China praised Putin for “last warning” for Europe

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Readers of the Chinese Guancha portal praise Russian to President Vladimir Putin for a balanced response to the gas crisis in & nbsp; Europe.

Recall that the Russian leader said in the plenary session of the Russian Energy Week forum that the Russian Federation has never used energy resources as a weapon and plans to do so in the future. Putin added that he did not rule out an increase in Russian gas supplies to Europe if the EU asked.

“The West likes to look for those who can blame for their inability to drive” “Are energy sources weapons? Europe then admits that it uses “human rights” as a weapon “,” The meaning of Putin's words: “This is the last warning!” – users write.


The rally in Tbilisi in support of Saakashvili breaks a nine-year record


In Tbilisi supporters former president of Georgia Mikheil Saakashvili held a mass assembly “ Freedom for Misha & # 39; & # 39; on Svobody Square, which broke the record in the number of its participants in previous years.

The event was organized by supporters of the United National Movement. During the rally, they demanded the release of Saakashvili, who was arrested after his return to Georgia after eight years of exile.

“No such mass events have taken place in Georgia in the last nine years,” the organizers said.


The United States has recommended that Russia do more for Europe's energy security

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The State Department's press office has issued a statement after a meeting between the First Deputy Secretary of State of the United States Wendy Sherman and the Deputy Prime Minister of the Russian Federation Alexei Overchuk.

The document states that during the talks, Sherman called on Russia & nbsp; to do more to ensure energy security & nbsp; Of Europe.

“Russia needs to make stronger and clearer commitments to contribute to the Paris Agreements by the start of the 26th National Climate Meeting on 31 October,” the official said.


Belarusian authorities have released details of the criminal liability of subscribers to extremist social networks

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In Belarus, the country's Council of Ministers has adopted it resolution on measures against extremism and the rehabilitation of Nazism. On October 12, the document was signed by Prime Minister Roman Golovchenko. BelTA informs about it.

In accordance with the Resolution of the Council of Ministers of the Republic of Belarus No. 575 “On measures against extremism and rehabilitation of Nazism”, the authorities will monitor the Internet space, including social networks. Appropriate supervision of the Internet has been entrusted to the Public Prosecutor's Office, state security authorities and internal affairs authorities.

Special services will deanonymize users of social networks and instant messengers, identify administrators and active subscribers, extremist channels in Telegram and other social networks.

The actions of administrators and customers will receive an appropriate legal assessment and the prosecution of perpetrators will be carried out in points based on the specific role and guilt of each member of the extremist community or chat. The country's authorities have therefore decided to tighten control over the Internet space, which has recently become the main headquarters of the anti-government opposition in Belarus.


Experts: the restoration of United Russia is not PR, but systemic policy

Majority faction has been seriously renewed, including with the help of public officials

The first plenary session of the new convocation of the State Duma showed a tendency to renew the factions of all parties. Of particular note is “ United Russia & # 39; & # 39 ;, in which 48.5% of deputies were elected to the State Duma for the first time. According to experts, it is this course of adaptability and development that is & nbsp; the main competitive feature of the ruling party. It turns out that for her – these are not empty promises, but a real personnel policy. At the same time, when you look at the lists of leadership committees of the State Duma, it is quite successful.


In the new convocation, three of the 17 committees led by United Russia have new faces: health protection (Dmitry Khubezov), ecology, natural resources and environmental protection (Dmitry Kobylkin) and youth policy (Artem Metelev). In addition, newcomers to politics became the first vice-chairs of the other five committees and vice-chairs of nine.

“I am convinced that the representative is the same public official, only he has additional powers and resources that need to be directed where they will be most useful to society and the people.” Mutual assistance and support is a strength of our society and the pandemic has confirmed this again.

Good doesn't matter what your social status, national or political color is. It is important to strive to make this world a better place through your own approach to the work entrusted to you. I am glad that there are many high-level professionals, my comrades and colleagues, among my fellow Members in this call. This will enable a more effective and comprehensive approach to solving various problems, “said Igor Kastyukevich, Head of the ONF Youth and now First Deputy Chairman of the State Duma Youth Policy Committee (United Russia).

According to Dmitry Orlov, Director General of the Agency for Political and Economic Communications, United Russia is traditionally, regularly and significantly updated – both during elections at all levels and during the primaries. The reason is the public demand and the party's desire to improve the efficiency of the structure and activities and the need to remain competitive in the political market.

“There was a significant renewal of the composition of the State Duma and this trend was mainly due to the faction of a united Russia … 48.5% of MPs from the majority party was not part of the State Duma of the previous convocation, while in the Communist Party faction, for example Liberal Democratic Party – 33.3%.

