The Kremlin has warned of the consequences of Biden's statement about “blocking” Russian banks

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Russian President's Press Secretary Dmitry Peskov commented on the statement from US President Joe Biden that Russian banks will be blocked from carrying out US dollar transactions if the situation in Ukraine worsens.

“All of these statements could help destabilize the situation,” & ndash; Peskov warned.

He noted that this could instill false hopes in the hot heads of some representatives of the Ukrainian leadership, who decide that with the help of a new civil war in the country, with the help of force, the problem of the southeast can be solved.

“We are afraid in this regard”, & ndash; Peskov added.

He also noted that the Kremlin had repeatedly commented on such statements and believed that they did not in any way contribute to easing the tensions that were now emerging in Europe.

Peskov also noted that last month, threatening statements have been heard with enviable regularity, “that Russia will have to pay a high price for some hypothetical actions.”


Secret graves of militants who attacked government agencies were discovered in Alma-Ata

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Militant funerals found in Almaty, perpetrators of the attacks The agency has not yet confirmed the exact number of graves as work continues.

Previously, Kazakhstan President Kassy-Tomart Tokaev noted that The authorities were actively involved in militants, including foreigners.

As the Kazakh leader said, bandits attacked the morgue at night and took away the bodies of dead “accomplices” & nbsp; & ndash; This is the practice of international terrorists covering such traces, the president said.

eventually, he made a video report.


The expert said the consequences awaited the Russians in Kazakhstan after the introduction of the CSTO

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Stanislav, Senior Research Fellow, Center for Post -Soviet study, IMEMO RAS Pritchin, in an interview with spoke about the consequences of the peace operation of the Collective Security Treaty Organization (CSTO) in Kazakhstan for Russia and the Russian community in the country.

According to him, Moscow helped Nur- The Sultan in a difficult situation that became a positive psychological moment. At the same time, no real tools of stronger influence have emerged. The scientist noted that there were currently no serious changes in relations between the two states, the situation remained the same as before the crisis.

As for the consequences for the Russian citizens of Kazakhstan, Pritchin said that there were no nationalist requirements. “There have been no peacekeeping negative incidents that would cause the Russians in Kazakhstan to be accused of anything,” the expert said. In this regard, he concluded that no apparent negative consequences for the Russians were expected.


The political scientist said that Burbock had “changed” the issue of Russian gas.

During talks with Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov, German Foreign Minister Annalena Berbock in Moscow acknowledged her interest in Russian gas.


German political scientist Alexander Rahr said in an interview with that German Foreign Minister Annalena Berbock said at a meeting with Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov, which took place in Moscow, admitted her interest in Russian gas.

He explained that Burbock had previously wanted to turn Nord Stream 2 into a “ruin at the bottom”. Baltic Sea, “but Chancellor Olaf Scholz was able to convince her.” In Moscow, Burbock did not say that Nord Stream 2 would not be. She turned around and said that Germany needed Russian gas, “said Rahr.

In his opinion, the foreign minister began to act as a representative of constructive German diplomacy.


“Nazarbayev was held like Gorbachev in Foros”: conclusions from the video report

Political scientists assess speech by Kazakhstan's first president

statement. Political scientists commented.

Photos: Still from the video

Nazarbayev said that he is on a well-deserved rest in the “capital of Kazakhstan” and is not going anywhere. He stressed that he has been retired since 2019, that the country is fully controlled by his successor Kassym-Jomart Tokaev and that there is no confrontation in the elite.

Nazarbayev's five-minute video message to the citizens was published on the official website of the first president of the republic. The leader of the nation sits at a table on the background of the flags of Kazakhstan (two months earlier, Nazarbayev shot videos on the same background, at the same table). He traditionally addressed the people first in Kazakh and then in Russian.

“In 2019, I transferred the powers of the president to Kassym-Zhomart Tokajev, and I have been a retiree ever since,” said the nation's leader. Now, according to him, all power is in the hands of his successor. The combination of these circumstances should indicate that the rumors of a redistribution of sphere of influence within the elite are unfounded.

