Merkel's phone rang during talks with Putin

Photo: Natalia Gubernatorova

During negotiations with Russian President Vladimir Putin and German Chancellor Angela Merkel were embarrassed in Moscow. When the Russian leader talked about the development of the economy, his partner's phone suddenly rang.

The footage, which appeared on the RIA Kremlin Pool Telegram, shows Merkel quickly slipping her hand into the right pocket of her pants and trying to turn off the sound on the machine. Judging by his face, the Chancellor is clearly unhappy with the current situation.

Then Putin, who didn't pay attention to what happened, started talking about being in constant contact.

Before the start During the talks, Merkel attended a ceremony of laying wreaths at the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier in Alexander's Garden in Moscow. She arrived in the Russian capital on Friday.

The Chancellor is accompanied by Secretary of State Steffen Seibert and the Head of the Foreign Policy Group of the Federal Chancellery, Uta Christina Beinhoff. The meeting will be attended by Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov and Putin's assistant for international affairs Yuri Ushakov.

Putin gave Merkel a bouquet of flowers and smiled shyly: video

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After the Spanish démarche, Russian ships stopped off the coast of Algeria


Observers in Gibraltar reported the anchoring of Russian Navy ships off the coast of Algeria. It is reported that the large anti-submarine ship “ Vice Admiral Kulakov & # 39; & # 39; and the lifeboat Altai are 46 km from the coast.

On the eve of the Spanish media, she said that Russian warships had applied for a call to the port of Ceuta, which has been actively receiving & nbsp; including Russians & nbsp; for refueling and refilling. However, according to press reports, the Spanish Foreign Ministry has not confirmed permission for ships to enter the port. The Russian authorities have not yet commented on the situation.

According to sources, the Spanish Ministry of Defense had no objections to the visit of Russian ships, but the refusal was motivated “ politically & # 39; & # 39 ;.


WSJ: Putin spoke out against troops in Afghanistan at a meeting with Biden


Russian President Vladimir During a meeting with his American counterpart Joe Biden in Geneva, Putin insisted that the United States relinquish its military presence in Central Asia. The Wall Street Journal reports.

As noted by senior US and Russian officials, Putin's stance has severely affected the US military's ability to deploy drones and other forces in countries bordering Afghanistan. According to the publication, the problem worsened after the disintegration of the Afghan government and army.

As US officials have emphasized, Moscow is determined to keep Central Asia as a sphere of influence. He does not intend to expand cooperation with Biden in solving the Afghan problems.

According to the WSJ, during a meeting in Geneva, Putin told Biden that Russia was against any US military role in Central Asia. He also stressed that China holds the same position.

If the United States loses access to Central Asian countries, then it will have to use bases in Qatar and other Arabian Gulf countries for possible operations in Afghanistan. In addition, they have US Navy aircraft carriers in the Indian Ocean, the newspaper reports.

However, the flight from the Gulf countries to Afghanistan will take a very long time. For example, an American drone can spend more than 60% of mission time flying to this country and back.

Earlier, German political scientist Alexander Rahr said that the essence of Joe Biden's challenge to Vladimir Putin was revealed to German politicians in Washington after calling his colleague a “killer.” The call was officially announced and it was noted that Biden had just invited Putin to a summit in Geneva. As it turned out, Biden apologized to Putin.


In Crimea, Turkey was warned against participating in the “Crimean platform”


Representatives of the Crimean parliament and national communities contacted Ankara and demanded a refusal to participate in the “Crimean Platform”, the summit of which will take place in Ukraine on 23 August. Kiev hopes that the issue of returning the peninsula under its control will be discussed as part of this event.

Turkey will be represented at the summit by the Foreign Minister. Crimea warns Turkey that its participation in the summit will break the friendship between Ankara and Russia. A total of 44 states are expected to attend the “Crimean Platform”. Among them will be 13 presidents and prime ministers.

The summit in Crimea itself is called the “Sabbath”, whose participants will question the territorial integrity of Russia.


FSB reveals how Japanese kill “Hogoin” Soviet prisoners

special services after the handover of Kwantungu Army in August 1945. Japan is said to have shot dead several Soviet citizens who failed to be transferred from the Hogoin concentration camp to a special 731 unit for bacteriological weapons experiments, some of which were killed by lethal injections.

The Manchurian strategic offensive operation of the Red Army ended on August 20, 1945. The main Japanese facilities for the development of bacteriological weapons were located in Manchuria. According to Russian documents, Japan was preparing a bacteriological war.

Among the archives are records of interrogations by the head of the Hogoin concentration camp, Yoshio Iijima.

