Puskov ridiculed the intention of the Kiev politician to seize Donetsk and Lugansk

“When the Rooster Whistles”

The Ukrainian army can capture Donetsk and Lugansk at any time and is just waiting for an order, said Oleksiy Danilov, Secretary of National Security and Defense Council (NSDC) of Ukraine. Federation member Alexey Pushkov commented on this other “impressive” statement from Kiev on his telegram channel.

Photo: Evgeniy Semenov

“The Ukrainian secretary of the NSDC, who specializes in ill-conceived threats against Russia and strange statements, said the Ukrainian army could capture Donetsk and Luhansk,” Pushkov wrote. “The United States has not solved its tasks there, the very place for Ukraine, seeking to join NATO, to show its unprecedented power, and at the same time avenge its American friends.”

Pushkov he drew attention to the fact that Danilov had made a reservation: Ukraine may seize unrecognized republics by force, but it will not do so yet. “It will probably wait until they come alone.

But they will only return when the “rooster whistles”, as Ukrainian Foreign Minister Kuleba put it. So never. Because the roosters don't whistle, “the Russian senator concluded voraciously.

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Parliament has acknowledged the fraud of Ukrainians in the purchase of Russian gas

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Ukraine pays for when buying gas, in fact, everything is the same from Russia. This was stated by the representative of the Verkhovna Rada Anna Skorokhod. She emphasized that the reverse scheme was not profitable for the country, because it had to pay extra for the passage of fuel through the pipeline to Slovakia and back. And “buying gas from Europe” is basically self-deception, as a result of which Ukrainians are still buying Russian fuel.

At the same time, the representative defended negotiations with Russia on the issue of gas. Anna Skorokhod believes that at least one must understand whether it is worth negotiating. After all, gas is also a “political problem”, the MP believes.

For six years, Kiev did not buy gas directly from Russia. The country uses reverse, which means that it is actually buying fuel from Europe. This allows us to proudly call it “European gas”. The “virtual” reverse only started to work last year. Previously, fuel was physically powered by work, first to Europe and then to Ukraine. Now the country can easily choose the desired volume. At the same time, Naftogaz continues to claim that direct gas imports from Russia will jeopardize the country's sovereignty.

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The United States has promised Ukraine that it will not be treated like Afghanistan

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Secretary of State for political Victoria Nuland promised Ukraine that the United States would not act like Afghanistan.

As she emphasized at the YES Brainstorming conference in Kiev, the withdrawal of US troops from Afghanistan does not mean that Washington no longer has strategic interests in Ukraine or does not care.

“There is no greater example of our commitment to the sovereignty, territorial integrity, independence and European aspirations of Ukraine than the meeting that has just taken place between Presidents Biden and Zelensky – every other day after the evacuation from Afghanistan is complete,” Nuland „Strana.ua“.

The US Deputy Secretary of State expressed his gratitude to Kiev for helping to evacuate countries from foreigners and Afghans found in danger.

Victoria Nuland has previously said that states are ready to join the negotiations in a “Norman format” with the participation of Ukraine, Russia, France and Germany, if this will help to resolve the conflict in Donbass.

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The Pentagon announced the quality of intelligence during a raid in Kabul

The US Armed Forces conducted on August 29 in The Kabul real could have prevented the imminent threat of a repeated attack on the airport, the Pentagon said. The US Department of Defense therefore commented on media publications that the attack by American forces could not have killed a terrorist, but a humanitarian worker working for the United States.

The New York Times questioned the official version of the Washington event in Kabul.

“The strike was based on good intelligence and we continue to believe that it prevented the immediate threat to the airport and our men and women at the airport,” said US spokesman John Kirby. .

Central Command is still evaluating the results of the raid, he said, and therefore does not intend to “exceed estimates.”

Kirby supplied this population “.

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The Foreign Ministry responded to the ambassador's call to the Russian Foreign Ministry

Photo: Still from the video

US Ambassador in In Moscow, John Sullivan visited the Russian Foreign Ministry to discuss bilateral relations. This was stated at the US State Department.