The renewal of the faction of the majority party took place both at the expense of managers with significant experience of working in regional offices, and thanks to personalities whose CVs were associated with socially oriented NGOs and public organizations. This trend will strengthen the interface between the regional and federal agenda in legislative work, use different approaches to control government activities and more effectively implement public demand for proactive social policy, “commented the updated composition of the Orlov faction.

“Only dynamic, evolving structures can be stable and successful now and in the future.” Adaptability and development will be the parties' main competitive advantages both between the elections and during the federal supercycle. Renewal is one of the main tools for developing these qualities and competencies. The fact that so many newly elected members of United Russia have taken the lead suggests that party renewal is a systemic policy, not a pre-election PR with ritual incantations and decorative decisions.

It is extremely important that the new political faces that emerged in the campaign took an active part in the debates, in fact becoming the party's frontmen in this election. I am thinking first of all of Dmitri Khubezov, Anna Kuznetsova, Tatiana Butska and Artem Metelev. They are personally responding to the voters' request for renewal and their public position will increase confidence in parliament, “added Konstantin Kostin, Chairman of the Board of the Civil Society Development Fund.


The Polish Sejm passed a law on the fence on the border with Belarus


Polish Seim ( lower house of parliament) passed a law on the construction of the main fencing on the border with Belarus. The day before, the relevant bill was approved by the country's government. The law will now be sent to the Senate.

According to information from the Polish border guard, more than 6,000 attempts to cross the border illegally have been recorded since the beginning of this month, and more than 18,000 have been reported since the beginning of the autumn.

At the moment, there is a temporary barbed wire fence on the border of both countries. According to Warsaw's plans, the capital structure will be equipped with a motion monitoring and detection system and the budget will cost PLN 1.615 billion (over USD 400 million).


The former head of the Ukrainian Interior Ministry called for preparations for the return of Crimea by military means


Ukraine needs to be ready for the military scenario of the return of Crimea and Donbass. This was stated by former head of the local Interior Ministry Arsen Avakov.

“Diploma thesis” return exclusively by diplomatic means “, gentlemen, generals, leave it to the diplomats. The army has to do its job, “he wrote on his Facebook page.

Avakov said that there is a need to create scenarios for the return of the territory using modern forms of weapons and strategy. He also called for the adoption of legislation on a strategy for the “de-occupation and reintegration” of Crimea and Donbass. In his opinion, every Ukrainian should participate in this process.

According to Avakov, Ukraine critically needs a national unified strategy for Crimea and Donbass, which the president, government and parliament should develop in cooperation with citizens and foreign partners.


Khinshtein sends an inquiry to MP Weller's foreign accounts

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State Duma representative Alexander Khinshtein announced his intention check the presence of foreign accounts with his colleague Alexei Weller. He announced it on his telegram channel. We are talking about bank accounts in Liechtenstein.

The Member wrote that he would contact the Prosecutor General's Office and other organizations with relevant questions. He promised to inform the public about the results of the inspections.

“Questions about the possible presence of a bank account in Liechtenstein from Alexei Weller's State Duma will be sent to the Prosecutor General's Office, the Central Election Commission and Rosfinmonitoring in the near future,” Khinshtein said.

The MP reminded that Russian laws prohibit foreign people from holding government positions.

“It doesn't matter: there is one dollar or 4.1 million euros. If there is an account – that is, down to the civil service or from deputies! “- summed up the representative.


Hungary explained the refusal of gas transit through Ukraine

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Hungarian Foreign Minister Peter Siyarto said his country refused to supply gas through Ukraine in the interests of its own energy security.

“This is the decision of our country,” the diplomat added. – No one has the right to interfere in the sovereignty of our country. “>

Previously, Gazprom and MVM CEEnergy signed long-term contracts for the supply of gas through the Turkish Stream pipeline to Serbia and Austria. Kiev said it was disappointed with the agreement and considered it detrimental to bilateral agreements.


Sergei Melikov was elected head of Dagestan

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Sergey Melikov, since In 2020, he held the post of interim head of Dagestan, he was elected head of the region. His candidacy was supported by 82nd out of 87 deputies. In addition to Melikov, Samir Abdulkhalikov, a member of the Electoral Commission of the Dagestan Republic with a casting vote, and Kamil Davdiev, Vice-President of the National Assembly of the Dagestan Republic, were candidates for the post.

Deputy President of the North Caucasus Federal District Yuri Tchaikovsky and Chechen leader Ramzan Kadyrov.

From September 27, 2019 to October 5, 2020, Melikov was a senator – a representative of the executive branch of the Stavropol Territory.