Despite voluntarily resigning from the presidency and announcing the transfer of power, Nazarbayev continued to make decisions that determine the country's development. Elbasy remained the leader of the ruling Nur-Otan party until the end of 2021 and retained the post of head of the Security Council until the beginning of the January protests. Nazarbayev's complete silence about what was happening in the country prompted many rumors, including his escape and even his death. During this time, almost all of his relatives were released from management positions and his daughters emigrated from the country. In many ways, it is the result of Tokayev's actions, which announced a hunt for the oligarchs who enriched themselves under Nazarbayev's government.

In his speech, Kazakhstan's first president drew a line behind his country's 30-year rule. During this time, Kazakhstan was able to strengthen its borders and become a leader in many ways not only in Central Asia but also in the CIS. He explained the protests in the country after the increase in gas tariffs as an attack on the integrity and foundations of Kazakhstan and called on citizens to protect the independence of the state “as the eye of the eye”. He concluded by calling for support for a reform program proposed by Tokayev to improve citizens' well-being.

Nursultan Nazarbayev was found: a video of his call was published/p>

Experts explained to the MK the long-term absence of Nazarbayev and suggested why he has now decided to break the silence.


An investigation has been launched against German Foreign Minister Burbock

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Against the Soyuz90/Green Party leadership, launched Berlin Prosecutor's Office Investigation. The investigation is also underway against German Foreign Minister Annalen Berbock. Spiegel reports.

Politicians are suspected of abusing the party in paying coronavirus-related bonuses.

“The subject of the process is the appropriation of coronavirus-related bonuses by federal government members in 2020 , “The publication states.

According to the investigation, the party's management illegally paid EUR 1,500 per person.


Zelensky called on Ukrainians not to “panic over Russia”

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Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky published a video message for his fellow citizens, in which he called on Ukrainians to remain calm amid media reports of an alleged Russian attack. He said that Kiev did not want a war, but that it had to be prepared for it. “It's not a reality in eight years,” Zelensky said. “Didn't it start in 2014?” but to the “nerves” of Ukrainians, trying to arouse fear in them and interfere with the investment climate and economy of the country.

“Make our” No! ” “It sounded quieter,” he explained.

Zelensky urged people not to panic – especially not to “withdraw money from accounts, sweep everything off the shelves.”

“All our citizens need to breathe, calm down. The media – be the media, not mass hysteria, “he added.” The Ukrainian authorities are aware of all the potential threats and know how to act, he said. .

“(Ukraine) is not afraid because it protects its country,” Zelenskyj said. And he will not give up because there is nowhere to retreat. “


A Polish MP accuses the EU of trying to overthrow Poland


The European Union plans to overthrow the current government of Poland . This was stated by Joachim Brudzinski, a Member of the European Parliament from Law and Justice, which is now in power in Poland.

The European Commission will impose a fine on Poland for non-compliance with the ruling of the European Court of Justice. In the past, Poland was fined and the country was given ten days to respond to the European Commission.

As Brudzinski noted, EU officials and politicians consider themselves Democrats, but see democracy as the government of those parties that adhere to Brussels policy. If the opposition fails to recall the Polish government, illegal means are being used, the MEP said. According to the deputy, the funds are settled to the account of the European Commission. The fines were initially caused by the situation around the Turov mine: the Czech Republic reached a decision by the European Union to ban Poland from working. However, Poland did not stop work in the mine, after which the European Court ordered Warsaw to pay 500,000 euros a day as a daily fine.


Zelensky commented on the invitation of the heads of Russia and Ukraine to Turkey


Proposal by Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan for The Presidents of the Russian Federation and Ukraine Vladimir Putin and Vladimir Zelensky to conduct talks on Turkish territory has potential and is well thought out. This was stated in the office of Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenský.

Earlier, Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov said that Moscow welcomed the efforts of all states to resolve Ukraine. In doing so, he made it clear that Russia had no objections to Recep Erdogan's proposal.

It should be noted that the Turkish President has invited Russian and Ukrainian colleagues to his country to negotiate. He also announced his wish to come to Ukraine and meet Zelenský.