The Foreign Ministry warned the Russians of the risk of detention abroad

Photo: Natalia Gubernatorova

Citizens of the Russian Federation may be detained in the USA and third countries. The Russians warned the Russians about this in a statement on its official website.

According to the State Department, Russian citizens may be arbitrarily detained while traveling to the United States and to third countries that they extradite. agreement with the American side. The United States has claims against some Russian citizens, and according to the State Department, Russians are being arrested more and more often and may be linked to deteriorating relations between Moscow and Washington.

The State Department also explained that US law enforcement agencies were not complying with the points of the 1999 Russian-US Mutual Legal Assistance Treaty in criminal matters.

Recall that there have been several recent cases of Russian arrests abroad with their subsequent extradition to the United States. For example, Vladislav Klyushin was detained in Switzerland.


Zakharova responded to Japanese statements about exercises in the Kuril Islands

Photo: Natalia Muschinkina

Russian Foreign Ministry spokeswoman Maria Zakharova said Moscow deplores the attempt of the Japanese authorities to combine their territorial claims against Russia with the actions of the Russian side on its own territory. She therefore commented on the statement by Katsunobu Kato, Secretary General of the Cabinet of Ministers of Japan, who expressed her dissatisfaction with the military exercises in the southern Kuril Islands.

The diplomat noted that Tokyo is continuing to try to implement just such a policy of “ perseverance worthy of better implementation.“ p>

Japanese diplomats have previously stated that they protested through diplomatic channels in connection with the exercise on Kuril Islands.


Vologda's representative fined for photographing a traumatic pistol

Photo: Social Networks

Penalty for posting a photo traumatizing a gun on social network without a case received the deputy of the Duma of the city of Vologda Alexei Konovalov. He himself announced this on his website on the social network VKontakte.

The background of the event is as follows: Konovalov posted on his Instagram account a photo of a traumatic pistol lying in the front seat of a car. The photo was signed: “Always with me.” Users of social networks and local media drew attention to the deputy's post, which forced Konovalov to delete this post.

In a video posted on the social network, the representative stressed that he had just left the Russian guard, where he was fined 1,000 rubles and issued a warning.

As Konovalov noted, the commission took into account its positive features and the fact that it had not used or even removed the pistol from its holster for 15 years.


The Dutch prime minister refused to attend the EU-Russia summit


Dutch Prime Minister Mark Rutte said no to participate in the Russia-EU summit, if it takes place in the form of a meeting of Vladimir Putin with the leaders of EU countries, writes De Telegraaf.

Rutte noted that there was nothing against Putin's meeting with European Council President Charles Michel and European Commission President Ursula von der Leyen. However, he himself will not attend the summit.

The NOS television channel states that Rutte's reluctance to attend the summit is related to the Malaysian case of Boeing. 192 Dutch citizens were killed in the plane crash.

The leaders of Lithuania and Latvia also spoke out against the Putin summit. Lithuanian President Gitanas Nauseda called such a meeting “an attempt to secure a glass of honey by contact with a bear.”

Earlier, German Chancellor Angela Merkel proposed to hold an EU-Russia summit. Merkel's initiative was supported by French President Emmanuel Macron and Austrian Chancellor Sebastian Kurz.


Zelenský imposed sanctions on Russian banks


President of Ukraine Volodymyr Zelenskyy signed a decree on sanctions against dozens of Russian banks. This report was posted on the website of the Office of the President of Ukraine.

VTB, Sberbank and Gazprombank were included in the list, as well as against the Central Republican Bank DPR and the State Bank LPR.

“Issue the Council Decision on National Security and Defense of Ukraine of 18 June 2021” On the application of personal special economic and other restrictive measures (sanctions), “states the Zelenský decree.

Sanctions have also affected several payment organizations, including Unistream “And” Hummingbird “. The restrictions will last for three years.


The Kremlin insists that vaccination in the Russian Federation remains voluntary


& laquo; Overall, vaccination does remain voluntary & # 39; & # 39 ;, & ndash; Dmitry Peskov responded to journalists' requests for comment on the decision of the Moscow mayor's office on the employer's obligation to remove an employee who refused to be vaccinated. & Nbsp;

According to him, if Moskvan working in the service sector or in transport decided not to be vaccinated, he should stop working in the service sector and look for work elsewhere that is not related to serving people. & nbsp;

“ It's voluntary because you can change jobs, & # 39; & # 39; & ndash; stressed. Peskov noted that the emergency measures taken by the city authorities are due to the current situation and the difficult epidemiological situation. “ There are special powers of the head of the region“, & ndash; he remembered.


The Times began talking about the war after the destroyer incident

Photo: Still from the video

of the British destroyer Defender, which attacked the territorial waters of Russia. They released material about a ship on which Russia was accused of what had happened.

Western journalists believe that what happened was a warning from Russian President Vladimir Putin. & nbsp;

Journalists note that during the incident, a Russian ship fired warning shots “at the bow of a British destroyer” and that a Russian Su-24 military plane dropped bombs during its flight. The West has concluded that Russian President Vladimir Putin is still trying to escalate tensions with NATO.

The British vessel's actions called the “ defense of freedom '' waterways. The destroyer decided to cross the Black Sea because Great Britain does not consider Crimea to be part of Russia. According to journalists, the new war can also start from the Black Sea. BBC journalist Jonathan Beale previously said that the British destroyer Defender had deliberately violated the Russian border near Crimea. Representatives of the British Embassy and the British Ministry of Defense denied this.

On Wednesday, a Russian patrol boat opened a warning fire and a Russian Su-24M bomber dropped several bombs nearby to warn. Prior to that, the border services contacted the ship's crew and informed about access to the Russian border.

The Ministry of Defense has published a video of the Defender destroyer in the Crimea

Watch the video on the topic


Senator Puškov called the statement of the British army after the incident near Crimea “stupid”

Photo: Evgeny Semenov, a British destroyer who broke Russia's offshore border Crimea on June 23 could lead to problems. This is the opinion of Senator Alexei Pushkov.

The Times, referring to British Defense Ministry sources, wrote a note with a screaming headline: “Daring Britain tells Putin: it will not stop our ships. The British military has announced that their ships will sail in any direction they see fit, 'despite Russian warning fire.'

, “- evaluated the publication of Puškov in his telegram channel.

The Ministry of Defense has published a video of the Defender destroyer in the Crimea

Watch the video on the topic


Volodin spoke harshly about the perpetrators of false vaccination documents

Photo: Alexander Astafiev

President of the State Duma Vyacheslav Volodin said it it is necessary to strictly suppress the illegal trade in the sale of counterfeit medical documents. We are talking in particular about certificates of vaccination against coronavirus.

In his channel, Telegram noted that it is the duty of law enforcement. He also reminded that it is the duty of every citizen to “not buy fake certificates.”

“As they say, who is the war and who is the mother of the mother,” said Volodin. According to the Speaker of the lower house of parliament, “smart entrepreneurs” who expect to get rich from pandemics will be punished. He reminded that the fake link does not produce antibodies. This means that if a person is really sick, then he will not help the person who bought it. He will have to answer for it.

In general, according to Volodin, the situation with the pandemic remains alarming in Russia. He recalled that additional security measures had been introduced in the capital and a number of other regions, and that a lockout had been introduced in Buryatia.