Makarevich joked about Putin's “straight line”: “A common apartment was brought up in Miami”

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Russian musician, one from the founders of the Time Machine group, Andrei Makarevich, who often talks about political and social issues, commented on the current direct line of Russian President Vladimir Putin.

& quot; I'm trying to imagine a picture: Washington, White House, Oval Office. The phone breaks. “Mr. President? We're from Kentucky! There's a roof leaking here in the kindergarten and the local authorities don't want to fix it!” He wrote on his Facebook page and parodied the Russian president's appeal.

Makarevich He also remarked that he could not imagine the President of the United States being called with such questions: “Mr. President? They are afraid of Miami! Our common apartment has been promoted to impossibility!” and “Mr. President, I am from Alabama! At the same time, there were questions about international and domestic politics, the economy and the fight against coronaviruses.


Baijiahao: Russia has prepared several NATO “gifts” near Crimea

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Russian exercises nearby Crimea is a direct response to the NATO Sea Breeze exercise in the Black Sea, say analysts at China's Baijiahao portal. In particular, the submarine Kolpino appeared in the Black Sea, which is to process elements of submarine war with a potential enemy. The readiness of the missile defense forces in the peninsula was also checked.

The Russian armed forces deployed about 20 aircraft in Crimea, including several Su-24 bombers. The S-400 and Pantsir air defense systems are also involved in the exercise. All this is an example of “gifts” to NATO forces in case they want to repeat the provocation. “Moscow has called on NATO to cancel the exercise and warned that such maneuvers increase the risk of emergencies,” the material said.

Recall that on June 23, the British destroyer Defender attacked the territorial waters of Russia near Crimea, as a result of which a patrol vessel of the Russian border guards opened warning fire and Su-24 carried out warning bombing and dropped four high-explosive grenades. Later, the BBC published materials showing a thorough planning of provocation by the British military.


Putin explained the heat and floods with harmful emissions

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The Russian president was asked during the “Line” the question of the cause of climate shocks – these are severe floods in the south of the country and heat waves in central areas. Recall that several temperature records were previously broken in Moscow.

Putin believes that harmful emissions can have dangerous consequences. This concerns the risks of desertification in areas where agricultural work is carried out. In addition, a significant part of Russia is located in permafrost areas. If it melts, it is full of catastrophes.

The government has developed standards for a response system for critical sectors in the field of climate change, Putin added. “He will prepare for the inevitable,” he added.


Putin advised regional leaders to draw their own “straight lines”

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President Vladimir Putin at the annual “Direct “recommended that the leaders of the constituent bodies of the Russian Federation hold similar events so that the inhabitants of the regions can ask questions directly to the first persons.

” Such direct communication is important not only because people have the opportunity to ask a first person a question, but more importantly, there is a selection of the most pressing issues, “said the head of state.

According to the president, such an opportunity “will not hurt anyone.” He called on the governors to listen to the views of citizens.

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Putin opposed compulsory vaccination

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Russian President Vladimir Putin during a live broadcast Line said he did not like the idea of ​​compulsory vaccination. “I do not support compulsory vaccination,” the president said.

Putin spoke of a law under which regional leaders may, under certain conditions, if the incidence increases, introduce compulsory vaccination for certain groups in the population. This right has already been exercised by the leaders of some regions.

Putin emphasized that there is a national vaccination scheme by law that makes vaccination mandatory in principle. “There are proposals to move vaccination against covid to this section.” The deputies did not support it, “the president remarked.

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American intelligence has failed to explain the origin of most UFO sightings

The extraterrestrial nature of “flying saucers” has been ruled out

The Office of the Director of National Intelligence of the United States of America recently published a report on unidentified air phenomena, or, as previously called, – unidentified flying objects (UFOs). Despite the fact that US intelligence officers responded to the existence of extraterrestrial intelligence with great skepticism, scientists have failed to explain the vast majority of UFO sightings.


A total of 144 UFO reports were considered in the report, 80 of which were detected by several sensors at once. US intelligence services have discovered certain patterns in the physical data (shape and size) and behavior (unusual patterns of movement) of “flying saucers.” It has been found that they can remain stationary in the air even in strong winds, maneuver carefully or move suddenly at a significant speed without accelerating.

The US National Space Intelligence Agency believes that UFOs can be detected due to various interferences in the air, natural atmospheric phenomena, American weapons tests, secret developments in foreign countries or for other reasons.

