mishina. Photo:

The Olympics in China ended 4 days before the start of a special operation in Ukraine – February 20. Foreign media wrote that Vladimir Putin was specifically waiting for the end of the games at the request of Chinese President Xi Jinping, but neither Moscow nor Beijing confirmed this information. Be that as it may, the Russian Olympians managed to compete and win 32 medals, but the Paralympians did not. The authorities had to organize alternative “Winter Together” winter games for them in the autonomous district of Khanty-Mansi. However, the athletes who came to the meeting with Putin represented not only the Olympic and Paralympic teams, but also the entire Russian professional sport, which, with the launch of the military special operation in Ukraine, faced the age-old Hamlet question “to be or not to be?”. Russian athletes are now deprived of money and incentives to conquer new heights, and the big issue is access to the usual inventory, on which the results depend to a large extent. .

Sports Minister Oleg Matycin reacted somewhat nervously to questions about the prospects of the exodus of Russian champions to foreign jurisdictions and the import replacement of equipment necessary for victory. However, after the government allowed parallel imports, they can be expected to get some of the most significant sets of good skis and poles. It was planned that Vladimir Putin would personally appreciate all the gold medalists from the Olympic Games. However, not everyone survived the quarantine: figure skater Anna Ščerbaková preferred the ice show in Nizhny Novgorod to the Kremlin. And Alexander Bolshunov “just got sick.” However, the president did not spare warm words to address the absent. Russian single skaters, Putin noted, have no equal in the world. And Bolshunov deservedly brought the symbolic title of “King of Skis” from Beijing. For Kamila Valiyeva, the reception in the Kremlin coincided with her 16th birthday. The gift was not only a bouquet, but also the Order of Friendship, obtained for “plasticity, beauty, strength and tenderness.” “Such perfection cannot be achieved dishonestly, by any means and manipulation,” the VVP recalled the already forgotten doping test incident. Putin wished all victories to all Olympians. “They certainly will,” he assured him.

The conversation about future competitions and victories continued at the meeting, which was attended by “non-guaranteed” Olympic medalists, as well as Paralympic athletes. (Previously, they also received state honors and certificates, but only from Deputy Prime Minister Chernyshenko.) Vladimir Putin said he would continue the great traditions of Russian sport. All program plans and plans related to sports are subject to implementation. “We will do everything we can to ensure the rights of our athletes, we will hold competitions open to all our friends and real partners, such as the World Olympics Association and the International Military Sports Council,” the president said. He criticized the dependence of the Olympic and Paralympic movements on “the pride of money” and stressed that this commercialization was a direct path to degradation. Regarding the exclusion of Russian athletes from international competitions, Putin said is nothing more than “discrimination on purely political grounds on the basis of citizenship and nationality.” In his view, such sanctions violate the Universal Declaration of Human Rights adopted by the UN General Assembly in 1948. And some decisions – for example, about swimmer Yevgeny Rylov, who was suspended for attending a concert meeting on March 18 – are simply “absurd.”

It is noteworthy that none of the Olympians present at the meeting publicly expressed concern about the situation in professional sports. According to skier Veronika Štěpánová, the athletes understand that Russia is becoming “strong, proud and successful again” and “not everyone in the world likes it”. “We will definitely win, just as we won at the Olympics,” she said, apparently referring to Ukraine. Paralympic athlete Alexei Bugayev again asked Vladimir Putin to build a sports infrastructure adapted to people with disabilities, organize more competitions and create conditions for the arrival of foreign athletes. The president promised. According to him, the difficulties will only strengthen everyone.

At the meeting of the Council for the Development of Physical Culture and Sport, which took place after the awards ceremony, Vladimir Putin made it clear that he was not completely satisfied with results of Russian Olympians. “The final ranking is lower than planned in the sport's development strategy,” he said. Recall that Russia was in 9th place overall, fifth place promised to fans. According to “gold”, two awards were not enough to meet the standard of the national team. Minister of Sports Matycin explained the shortcomings due to insufficient centralization of management and training of national teams, lack of facilities for year-round training in a number of disciplines and also coronavirus, which on the eve of many promising athletes became ill.

Putin sipped champagne with figure skaters: Kremlin Awards

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Ukrainian archive with materials about Russian judges found in Kherson

Russian army found archive “virtual prosecutor's office of Ukraine The documents have left the Ukrainian security forces and fled the city, containing fabricated material against Russian judges and prosecutors.

“They worked in the Crimea, but relocated them to Kherson,” Russian law enforcement officials said. prosecutors accused of criminal cases under Part 1 Article 438 of the Ukrainian Criminal Code “Ill-treatment of prisoners of war or civilians, plunder of national values ​​in the occupied territories”, deportation of civilians to forced labor and more. Meanwhile, special operations continue in Ukraine. Russian President Vladimir Putin and UN Secretary-General António Guterres met in Moscow. The parties exchanged their own ideas about the conflict in Ukraine. In Poland, they complained about a gas shutdown after Warsaw refused to pay it in rubles. Gazprom did not confirm this information. “The tap will be closed” only on April 27. The Russian Ministry of Defense has warned that if Ukraine strikes the territory of the Russian Federation, reactions from decision-making centers in Kiev will follow. A “red” level of danger was introduced in Transnistria after the terrorist attacks, and the Victory Parade on May 9 was canceled. In Canada, they are preparing a law that allows the property of sanctioned Russians to be disposed of at their own discretion. Read the broadcast here.