In the years 1930-1945, the Japanese were captured by Soviet citizens. Some Red Army soldiers were captured during the fighting at Lake Khasan in 1938 and the Khalkhin-Gol River in 1939.

There were many Russians in the Khogoin concentration camp in the Harbin area. They were sent for experiments to Department 731 under Lieutenant General Shiro Ishii.

The “Hogoin” camp was designed for 150 people. According to Iiyima, it contained “only the Russian people, exclusively men.” The camp leader personally sent 40 people to their deaths.

Experiments on living people were carried out in the camp. They were often inhuman, for example to determine how long a person can live under the influence of various factors – drying out, lack of food, lack of water, exposure to boiling water, electric shock, vivisection, frostbite and more.


Alexander Korzhakov explained the unsuccessful arrest of Yeltsin in an emergency committee

“Who and why came up with the story that the signing of the new Treaty on Union was scheduled for 20 August?”

Historical anniversaries like this are a double-edged sword. In any case, for us journalists. On the one hand, the 30th anniversary of the August coup is an excellent information opportunity to remember everything. On the other hand, it is difficult to find a plot in this field that would not be passed by monuments and historians far and wide. An observer from the Ministry of Culture tried to solve this problem by visiting the former head of the security service of Russian President Alexander Korzhakov.

– Yes, already I am tired!

– I wouldn't change a party. I drank too much Soviet power. I, one of the best officers of the ninth directorate, fired me because I did not communicate with any “enemy of the people”, but with the Minister of the USSR and a member of the Central Committee! I met Yeltsin in 1985, when he became the first secretary of the Moscow City Committee and a candidate for the Politburo, and I was assigned to his guard. At first they just talked, then they became friends. When it was removed in 1987, I was so worried that I even got eczema from my nerves. I didn't know how to cure me.

In 1989, Vitya Suzdalev and I, my partner, came to Yeltsin to wish him happy birthday. And two days later I was called to the human resources department: everyone, goodbye, retired! Although I have no distrust and overflowing price list. He was on guard from 1968 because he was drafted into the Kremlin regiment. He guarded Brezhnev and Kosygin and worked for Andropov as a bodyguard and was in Afghanistan. And suddenly – it turned out badly …

No, in August 1991 we did everything right. Another thing is that then there were mistakes. Yeltsin made his first mistake when, after the coup instead of staffing, he fled to rest in the Baltic States to visit Gorbunov (at that time – Chairman of the Supreme Council of the Republic of Latvia. – AK ). As soon as the three men were buried (White House defenders who died on the night of August 20-21, 1991 in the Garden Ring incident; the funeral took place on August 24. – AK ), immediately he gave up for two weeks.

And it turned out that the people placed Burbulis (at that time – the Secretary of State of the RSFSR. – A.K. ), but Yeltsin was just arguing. I didn't talk to anyone. There were so many normal people, so many normal ideas! And they were squeezed. The device has been cleaned. This is where the question came from: “Where were you on August 19th?”

1993, I can't count as a mistake. The chances for us and for them, Rutskoye and Khasbulatov and their supporters, were 50-50. And if they won, it is not clear what would happen to that country. The civil war would most likely begin. But then, after 1993, Yeltsin changed, of course. He was a completely different person.

When I am asked to characterize Yeltsin, I will say that there was such an ancient Roman god, Janus with two faces, and Yeltsin is Janus with nine faces. I knew him in different situations. When he worked on the Moscow City Committee, when he was dismissed, when he became a Democrat … I thought he really did, but he just changed color. And every time – a new face.

The decision to run for a second term was, of course, a mistake. Moreover, Yeltsin himself did not want to go – he kept telling me about it. His family forced him. Naina and Tatiana later said they had discouraged him from voting. They're lying!

– Do not cancel, but reschedule! I proposed postponing the election for two years because I saw who we were electing. Some rotten log. And it wasn't just my idea. I spoke with Shumeik, who was then chairman of the Federation Council, with many deputies, with the governors … And they all said: yes, it is better to postpone the elections and think about who can replace Boris Nikolayevich.

That was when the question of a successor first appeared. We discussed many candidates, but I personally was in favor of Soskovets (from April 1993 to June 20, 1996 – the first vice-president of the Russian Federation. – A.K. ).

Chernomyrdin was more of a politician at the time. He created the Our Home Russia party, which, however, proved to be useless to him. And Soskovets plowed, did more than all the Black Mrdin deputies combined. Besides, he was completely loyal to Yeltsin. Of course, it was a big mistake that Yeltsin chose not his successor.

