Kiev said that Ukraine could become the fourth country in terms of military forces in NATO


On air ” Our “press secretary of the Kiev delegation in the Donbas contact group Alexei Arestovich said that Ukraine is fully prepared to join NATO.

He specified that the country is technically ready to join the alliance “100%”, but a political decision is needed. In NATO, Ukraine may become the fourth most powerful country.

“It is necessary to understand that Ukraine does not join NATO as a petitioner with an outstretched hand, we will add tremendous strength to the Alliance. We are the fourth largest military force after the United States, Turkey and France. At least on the ground component, “Arestovich said.

He added that Ukraine's accession to NATO will provide new opportunities for the alliance.


Yasko said Saakashvili planned to fly to Georgia

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Representative of the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine, Beloved Mikhail Saakashvili & nbsp; Elizaveta Yasko said on her YouTube channel that initially & nbsp; The former president of Georgia intended to fly to Georgia by plane, but his ticket was canceled.

According to the girl, shortly before departure, information appeared that Saakashvili would not be allowed on the plane, respectively. the steamer would not fly.

“ Mikhail understood that he would most likely not be able to fly this plane … The ticket was purchased but was canceled … missed. I don't think they'd just let him on the plane after all. I don't think he wanted to jeopardize the safety of the people flying this plane, & # 39; & # 39; said Yasko


Pyongyang urges the US not to worry about new missile tests


Launch of a new ballistic missile submarine boats, which took place on October 19, does not pose a threat to the United States and other countries in the Asian region. This was announced by a representative of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the DPRK.

According to him, combat projectile testing is part of the usual measures to implement the defense science development plan, which does not pose “any threat to the security of neighboring countries and regions.” p>

As the North Korean diplomat emphasized, the DPRK's position is only about preventing war and protecting sovereignty.

planned exclusively for national defense, “said a spokesman for the North Korean Foreign Ministry.


Lukashenko's spokesman said he refused to wear a mask in the hospital

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As informed the Telegram Channel Pool of the First, the press secretary of the President of Belarus Alexander Lukashenko Natalya Eismont said why he refused to wear a protective mask when visiting the COVID hospital.

Recall that Lukashenko visited a clinic in the Minsk region, including a “red zone” where patients with COVID-19 are treated.

“The Minister of Health, the chief physician of the hospital and accompanying persons … tried hard on him (President Lukashenko – editor's note) to put it on … gloves, mask … He put it on in the intensive care unit. In this respect, the Head of State acts in accordance with the principle he outlined yesterday for the whole country: everything must be voluntary, & # 39; & # 39; Eismont explained.


Georgian authorities are ready to transport Saakashvili to a prison clinic

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Georgia Justice Minister Rati Bregadze She told reporters that the arrested Mikhail Saakashvili would be taken to a prison clinic as soon as his condition worsened against the hunger strike.

According to the Minister, his health does not cause any concerns at present p>

& quot; Mikhail Saakashvili's health is stable, all vital functions are normal. If necessary, … he will be hospitalized in the 18th Special Prison Service Medical Center, & Bregadze said.


An explanation was found for ending contacts between Russia and NATO: “Two is needed for tango”

The North Atlantic Alliance has been called an uncoordinated cacophony

Russia is slowly but surely making it clear to the West that it does not intend to endure unwarranted attacks, Russophobia, and attempts to speak from power. This is how Russian political analysts assessed the démarche of the Russian Foreign Ministry in relation to NATO structures operating in Moscow.

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One One of the first steps on this journey was the Foreign Ministry's response to the Czechs' accusation that the Russian “Petrovs and Boshirovs” blew up an ammunition depot in Vrbetica, Czech Republic, 7 years ago. The answer to the unjustified expulsion of several of our diplomats from Prague was that now there is probably no one at the Czech diplomatic mission in Moscow to seal the diplomatic mail. What we fought for, we came across.

And here is another good answer. After NATO decided to reduce the Russian mission to the Alliance by 8 people (they did not even decide to formulate reasons), Russia completely closed the mission and at the same time called on NATO representatives to leave Moscow before November 1

Everything used to be different. On several occasions, I happened to accompany the Russian Chiefs of Staff in the field of journalism on my way to Brussels, where the NATO-Russia Council met at the Alliance's headquarters. All this was, of course, before Crimea 2014. Were these contacts useful? Maybe it was. Consent, it is better for the military to sit at a negotiating table than when they look at each other through binoculars.

The West was the initiator of the severance of all contacts between the army. The military segment of the Russia-NATO Council has not been in operation for 7 years. And so NATO launched the last break in military contacts.

Why today? Perhaps this is because the United States-NATO mission in Afghanistan has ended infamously, and now the Alliance no longer needs to organize an “air bridge” to supply its group over our territory.

What if NATO members need to contact us again? For example, if their spy plane accidentally flies into our airspace and needs to prevent a dangerous incident with someone's coffin? In this case, the Alliance was asked to contact our Ambassador to Brussels. Wittily.