A State Department spokesman did not give reasons for calling the head of the US diplomatic mission in Russia to the State Department. The US Department did not comment on reports of violations of electoral laws in Russia by digital giants registered in the United States.

Meanwhile, the official representative of the Russian Foreign Ministry, Maria Zakharova, named the main and only reason why they urgently wanted to see Sullivan in the Russian diplomatic department. This is US interference in the Russian elections. The ambassador was warned against the inadmissibility of any attempts at external interference in the internal political life of the Russian state.

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Israel may open to Russian tourists in November

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For travelers from Russia can open Israel in November, and in October it is planned to accept the first groups from the Russian Federation as part of organized tours. This was announced by Israeli Tourism Minister Yoel Razvozov.

As he said in an interview with Izvestia, Israel will open the first groups of foreign tourists on September 19. So far, only vaccinated drugs recognized by US and European regulators will be admitted to the country. Russian vaccines did not fall under these parameters.

“Unfortunately, Russia is not among them yet. But we very much hope that in the near future, in October, we will open this pilot project also for tourists from Russia, “he said.

Razvozov explained that if such a mechanism works, PCR tests will work “If tourists are not at risk and do not expose them to Israeli citizens, the project will be expanded.

“Expand to include independent tourists. As I see it, the interval will be around the moon. If we open in October, then I hope that we will be able to open another in November, “said the Minister of Tourism.

According to Razvozov, tourists arriving in Israel will have to provide two negative PCR tests (one before arrival, the other after arrival) and also pass an antibody test.

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The commander of the Estonian Defense Forces has announced Russia's impending attack

Photo: Wikipedia.org.

The commander of the Estonian Defense Forces, Lieutenant General Martin Herem, said on Friday that Russia could attack the country in the coming years.

“We say that Russia is a threat that it can attack,” the ETV channel broadcasts.

At the same time, he wondered when it could happen – this year, next year or in three years.

“We must understand that this could happen in the next few years,” the commander himself answered the questions.

He added that it would most likely be a time-limited military invasion. According to the general, the operation will be accompanied by elements of hybrid warfare.

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A German political scientist named the launch date Nord Nord 2

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Famous German political scientist Alexander Rahr told Radiotochka NSN Telegram that the Nord Stream 2 pipeline will be launched on the occasion of the birthday of Russian President Vladimir Putin. It's October 7th. “That's pretty real, it would be a good gift for Putin.” If all the work has been done, permits have been obtained, if there is no last-minute provocation, then everything will be as the Russian side says, “Rahr emphasized.

However, there are also problems. Elections to the Bundestag will soon take place in Germany, and the Greens can be a great success – to the extent that they are invited to join a coalition government. Greens are one of Nord Stream 2's main problems, the political scientist stressed.

Recall that today, September 10, the construction of Nord Stream 2, which has been underway since 2018, was completed. Now the German regulator has to decide on the pipeline. The operator Nord Stream 2 AG does not yet have the right to transport gas by pipeline. Following the regulatory body, the final decision will be taken by the European Commission.

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Cavalry and tractors were demonstrated at a military parade in North Korea

Parade in Pyongyang without ballistic missiles

North Korea held a military parade in Pyongyang to mark the 73rd anniversary of the DPRK. This ceremony went without demonstrating missiles and heavy equipment, it was limited to the passage of lightly armed militia fighters. On the other hand, spectators saw the detachment of horses, service dogs and a tractor with rocket launchers.

Photo: kcna.kp.

“At nine o'clock on September 9, the Secretary-General of the Korean Workers' Party (WPK), Chairman of the State Affairs of the Democratic People's Republic of Korea (DPRK), dear Comrade Kim Jong-un, arrived on the podium.” square military parade, “says the North Korean news agency TsTAK about the creation of the leader. “Stormy cries at that moment” Hooray! “North Korean leader Kim Jong-un, dressed in a civilian light beige suit, appeared on the podium in Kim Il Sung Square and waved to a huge crowd. People in masks.

As CNN noted, North Korea experts pointed out the fact that Kim Jong-un looks thinner in recent shots.