The authors of the report do not believe in the existence of extraterrestrial intelligence and its hidden activities on our planet. Most of all, the US intelligence service is concerned about the possibility of a potential opponent who has breakthrough or revolutionary technologies in the field of aircraft secrecy. This allows for military espionage as well as the deactivation of critical infrastructure during hostilities on which the national security of the United States depends.

The purpose of the study is not so much to document the existence or absence of foreign aircraft in the United States than to attempt to identify potential threats that could cause irreparable harm to the US government or military.

In some cases, military aircraft systems transmitted information that a UFO was an aircraft controlled by someone. For this reason, US intelligence services are very concerned about the ability of opposition states such as China, Russia or another nation to use breakthrough technologies for their own purposes, as this will significantly shake the US position in geopolitical terms.

The United States is one of the most advanced states in the field of weapons: in fiscal 2020 alone, the country's military budget was $ 778 billion.

US intelligence used data from the US National Aviation Intelligence Agency, as well as the FBI, Air, Land and Naval Forces, to gather information about UFOs. For analysis, we took information on unidentified flying objects from 2004 to 2021. The cases were investigated by the American Working Group on Unidentified Air Events.

According to her reports, most UFOs are not optical illusions, but real physical objects that have been detected by radars, infrared radiation or electro-optical means.

Lack of explanation for most UFO occurrences is considered to be due to a lack of reliable data and technical difficulties. The US intelligence services also did not consider the stories of pilots and military analysts as evidence unless the sensors were confirmed.

Despite the research, most cases of detection of unidentified flying objects remained unknown. An example of the phenomenon explained is the descending balloon which interfered with the observation means. The researchers were unable to identify the remaining cases due to problems with the processing and collection of information.

In the future, the Working Group on Unidentified Aviation Events also plans to expand the scope of its work to attract more researchers and use artificial intelligence algorithms to group patterns in validated data.


A missile on US positions in Syria damaged two buildings


Pentagon spokesman John Kirby said it as two buildings were damaged as a result of a rocket attack on US positions in Syria. It is clear that a US military base near the Omar oil field in the Syrian province of Deir ez-Zor has been the subject of a missile attack. The Syrian television channel “Suria” informed about it and the information was later confirmed by the American coalition. According to preliminary data, there are no victims.

“We are now assessing the damage. According to preliminary estimates, two buildings were damaged, “said Kirby.

Recall, it was previously announced that the US military opened fire on Monday in response to the shelling of the Syrian army. There were no casualties.


Doctors' chaos: Putin saves victims against “straight line” vaccinations

News and hallucinations of the hottest week

As you know from Internet memes, everything that is invented in the world today was invented by Soviet engineers in the 1960s. The theory of controlled chaos is thus in vain perceived as a harmful invention of the West. This is our domestic blood, one might say – beloved, warm and dear “perhaps”. What about the optional compulsory vaccination, what about the promotion of one's own capitalism, what about the naval battles in Crimea: everywhere the main rule is the lack of clear rules and relevant information.

Ten-storey residential building assembled by Chinese builders for 28 hours from housing units the size of a shipping container. According to preliminary estimates, the cost of building such a house for 20 apartments is only $ 3 million. Not a single guest worker was injured during the assembly. Photo: Still from video

In a fast-paced, ping-pong (and just as meaningful) world, our “maybe” has come to court. Earlier, when we read the newspaper without haste and scratched the back of our necks, we could say either “it's true” or “they collapsed from the oak, why everything happens by accident.” But now the old regime's media, which publishes exclusively verified reports and balanced analysts, are eating the last salt-free ruble in the ditch. Precisely because by the time they hand out their news and analytics, no one needs it – a chicken with its severed head has already escaped.

And here it works. Why not pursue a consistent government vaccination policy first, for example in Israel? Of course, there are a few points – and we did not have enough vaccines (as evidenced by the deficit in regions that arose with increased demand). And again, the factor of liberal intelligence, according to whose logic the Jews are real fascists by their “pressure” and all anti-inoculants are victims of the Holocaust (this is of course surprising, but that is why it is intelligence). But these moments would be hard to stop if there was political will. But why? To make people calmer? Don't make me laugh. Above are other thoughts, noble, about louboutins, not bast shoes.