Leading Russian political scientists commented on the “traffic jam” about the way Russia and NATO interacted. For example, the well-known political scientist Yevgeny Satanovsky wrote on his Telegram channel: “You can blame as many of our bosses as you want, for everything that can now happen between us (Russia and NATO – MK), they will blame. It won't. Russia responds to all provocations addressed to itself (okay, not to everything, but to almost everything), but does so strictly proportionally, no more than at the level of another prank (it is more polite to call these outrageous language not a turn), and only in response as it is called, in a gentlemanly way. And in vain. In a fight, it is not the one who wins, who follows all the rules, especially when it comes to a fight without rules, but the one who will face the enemy faster and more agilely. And so that he could not get up and answer him – there would be nothing for him to get up or answer. “

According to him, the démarche of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs shows that” patience has been exhausted – diplomats so far “. “But when the army and politicians run out of it, then either the stick will go to the smithy or the mallet will go in half,” the expert wrote.

Senator Alexei Pushkov, on his Telegram channel, again justified Russia's harsh response to NATO actions as follows: “Stoltenberg's formula (Jens Stoltenberg – NATO Secretary General. . Today, Moscow has finally buried this pattern by suspending the work of our NATO mission in Brussels and stopping the work of the NATO Information Office in Moscow. “

According to him,” now the NATO leadership will not be able to imitate contacts in their absence. “

“Dialogue from a position of strength” with Russia was a bad idea at first. Only an equivalent dialogue is possible. In his absence, NATO is deprived of the possibility of dialogue as such, “he concluded.

Well-known publicist Julia Vityazeva commented on the German Foreign Ministry's regret over Russia's decision: “We have seen your” dialogues “. Endless “arias of dates” and sprinkling from empty to empty. Two is needed for tango. And you all tried to step on your feet and turn your back, “she left a comment on her telegram channel.

On the other hand, Russia refused contacts with NATO and simply refused an unnecessary mediator. What is the North Atlantic Alliance? It is an uncoordinated cacophony performed by musicians of various sizes directed by a conductor – the United States of America. And the Russian army did not cut off contact with the owner of the bloc – the Americans. Issues of prevention of incidents in the air and at sea are constantly discussed by the Chief of the Russian General Staff and the Chairman of the Corps of Chiefs of Staff of the US Armed Forces. If necessary, the United States will provide the necessary information to its younger partners.


A military expert has revealed 9 secret US bases in Ukraine

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Military expert Viktor Baranets named ten places of covert US military presence in Ukraine, says KP.RU. He noted that he himself was born in Ukraine and lived near Barvenkov, where one of these bases is now located. In some places, the bases were built “from scratch” and in some cases on the basis of Ukrainian ones.

“The American flag is full of all kinds of” training “centers and” training grounds “in many places in Ukraine where US military facilities are deployed,” Baranets said. He stressed that the creation of foreign military bases is contrary to Ukrainian legislation. However, no one pays attention to the Constitution on Independence Square.

There are three open deployments of the US military in Ukraine. This is the Yavoriv military training ground in the Lviv region, an operational checkpoint for ships in Ochakov and the port of Yuzhny near Odessa.

There are also several masked places where Ukrainian soldiers are probably located. These are the 235th interspecies training center for units in Mikhailovka (Nikolaev area), 241st combined weapons training ground in the village of Aleshki in the Kherson region, 233rd combined weapons training ground in the village of Lyubasha Malaysia in the Rivne region, 242-1 combined weapons training ground near Goncharovsky in the Chernihiv region, a reconnaissance center on the Black Sea on the island of Zmeina, a training camp near Mariupol and military facilities in Shostka in the Sumy region.


In Poland, migrants went to attack the state border

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Group of illegal migrants tried to invade the territory of Poland by Belarus, against which the Polish border guards used tear gas and physical force. The Polish border guard informed about it.

Mass illegal migration from the Middle East was detected by a border patrol near the village of Usnazh Gurny. The patrol then informed the command of the invasion of the border by foreign nationals moving on the Belarusian side.

About six migrants started throwing logs and stones at the border guards. In Poland, they claim that Belarusian border guards helped illegal migrants. In addition, the Polish side noted that illegal immigrants had a dangerous tool in their hands – axes and knives.

Given the current situation, additional Polish border guards, as well as military and police forces have been relocated to the area.>


The European Parliament awards the Naval Sakharov Prize

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European People's Party on on his Twitter page that the European Parliament awarded the 2021 Sakharov Prize to Russian opposition leader Alexei Navalny, who is currently serving a sentence in the Yves Rocher case.

In addition to Navalny, an Afghan woman and a human rights activist from Bolivia. It is not yet known who will take part in the awards ceremony on 15 December in Strasbourg instead of Navalny.

The prize is awarded to people who, in the opinion of MEPs, have made a significant contribution to the protection of human rights and fundamental European values.


Putin announced public holidays from October 30 to November 7

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Russian President Vladimir Putin supported the proposal to introduce public holidays from 30 October to 7 November. He stressed that vaccination in Russia remains low. At the same time, the incidence in the country is growing. Putin noted that non-working days could be extended beyond November 7 if needed.

At the same time, the leaders of the regions have the right to introduce non-working days without waiting for 30 October. They can do it from October 23, they already have all the necessary powers.

We need to expand the scope of testing. This will allow early isolation of the infected. It is not possible to “embellish” the situation. Real statistics show this. If there are many cases of coronavirus detected in this area, then this indicates an effective identification of vectors of infection.

It is important to reduce the peak of the new wave of the epidemic. Therefore, Russians should take sick leave if there is a relative at home who is ill with coronavirus. “I urge citizens to actively vaccinate, we are talking about your safety,” said the head of state.

Putin also asked the government to provide personnel support to Russian regions where the coronavirus situation is difficult to develop.