The LPR announced shelling by Ukrainian security forces

Photo:, Armistice Control and Coordination (JCCC) said that the Ukrainian security forces resumed shelling the territory of the self-proclaimed Luhansk People's Republic.

It is clarified that since 2 June, the LPR's representation in the JCCC has not recorded or recorded any shelling by the Ukrainian Armed Forces. However, on 16 June, there was one violation of the ceasefire by Ukraine's armed forces.

“On Wednesday evening, from positions near the Kiev-controlled village of Luganskoye, 82-mm mortar fire was banned by the Minsk agreements towards the village of Kalinovka, which is controlled by the LPR,” he noted on behalf of the LPR at the JCCC.

Currently, information on destruction and injuries has not been received.


The Americans were disappointed after the summit with Putin Biden


Fox News Readers commented on the results of the Russian-American summit attended by US President Joe Biden and Russian President Vladimir Putin.

Most users felt that in the background of his colleague, Biden did not show the best side, especially during the press conferences following the meeting.

“Putin answered himself and managed the process. Biden read the manuscript prepared for him by the State Department. Weak “, – wrote xman2020stlouis.

Some commentators were not satisfied with the lack of specifics in the words of the American leader.

” Biden's warning is like a threat with an empty water pistol, “RIVERSIDECO replied.


Biden used a teleprompter at a press conference, Putin worked independently

Journalists at the Summit of Presidents Vladimir Putin and Joe Biden in Geneva he noticed an interesting moment.

Biden used a teleprompter during his press conference. Vladimir Putin worked independently.

Recall that the White House decided to leave the joint press conference this year, each head of state had one of its own. Many former White House staff explained the decision by the fact that America still remembers the disgrace of Donald Trump's 2018 press conference with Putin.


Viktor Bout's wife called the results of the Putin and Biden meeting a “sip of living water”


Alla Bout, wife of Russian businessman Viktor Bout, who is serving a 25-year sentence in an American prison, said the issue of the exchange of convicts, which was one of the topics of talks between Vladimir Putin and Joe Biden, had become a “sip of living water.”

“I think both. This will bring great joy to Viktor and his mother, this is the first positive in many years of negativity, a great positive action, “she said. the first positive shift has taken place over the years, commenting on Putin's words that some compromises can be found in the exchange of convicts.

“The fact that this issue was discussed at the summit and the possibility of finding compromises was noted as a very positive action, the first such action in many years. that the problem will be solved, “added Alla Booth.


Zelensky switched to Russian and remembered Putin's words about the personal meeting


president During an interview with AFP, Reuters and AP reporters, Volodymyr Zelensky switched from Ukrainian to Russian when he spoke about a personal meeting with Russian leader Vladimir Putin.

into Russian – MK ). I am in favor of meeting Ukraine, but only we must understand the agenda. But what to talk about? We have bilateral problems, etc., “quoted Zelenský Putin.

“I think it's such a signal to people in Russia or in the Western world – they say I'm for it. But you and I understand – honestly, what adjander? You think in Russia and everyone knows exactly what is happening. Everyone clearly understands that there is a war, it's in Donbass, “he said.”

Zelensky stressed that Kiev and Moscow may have “a million different questions about bilateral relations,” but if they want to normalize relations, people say, “God bless her, let's meet with this adjo, let's meet, let's go.”

“President Putin said he was ready to meet, and I believe there will be a meeting. However, the delay in the problem cannot be solved, “the Ukrainian leader explained.


Biden took off his jacket and confused Putin with Trump

Photo: Still from the video

US President Joe Biden during his Conference waterfowl after the summit with Russian leader Vladimir Putin made several small mistakes, which, however, did not escape the attention of journalists and millions of television viewers.

When answering one of the questions, Biden slipped his tongue and called Putin Donald Trump.

“I captured part of President Trump's press conference … Putin. And he said …” Biden said.

At some point, he also took off his jacket and dropped it. Before the American leader picked up the fallen piece of clothing, he put on his sunglasses lightly (by the way, he brought Putin glasses and a bison statuette as a gift), slowly bent down and lifted his jacket.

Earlier opponents of the 46th US President have repeatedly ridiculed his alleged problems with cognitive functions and the musculoskeletal system. So Biden was reprimanded for allowing himself to hit the ladder of an airplane, as well as for often using cheated sheets. He brought one of them to a meeting with Putin today. Putin himself, as it might seem, also suggested that his current partner is a man of respectable age. The Russian leader said at a press conference that his American counterpart was an “experienced man.”

Biden confused Putin with Trump: an embarrassing video

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Putin said Biden explained he called him a “killer.”


Russian President Vladimir Putin said that his American colleague Joe Biden explained in a telephone conversation about harsh words.

“When it comes to sharp statements: what to say, we all know those statements. Then President Biden called me, and we explained it. These explanations suited me, “Putin emphasized.

The Russian president also noted that in the United States, someone is killed every day in Afghanistan, killed by hundreds with one blow.

Putin angrily “introduces” US to murder in Geneva

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Vladimir Putin also called Biden experienced politician and constructive leader, the conversation with him was very detailed.

Putin and Biden: Live from the Geneva Meeting


Biden said his agenda was not against Russia

Photo: Still from video

US President Joe Biden said at a press conference that he did not intend to face Russia or Putin personally.

“I told President Putin that my agenda was not against Russia or anyone else. It is aimed at the American people. Fighting a pandemic, rebuilding our economy, rebuilding relationships around the world with our allies and friends, and protecting the American people. That is my responsibility as president, “Biden stressed.

Biden also noted that in his opinion, Putin does not want a resumption of the Cold War with the United States. .

Putin answered Tolstoy with a question on relations with the United States View related video

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After the summit with Biden, Putin spoke about Donbas and Ukraine in NATO

Photo: Still from the video

President Vladimir Putin He said at a press conference after the summit with the American leader Joe Biden in Geneva that during the conversation the topic of settlements in Donbass and about Ukraine was raised in terms of its possible accession to NATO. He also noted that these were not the main problems.

“The topic (Donbass) has touched … I can't say that in too much detail. (Biden) agrees that the Minsk agreements should be at the heart of the agreement, “Putin said.” with a stain. “

Faces of Putin and Biden at a meeting in Geneva: dramatic shots

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The extended meeting between Putin and Biden ended in Geneva

Faces of Putin and Biden at the Geneva Encounter: dramatic shots

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The extended meeting of Russian President Vladimir Putin with US President Joe Biden ended at 17:05 local time (18:05 Moscow time). The White House press service informed about it.

In Geneva, talks are currently taking place between the presidents of the two countries at Villa La Grange. Only Putin and Biden and the heads of the diplomatic departments of both states, Sergei Lavrov and Anthony Blinken, will attend the narrow format of the meeting.