“It's amazing how healthy Kim Jong-un looks in those photos yesterday,” said Martin Williams of the 38 North project at Stimson Center. “But it looks like this – and there are theories – it looks much better than it did a few months ago.” Korean side of Kim Yo Jong. About a month ago, she loudly condemned Seoul's “treacherous” behavior in connection with joint South Korean-US military exercises.

As noted by CNN, available photographs from the Pyongyang show on Thursday did not show North Korea's missile arsenal, while new or modified versions of North Korean missiles are often demonstrated at military parades in the DPRK.

For example, during a parade in January, the North Korean military, according to analysts, demonstrated a new ballistic missile fired from a submarine (SLBM). And last October, North Korea unveiled a weapon at a military parade, which analysts have called one of the largest ballistic missiles in the world.

Importantly, the North Korean news agency CTAC calls the event a “military parade of civilians” and security forces. “

Photo: kcna.kp.

The procession began with a command car with the commander of the Workers 'and Peasants' Red Militia, after which the accompanying pillars with a strong walk entered Kim Il Sung Square. In front of them was a column of a section of party members of Pyongyang.

“The Pyongyang Workers 'and Peasants' Red Militia column, the civilian civilian forces of the capital, and the Workers 'and Peasants' Red Militia columns of the provinces of North and South Pyongyang marched across the square with a thick tread. defenders of the border crossings of the homeland and the capital “, – shows the CTAK parade.

Uniform militiamen were armed with machine guns and a grenade launcher during the parade.

The “Workers 'and Peasants' Red Militia” deserves special mention. It is the largest civilian paramilitary self-defense organization in the DPRK. Its population is estimated at 5 million. The militia reports to the National Defense Commission and the Ministry of the People's Armed Forces, as well as to the Korean Workers' Party. It is organized at the level of provinces, cities, towns and villages and consists of brigades, battalions, companies and platoons.

Photo: kcna.kp.

The militia is armed with small arms, mortars and anti-aircraft guns. Sometimes multi-missile towed missile systems manufactured by DPRK (Type 75) and Ural M-62 motorcycles are available to militias.

Militias from various provinces were marched by columns from the Ministry of Railways and the Koryo Air Fleet Headquarters, the Kim Chak Metallurgical Association and the Ryongha Hichon Engineering Plant, the Hinnam Chemical Fertilizer and the Chollima Steel Association …

Separately, there were soldiers of the “extremely anti-epidemic column” and the column of the Ministry of Health. Footage from the show shows rows of protesters dressed in orange personal protective suits and gas masks.

Many cultural and artistic personalities as well as athletes marched into the parade.

A mobile special department of the Public Safety Assistance Units (VOOB) roamed the horse formation in the horse formation. A search service column with service dogs marched across the square.

The parade was attended by motorized columns of the Workers 'and Peasants' Red Militia.

According to the CTAC, agricultural machinery operators rode on tractors, “with deadly weapons that will unleash a hurricane of fire on aggressors and their henchmen in an emergency.” Judging by the photos, we are talking about rocket launchers attached to tanks, somewhat reminiscent of the famous Katyushas.

A column of fire trucks completed a military parade.

During the parade, planes flew over Pyongyang, fired flares and paratroopers were dropped from planes in the night sky, writes Nodong Sinmun.

International experts trying to explain the “light” nature of the military parade in the North Korean capital say that Kim Jong-un is perhaps experiencing the most difficult period during his time in power, when North Korea must isolate itself from the outside world to prevent coronavirus. and there is no prospect of lifting international sanctions. In addition, the United Nations Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) recently announced that Pyongyang appears to have launched its plutonium reprocessing reactor in Yongbyon, calling it a development of “serious concern,” and North Korean leader Kim Yo Jong's sister and key adviser strongly urged withdrawal of US troops from the Korean Peninsula in August.

“We must not overestimate the signals of foreign policy or the negotiation of this show, which is primarily aimed at domestic political audiences,” said Leif-Eric Easley, associate professor of international studies at Ewha Womans University in Seoul. – North Korean society is under great stress as a result of the Kim regime's decision. The procession is therefore designed to demonstrate strength and increase morale in the quarantine. “

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