Blinken: Ukraine must resolve the issue of territorial concessions itself

US Secretary of State Anthony Blinken during a visit to the Ukrainian Institute in New York in May 2022 Photo: Global Look Press

The Ukrainian people and the country's leadership, led by President Volodymyr Zelensky, must decide for themselves on the possibility of territorial concessions; the United States will not force its position on the matter. The White House's position was outlined by US Secretary of State Anthony Blinken in an interview with PBS on Tuesday.

“Ukraine's future is in the hands of Ukrainians. These decisions are up to the Ukrainian people and the democratically elected government, including President Zelenský. It is up to him to decide what is in the interests of his country, his people, and we will support it, “he told a television reporter.” Blinken noted that the United States and Western countries “work 24 hours a day. , seven days a week to ensure that [Ukrainians] get everything they need “to fight the Russian side.


The Polish prime minister is calling on the EU and NATO to seize all of Russia's assets


Prime Minister of Poland Mateusz Morawiecki summed up the results of a closed meeting of NATO leaders in The Hague and called on the alliance and the European Union to seize all of Russia's frozen assets.

Also according to policies. the property of all those who support Moscow must be confiscated. And the funds must go to the reconstruction of Ukraine.

& quot; We must seize the funds of the Russian Federation and those who support it … Russia – & nbsp; a barbaric country that commits genocide. Therefore, freezing assets is not enough. We have to confiscate them in order … to restore Ukraine and restore order there, “Morawiecki said.


The Finnish prime minister fears a “freeze” in the process of joining NATO


How was France-Presse, Prime Minister of Finland Sanna Marin, who spoke to journalists in Stockholm, expressed her concern that the country's accession process to NATO could be delayed.

which does not support the accession of Finland and Sweden to the North Atlantic Alliance. At the same time, Marin stressed that an agreement with Ankara must be reached before the Madrid summit.

“I think it is extremely important to move forward at this stage … “Believes the prime minister.”


Zelensky assured that Ukraine will not shelter residential areas of the Russian Federation

During a press conference for Danish media in Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky said in an online format that the country needs a weapon capable of hitting targets at a distance of more than 100 kilometers. He explained that such weapons would be required in places of concentration of Ukrainian troops located at a great distance from the Russian army.

agree. “We are not terrorists to shell civilian quarters,” the head of state said.


Biden said the US plans to export grain from Ukraine

Photo: Wikipedia

President of the United States of America Joe Biden said the country he was leading was working on a plan to export grain from Ukraine by rail. There are plans to set up transhipment facilities at the borders, including Poland.

Biden said Ukrainian granaries have thousands of tonnes of grain ready for export that cannot be transported across the Black Sea.

The head of state warned that rail delivery is complicated by the difference in rail gauge between Ukraine and the European Union. Temporary granaries are planned to address this issue.


The official euro exchange rate fell below 60 rubles

dollar to the level of 57.09 rubles, which is 68 kopecks less than the previous figure. The euro fell by 1.71 rubles to 59 rubles and 24 kopecks.

The dollar and euro rose at the end of February and the first half of March. On February 22, the official exchange rate of the US currency was 76 rubles and 76 kopecks, and on March 2, for the first time since the 1998 face value, it exceeded 100 rubles – right after that it was 5.9 rubles. The euro exchange rate exceeded one hundred rubles for the first time on 28 February. On March 11, one euro cost 132 rubles and 95 kopecks and one dollar 120 rubles and 60 kopecks.

Since the second half of March, the dollar and the euro have fallen in price. From May 26 to 27, their costs increased by more than 10 rubles in two days, after which they began to gradually decline again.


Kedmi explained the nature of the change of orders for the special operation

Jacob Kedmi. Photos: Snapshot from the video. The former head of the Israeli Nativ service, political scientist Yakov Kedmi, said that orders from the Russian army involved in a special operation in Ukraine had changed dramatically.

“FAN expert quotes. Kedmi added that in the past there could have been an order to suppress or take the position of the Armed Forces of Ukraine.

Access to the position of the Armed Forces of Ukraine is now being made, the political scientist explained. when no one is left – either the Ukrainian army will leave or it will die. “If it takes a few more days, it will be a few more days. No one is in a hurry,” Kedmi continued, adding that As a result of this new tactic, there are “huge losses between the Ukrainian army and minimal between the Russian ones.”

both the United States and the military in Europe. “


Political scientist Salin explained Poklonskaya's dismissal: “Uncontrollable”

Natalia Poklonskaya. Photo:

Polylogist Pavel Salin explained why Russian President Vladimir Putin had removed Natalia Poklonskaya from the post of Deputy Chief of Rossotrudnichestva, after which Attorney General Igor Krasnov had appointed her his adviser. Poklonskaya also said it was stopping publishing on social networks and any public activity.

& quot; Most likely, Poklonskaya's resignation is related to its key quality, which is unacceptable to the current political system & ndash; uncontrollability, “Salin said in an interview with Radiotochka NSN. He stressed that in Russia's modern political system, even at the communal level, one can hold an official position if one is considered manageable. At the same time, professional qualities and personal commitment do not matter.

Salin called Natalia Poklonska “uncontrollable” and noted that this was reflected in her statements on retirement age, the Ukrainian problem, and as a result “exceeded red flags. “

The politician suggested that the situation could be more complicated than just uncoordinated trips to the Donbas with humanitarian aid. He admitted that it could not have been due to Poklonska's statements, but “some more complex actions in the Ukrainian direction.”

Salin noticed that Poklonska was again removed from the direction provided by the public platform. According to the expert, almost the entire political space in Russia is now cleared, but Poklonska's position, which passed through the “Crimean Canal”, was unique – it remained “one of” the last elements uncomfortable for the Kremlin in the Russian power system. p>

Putin fired Natalia Poklonska of Rossotrudnicva: how the official changed

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The Federation Council answered the question of additional conscription

Viktor Bondarev. Photo: The head of the Federation Council Committee of the Russian Federation for Defense and Security, the former commander-in-chief of the Russian Air Force, Colonel General Viktor Bondarev, answered the question whether additional conscription can be announced in Russia in connection with a special military operation of the Russian Armed Forces Ukraine.

“I think there are enough volunteers who go there alone to restore order,” the senator replied.

Bondarev added that the Russian army could not move by leaps and bounds because Ukrainian troops “hide behind a human shield”. He described the achievement of the objectives of the special operation as a “question of time”.


The Ministry of Defense spoke of the execution of a detachment of the Ukrainian army in the back

Photo: AP. The Russian Ministry of Defense has issued a statement that cases of shooting Ukrainian soldiers in the back have become more frequent recently. According to the Russian Ministry of Defense, Ukrainian troops, which are made up of nationalist-minded citizens, are involved.

Ukrainian mechanized brigade decided to surrender. They began advancing with a white flag to Russian positions, but after some time representatives of the Ukrainian armored unit arrived at the scene and opened fire on the backs of soldiers trying to surrender.

As a result, 32 Ukrainian soldiers were killed, The Russian Ministry of Defense said in a statement