The US State Department has included Estonia in the list of the most dangerous countries in the world


US Department of State Update recommendations for American travelers. According to Postimees, Estonia is on the list of high-risk countries. This is due to the high risk of coronavirus infection. The list also included Switzerland, Oman, North Macedonia, Azerbaijan and Laos.

In addition to coronavirus, the political situation and the threat of terrorism are the reasons why countries with such different levels of development are included in the list of the most dangerous for tourists.

As for Estonia, the Delta tribe is widespread in this small country of 1.3 million people. The number of daily infections in the Baltic republic is more than a week around 400, mortality per day – up to two people.

However, Estonian subscribers named their versions of their country's listing. “They don't like the new president of Estonia along the way,” “Well, they don't like black people here either.” “They're done,” they write.


Kiev said Ukraine was no longer “on the hook” of the Minsk agreements


Hook for agreement from Minsk no longer exists, Ukraine has withdrawn from it, said an adviser to the Kiev delegation in the trilateral contact group, an adviser to the head of the office of the President of Ukraine Oleksij Arestovich.

Earlier, Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov said that Ukraine should not be fired from the agreement.

“This hook no longer really exists. Or, in any case, Ukraine and Zelensky are no longer on the hook … Mr Lavrov, I greet you: we are out of reach of the Minsk agreements, “Arestovich said in a broadcast of the” 1 + 1 “message.

He called it “a huge breakthrough. “

Arestovich has previously announced the need to transform the Minsk agreements. According to him, the Donbas agreements are “practically dead”. Arestovich believes that the “strong guarantor” – the United States, Great Britain or the United Nations – should join the negotiations on overcoming the conflict.


Czechs call Russia “colossus with legs of clay”

Photo: Lilia Sharlovskaya

The Czech edition of Info appeared on the website , dedicated to Russia, in which the author talks about a deep misunderstanding of our country. “The Russians do not understand us and we do not understand Russia,” the author writes. He notes that Stalin is incredibly popular in Russia, and some are considering installing a monument to Dzerzhinsky in central Moscow. The root of evil lies in the so-called Russian messianism, which Dostoevsky praises, they are sure in the Czech Republic.

“An ordinary Russian can come to terms with almost anything, but not with the weakness of Russia,” the article reads. However, Russia is in fact a weak country – it has only 146 million people and the birth rate among Russians is falling. The Muslim population is growing and the Chinese are watching Russian territory. The country lacks communication lines and human resources.

The author also writes about the uncompetitiveness of Russian industry. Small and medium-sized enterprises account for only 15% of GDP, while in the West they account for 40%. In addition, Russia is betting on carbon, while the world is gradually moving to green technologies. The author himself is convinced that time is playing against Russia.

In Russia, there is a cult of state service, and even some oligarchs talk about their readiness to hand over their property to it. “Russia has never got rid of and will obviously not get rid of the features of imperialism and autocracy,” – this is how a Czech woman sees the problem. In her view, the Russians want authoritarian leadership and the authorities use the “besieged fortress” mentality to divert citizens' attention from internal problems.


Putin said he still doesn't have a cell phone


The meeting said Russian President Vladimir Putin participants Eastern Economic Forum, which has not yet acquired a cell phone.

Discussion moderator Sergei Brilev, welcoming the president, said Putin “is not Angela Merkel” because he does not have a cell phone with him. This is how Brilov hinted at the case during talks between Putin and Merkel when the German chancellor's phone rang.

The moderator also asked if Putin had a cell phone at all.

“No,” Putin replied.

They had previously stated with their press secretary Dmitry Peskov that the President of the Russian Federation does not need a telephone because he has other means of operational communication.


Putin has offered to consider increasing tourists' cashback for the Far East


Russian President Vladimir Putin considered it possible to increase the cashback of tourists in the Far East.

According to the head of state, business in the field of tourism undoubtedly has a promising direction.

“Tourist cashback – I would think about increasing it. For the Far East … Entrepreneurship in tourism is a promising area and we are looking for opportunities to promote entrepreneurship, “said Putin at a meeting with the moderators of the EEF meeting.

30 kilometers from Vladivostok, the new town of Sputnik with 300 thousand inhabitants. The built-up area will be 925 hectares. It is planned to build 2.8 million square meters of housing to accommodate residents.