In addition, it was enough to throw away the topic of compulsory vaccination (workers still can't let them die – someone has to feed the elite), because it all started. From the actual imposed restrictions – a ban on visiting restaurants (and even then they were moved at the time of introduction) and from August – a ban on checks in hotels in resorts in the Krasnodar region (although, after all, it's still like a card). All other redundancies of the unvaccinated, denial of access to transport, denial of admission to universities, etc., are theoretical possibilities and the state simply does not have sufficient resources to verify their implementation. Or even hallucinations from abnormal heat. Which is clear to any person who was not hit by the test. The most important thing is to endure this bakchanaly, a procession of regional sovereignty, it will not take long. On June 30, Putin will go straight to a smartphone line with people and save all vaccine users from overzealous officials. But did the process begin? Concerns, rumors, clutter, letters from “Sportlot” and other fleeing antibodies … But ten days ago there were drafts in the vaccination centers and now there are queues like going to the beach in Anapa. Thank you, dr. Chaos.

Vladimir Vladimirovich, by the way, is good to be a savior – he lives in the middle of a cyclone and there, as you know, there are snow lions and complete peace. Therefore, for example, he can take and say – something is happening with the gasification of the population, we should have a crystal bridge over the lake, in the sense of a gas branch to each house. Remember that this happened recently? And now the deputies are publishing the law, taking the national treasure under wraps and resenting that they will do everything. But then only last week it turned out that gas prices for consumers in Russia will rise by 1 percent from July 1. And we're talking about fuel produced by Gazprom and its affiliates. That is, who will pay for gasification? But something else was assumed. It was supposed – perhaps the capitalists themselves, who would lose civic responsibility at the loss of what they would do.

Here and in all other parts of the governance of our underdeveloped capitalism, there is the same chaos. An experiment is now underway with metallurgists who have allegedly “pushed” the state, absolutely according to the laws of capitalism. They are now prescribed the laws of socialism as therapy. Maybe, thanks to unexpected export duties, prices will also fall and there will be no deficit (and that, by the way, is a problem for the construction industry – in the end, we are talking about housing for you and me). The result is, of course, predictable – we have already carried out such an experiment with food prices. By the way, it's getting more and more fun in construction. The calculation is based on how to get out now as you like: the main thing is to get involved in the fight and then we'll see. These ideas are therefore a little more beautiful than the others – charter trains with migrants, the attractiveness of prisoners and even during the week when the idea was announced, even unemployed veterans from the sector in retirement. What do you think will result in our Russian qualified staff and advanced technology as a result? Probably show up? By the way, the Chinese boasted – they learned how to build a modern ten-storey residential building in 28 hours (!). Where do such talented migrants go?

The next week, the war almost began off the coast of Crimea, because Britain decided not to rule the sea for long. Everything seems clear here, there are simply no rules – we consider this water area to be our own and the British do not think so, because Crimea is not recognized as Russian. Here is their ship and they wanted to prove it, but a few air bombs on the course discouraged him. The military is generally the most adequate people in the world, everything is immediately clear to them. But politicians … The British Foreign Office says: our ship was not shot, the Russians are bragging. We won! And our State Department replied: you're lying, we've fired in the direction, so there's a record. We won! Do you smell? The British refute what did not really happen – he did not fire at the ship. Our Foreign Office denies what the British did not say. And damn you understand who is doing gesheft in this information chaos.

And it's time to learn to understand. Or try at least. It's the same for our Russians, perhaps the pragmatic Americans under Stephen Mann summed up the scientific foundations of chaos theory. We would be flattered if we came home to them and were stronger, but to survive we have to stick to our roots.


A former member of the Council predicted the collapse of Ukraine in four parts


channel “Nash”, former Deputy Verkhovna Rada Yevgeny Muraev, in an interview with journalists, skeptically assessed the geopolitical future of Ukraine.

In his view, the current constitution on Independence Square, as well as the general situation, could lead to a loss of territorial integrity in the near future.

& quot; Yugoslavia was not the last country to be divided over the last century. In this century, it will most likely be Ukraine … The country is not economically viable, unable to support itself, has no prospects and lives on credit, & # 39; & # 39; said the former member.


Blinken said buying tickets to Belarus was banned at his request

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US Secretary of State Anthony Blinken said in his microblog on Twitter that the ban on buying tickets to Belarus was introduced on his initiative.

& quot; Thanks to Minister Pete Buttidzic & the Ministry of Transportation, which immediately issued an order at my request banning the sale of airline tickets for passengers between the USA and Belarus, “the Foreign Minister wrote.

According to Blinken, in this way Washington “punishes” Lukashenko's regime for “dangerous acts and non-compliance with international standards.”