– None! We didn't have the main thing in China – our Deng Xiaoping. It wasn't, no, and it's not expected. Because they squeeze every smart person who appears next to the leader.

– Of course! Who among them thought about the earth? Abalkin, yes, I thought, thought Aganbegyan, Shmelev (famous Soviet economists. – A.K. ) … And the men who achieved high positions didn't think about the country at all. They just saved their chairs.

– Puzzles … Maybe there is one. The secret is: who and why came up with the story that a new Treaty on Union was scheduled to be signed on 20 August (1991. – A.K. )?

– No, they had no signatures that day. Take a look: On August 16, we flew to Kazakhstan and returned on the night of the 19th day. This means that there is a little more than one day left until the signature. This event has a very great significance and scope, so in theory everything should be prepared for it. In the Georgiev Hall of the Grand Kremlin Palace – Alexandrovsky and Andreevsky were not at that time – special tables, microphones were to be placed, names plates were ready. Somewhere – in the Faceted Chamber or elsewhere – a banquet should be held.

Furthermore: every first person had to be prepared a separate seat, his gastronomic habits were taken into account – who should cook what and how. Everyone should be assigned a car. And not one, but two or three – to have a stand-alone. Output security must be ready. For everyone, as I understand it, a 235th Squadron aircraft (a special squadron serving senior officials. – A.K. ) should be sent …

– Absolutely nothing! That is absolutely certain. If the signature were really scheduled for August 20, we would have to know when and where to go, at what time and from which entrance to enter. But there was no protocol or any sign of preparation. That means it's all a lie. Who did they help with that? Gorbachev, the Gekachepists, anyone else?

– Of course, I was aware!

– Looks like it. If the goal of the coup was to overthrow Gorbachev, then the Gekachepists probably wouldn't have told him when they arrived on Foros 18 so as not to worry: they would solve it, put things right, and then he would come. And he did not answer: “Do what you want!” Oleg Baklanov, one of the smartest in this society, spoke in particular. And I believe his words.

– Well, who knows? At that time (Nikolai Kruchina died on August 26, 1991. – A.K. ) all investigating authorities were under great tension and it is unlikely that Kruchina's death would be seriously investigated. By the way, a little later, his predecessor Pavlov also committed suicide (Nikolai Pavlov, head of the CPSU Central Committee in 1965-1983, died on October 6, 1991. – A.K. ). And in exactly the same alleged way.

Could it be the work of KGB agents? All I know is that the KGB liquidation and murder department did exist. He was in leadership “C”, which was part of the First Headquarters. These people could poison the poison and adjust the accident to make everything look believable. Or they could stab something and throw it out the window … In general, the story, I agree, is dark.

– At that time, Yeltsin was like that, everything is right. It is no coincidence that so many people supported him. So why did we climb the tank on August 19? Because people came running! Tens of thousands of people gathered in the square and they were all for him.

– No, the plan was to arrest him. Vitya Karpukhin told me about it (commander of the special unit “A” KGB of the USSR in 1988-1991. – A.K. ). Then we became friends – and we hunted together and stayed with each other. He was a good guy. Well, he said there was an order to detain Yeltsin. Do not kill, but if there is a fight, then, as they say, do not spare ammunition.

If Yeltsin had left Arkhangelskoye in one car, it probably wouldn't have been hard to do. However, it turned out to be a relatively large kortege – eight cars. And then people from the Russian leadership came to him and other guards arrived, and there were many “own” militias: “Arkhangelskoye” is the same farm of the Council of Ministers of the RSFSR.

In short, they passed: Yeltsin was to be arrested early in the morning on the 19th day. Then it wouldn't be possible without blood and the alpha and the army – and most importantly – had no desire to shed their own and other people's blood for the leadership that disappointed them so many times.

And when we were in the White House and were constantly warned against an attack – people came to me from both sides and said that “there” everything was ready and about to begin – although I admitted such a possibility, but the worm doubts were very big. There were too many people around.

If you remember history, then Nicholas II, although called bloody, did not order the shooting of humans on January 9, 1905. Those who were lower commanded. Who would dare to issue such an order in August 1991?

– There was one contact. True, I did not communicate myself. Last year, my youngest grandchildren – I am only seven – 10 years old. Date of the first round. The family was going to celebrate – Irina Semyonovna, my ex-wife, daughters, other grandchildren … In general, all my relatives. I wasn't there, so they celebrated in our Moscow apartment on Osennaya Street, and I don't go to Moscow because of my feet.