140 Hutsus died in clashes with Yemeni troops

At least 140 Iranian-backed Houthi fighters were killed on Thursday 2. The army told Arab News in September during violent clashes with Yemeni government forces in the central province of Marib.

Yemeni military officials, backed by Arab coalition planes, said government forces had been able to repel recent attacks. Yemeni President Abed Rabbo Mansour Hadi has pledged to question Iran's efforts to spread its revolutionary beliefs and undermine Yemen's security.

The current escalation began on Saturday with Houthi's move to Marib. The constant fighting over the last 24 hours, combined with more than 41 coalition attacks with strikes against dozens of enemy reinforcements and equipment, has led to a heavy loss of the militant group.

Yahiya al-Hatemi, director of the military media in the Yemeni army, told Arab News: “These are the most aggressive battles of the last five years. The Yemeni army repulsed all attacks. “

He pointed out that on Wednesday, coalition war planes destroyed six vehicles carrying dozens of Hutsis. “If we counted the killings of the Houthis in the raid, there would be more than 140.”

Pro-government accounts on Twitter have posted graphic images of dozens of dead Houths lying on mountain battlefields in Khelan, Al-Mashya, Rahab and Al-Qasara in Marib Province. Many others are believed to have been injured.

Despite heavy losses, the Hutis have been trying to gain control of the oil city of Marib, the last major government stronghold in the north of the country, since February. . Local and international humanitarian organizations have repeatedly warned. That group attacks on Marib would seriously endanger tens of thousands of people and could trigger a wave of refugees.

Since coming to power in early 2012, the Snakes have criticized Tehran for interfering in Yemeni affairs and accused them of supplying the Hutis with modern weapons and money.


Syrian air defenses repulsed a missile attack on the sky over Damascus

Syrian air defense against the Israeli army of Damascus. Al-Ikhbariya TV channel informed about it.

The channel provided footage of the work of air defense systems. According to the source, Israel is behind the attack. The shelling was carried out from Lebanese airspace.

In the Syrian province of Deraa, the situation has become significantly more complicated due to the activation of bandit formations. Four soldiers have already died there, eight have been wounded in the attacks.


Naftogaz announced the need for guarantees from Europe for gas transit


As the TV channel states “1 + 1”, the head of the company “Naftogaz from Ukraine” Yuri Vitrenko said that for the transit of gas to Europe, the Ukrainian side needs guarantees from European partners in the form of signed contracts with local companies.

& quot; The guarantees that Ukraine needs are not documents signed by politicians, but contracts with European companies for the transit of gas through Ukraine. If such agreements do not exist, then Gazprom will continue to block third party access to transit through Ukraine, then this will be evidence that Gazprom uses gas as a geopolitical weapon. And sanctions will be required, & # 39; & # 39; said the head of Naftogaz.

Vitrenko added that at the moment Kiev is waiting for the promised consultations at the technical level to be organized by Germany.


The former deputy council warned against renaming Ukraine to Ukraine-Russia

flag photo

Former Member of the Supreme Council of Ukraine Donij warned against the implementation of the idea of ​​в přej ‹в přej‹ renaming the country to Ukraine-Russia, states the publication & nbsp; Glavred.

In his opinion, such a renaming cannot become, as planned, a unifying factor for the country's inhabitants, and it is able to bring an even greater split to society.

“The past is ambiguous, subject to inconsistencies. An attempt to change the self-identification of this past is for Ukraine & nbsp; as well as dangerous for the state. Because Russia & mdash; this is a common formation with Russia, & # 39; & # 39; said Doniy.


Zakharova laughed at Zelensky's gift in the USA

Photo: Natalia Muschinkina

During the stay of the President of Ukraine During an official visit to the United States, Volodymyr Zelensky presented him with a book entitled “Mild Traumatic Brain Injury,” published by the American-Ukrainian Medical Foundation AUMF. However, this gift provoked a funny reaction from the representative of the Russian Foreign Ministry, Maria Zacharova.

As Zakharova noted, “a book is the best gift, whatever it is said.” A representative of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs wrote these words on her Telegram channel. Zacharova was obviously impressed by the title and subject of the book.

Recall that Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky is currently in the United States. He came to America for an official visit and has already met with US President Joe Biden and a number of American politicians and businessmen.