It had just gathered – the bell rang: Naina! Not alone, with the guards, but she left the guards at the elevator. For the first time … Well, for the first time since 1996, of course. When we were friends, the Yeltsins didn't leave us. We were practically like one family.

“Can you?” – “Be able”. How else? Still a neighbor: their apartment is in another riser – right through the wall. We chose it on purpose – so that Yeltsin could hold a glass from his balcony, and I poured it. And he poured and gave him a good cucumber … But now he doesn't live in this house. He lives in a state house and comes here once a week to check that everything is fine, if something is going.

In general, there is nowhere to go – they put the guest at the table. We drank, we talked … And finally she said, “Please forgive me for what happened to you. Yes, we are to blame … ”She simply repented. In addition, I pulled out an envelope with money – for gifts for my grandchildren. But well, my daughter – she didn't take the money.

– Why? She made peace with my family. She came and apologized … But with me – of course not.

– I do not forgive traitors, but this was a natural betrayal.

– If one person betrays another, then it is normal for the other person to tell the truth about the traitor. I was betrayed on June 20, 1996, and I did not betray anyone – neither before nor after. It was not necessary to expect me to take these secrets with me to the grave, to bury myself, and to be disgracefully silent.

I was once asked: what do I regret the most in life? I said I regretted it when Yeltsin told me, “Write a resignation letter” – and I took it and wrote it. It wasn't necessary because he had no reason to fire me.

I was actually fired for catching thieves. And it was Yeltsin who ordered me to catch them. That's all, I don't regret anything anymore.

– I share pessimism. In this sense, it is practically the same as under Brezhnev. If not worse. Because then at least one could complain. Saying: I will not go to the polls until the gas is installed, the roof is repaired, the playground is not repaired. And then everyone did it!

But I do not anticipate any changes. In any case, I will not live to see these changes. They came up with a good way: as soon as people become absolutely unbearable, they immediately roll the dice – they add a little pension, benefits and salaries. For a few bottles of vodka, a few kilograms of potatoes … And people are happy!

There are many who believe that we must do our utmost to maintain the current “stability.” Fools! Stability can only be where there are normal choices. I didn't like one – they chose the other. Here it is, real stability.

Faces of freedom of the 1990s: rare footage from the days of GKChP published

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Ukraine's former foreign minister has called for a halt to Russia


Ex-chapter Ukrainian Foreign Ministry Pavel Klimkin said on social networks that Kiev will be able to “stop” Russia only with the help of the United States.

In his opinion, Ukraine allegedly already “won the battle” against Russia “, but at the same time it did not completely stop Moscow.

“I will explain that the fight for a new part of Ukraine, as part of the West, has not yet been won. . Failure to fight for “New Afghanistan” can serve as an incentive to curb the fight for new democracies, especially for a new Ukraine. And we need joint success with the United States, we will only stop Russia together, “Klimkin said.


The White House expects to complete the evacuation of Americans from Afghanistan by August 31


US President Joe Biden calculates that U.S. military personnel will be able to complete the evacuation of U.S. citizens from Afghanistan by August 31, 2021. This was stated by Adviser to U.S. National Security Leader Jake Sullivan.

“The president is determined to ensure that every American who wants to leave Afghanistan leaves Afghanistan. He believes that we can achieve this on August 31, “he added.

On the eve of Joe Biden, in an interview with the American television station ABC, he noted that the United States will maintain its military presence in Afghanistan after August 31, if not at a time when it does not have time to evacuate all Americans from the country.


UNESCO calls for the protection of Afghanistan's cultural heritage

still from the video

UNESCO Director-General Audrey Azoulay Commenting on the deteriorating situation in Afghanistan, she called for the protection of the country's cultural heritage after the Taliban (a terrorist organization banned in the Russian Federation) taking power in the republic.

“It is necessary to preserve Afghanistan's cultural heritage … in full compliance with international law … It is also necessary to take all necessary measures to protect the cultural heritage from damage and looting”; – states in the statement.

UNESCO has assured that it is closely monitoring the situation in Afghanistan, and has also emphasized the importance of ensuring a safe working environment for artists and cultural heritage professionals in the country.


Blinken and Stoltenberg discuss further NATO action in Afghanistan


US Secretary of State Anthony Blinken and NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg telephoned the situation in Afghanistan and the forthcoming online meeting of NATO foreign ministers on 20 August, the Foreign Ministry's press service said.

“The Secretary of State and the Secretary General have emphasized that close coordination with our allies and partners is of the utmost importance in this matter and in planning NATO's next trip [regarding] Afghanistan,” the report said.

to ensure the safe and orderly evacuation of its own citizens.