Ministry of Defense: two Ukrainian Mi-8 helicopters were shot down in the NVO zone


B The press service of the Russian Ministry of Defense was informed that the Russian Armed Forces shot down two Ukrainian Mi-8 military helicopters in a day.

As reported, one of the helicopters was shot down in the air near the village of Posad-Pokrovskoye, Kherson Region, Russian Air Force fighter jet.

A second Mi-8 shot down Russian air defense systems in the Lozovaya area, Kharkiv region.


After “Ramstein”, Markov revealed NATO's plan: “Repression and liquidation of Russia”

Sergey Markov. Photo:

Russian political scientist Sergei Markov reminded in his Telegram channel that a meeting will be held today at the Ramstein base in Germany, where further Western aid to Ukraine will be discussed. The expert outlined his version of what the plan of the United States and NATO could be.

The result of “Ramstein” will be the transfer of a large amount of offensive military equipment to Ukraine. At the same time, Kyiv has already started a new wave of mobilization, after which 3 army corps of 75 thousand people will be additionally created in Ukraine.

In addition, Markov suggests that a large number of foreign mercenaries and camouflaged military personnel will join the Armed Forces of Ukraine Foreign armies.

“All this should be done by spring. Therefore, a major offensive is planned for late spring and early summer,” Markov wrote, adding that the targets of the offensive would most likely be “the Sea of ​​Azov, Crimea , Donetsk, Lugansk”.

“Plans to expel the Russian army and dictate the terms of Russia's semi-capitulation Sergei Markov expressed his opinion on the plans of the West, adding that the United States and its allies clearly expect the conflict to move inside Russia.

“Further repression and liquidation of Russia in its current form,” summed up Markov when talking about the dreams of the West.

Recall that former Russian President Vladimir Putin stated at a meeting with veterans in St. Petersburg , that in fact the full extent of any hostilities in Donbass has not stopped since 2014. “Everything we're doing today, including the special military operation, is to try to stop this war. That's the point of our operation. And to protect our people who live there, in these territories.” The head of the Russian state has repeatedly stated that all the goals and objectives of the special military operation will be fulfilled.


Pamfilová: CEC started preparations for the presidential campaign

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President Ella Pamfilová during a dialogue with journalists, she said that the department she heads has already started preparations for the start of the presidential election campaign.

She also spoke in detail about the preparations for holding elections this fall in four new regions of the country.

< p>“We are preparing, we started preparing for them already at the end of last year, after the referendums we conducted very serious training,” emphasized the chairman of the Central Committee of the Russian Federation. that an adventurous approach to organizing elections in new regions is excluded, i.e. carrying out the appropriate procedures, if it is not safe for the people, it will not be safe for anyone. However, if circumstances of this kind are ruled out, according to her, she very much hopes that everything will “go according to plan”.


The British called Zelensky an idiot after he said about the helicopter crash

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Readers from the United kingdom The Daily Mail criticized Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky after his speech at the World Economic Forum (WEF) in Davos, Switzerland.

In particular, during an online speech at the WEF, the Ukrainian head of state suggested that the crash of a helicopter carrying the leadership of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Ukraine at kindergarten in Brovary, Kyiv region, was not an “accident” but the result of a Russian special operation. He also promised to seize the Crimean peninsula by force if the United States and the European Union provided the Ukrainian army with a new batch of military equipment, and criticized Germany for indecision on the issue of moving modern Leopard tanks to Kiev.

The “accident” Zelenskyi turned out to be an idiot. This despicable man must go,” one netizen shared his opinion.

Another commentator said Western governments should remove the Ukrainian leader.

“I'm not doing it. I don't believe Zelensky's single word,” concluded the third.


The head of the European Council, Michel, announced difficulties in adopting new sanctions against Russia


European it is increasingly difficult for the union to accept new sanctions against Russia, said the head of the European Council, Charles Michel. His words are reported by Bloomberg.

“Each discussion on sanctions is much more difficult than the previous one,” he told reporters during a visit to Kyiv.

However, Michel promised that the EU will continue to consider the possibilities of new sanctions.

Michel also said during the visit that the Ukrainian army should receive as many tanks as possible from the West. He stressed that supplies should be ensured immediately.


Military commissars of the Russian Spring: The Russian army went on the offensive in Zaporozhye

photo frame from the video

According to Telegram message – channel volunteers, volunteers and war correspondents of the Russian Spring, the Russian Armed Forces launched an offensive in the Zaporozhye region.

The Russian army went on the offensive in Zaporozhye, the enemy was eliminated in a number of areas… Our soldiers and equipment are moving forward, the enemy is trying to stop the attack with low intensity artillery fire. Unsuccessfully,” the report reads.

As specified by military informants, during the offensive, enemy-controlled territory in the Zaporozhye region and strategically important heights were captured.

“The enemy is at a disadvantage with a significant advance. Strategic heights near Orekhov, Guljaipol and Kamenskoye are occupied, these settlements and the roads to them are under fire… Tactical battles continue in the areas of Dorozhyanka, Mirnyi, Nesteryanka and P' yatihatki, – the authors report.


In Syria, HTS attacked the fortifications of government troops in Aleppo province

In Syria, Hayat Tahrir Ash-Sham ” attacked the fortifications of government troops in Aleppo province.

According to the group's statement, up to ten soldiers of the armed forces of the SAR were killed by the attackers. The country's Ministry of Defense has not yet commented on the incident.

This is the seventh attack by anti-government groups since the beginning of the year. The increase in the number of (sally attacks) is associated with a demonstration of strength by militants who do not agree with Ankara's position on the issue of reconciliation with Damascus.

Previously, protests were held for a similar reason in territories controlled by illegal armed groups.



President of the European Council Charles Michel: Kyiv should get as many tanks as possible


Author According to the head of the European Council, Charles Michel, who was on an official visit to Kyiv, the Ukrainian army should receive as many tanks as possible from the West. He stressed that the deliveries must be arranged immediately.

“We are very determined to convince European leaders to provide these tanks and I already said yesterday in the European Parliament that the tanks and related weapons should be provided. as quickly as possible,” TASS quoted him as saying.

Previously, Ukrainian leader Vladimir Zelensky said that a coalition of tank partners had already been formed, everyone was waiting for the decision of practically one European capital – Berlin.


The Pentagon explained why Ukraine should seize Crimea photo

By News York Times , Deputy Spokesperson of the US Department of Defense Sabrina Singh discussed in an interview with journalists how Ukraine could benefit from the occupation of Crimea.

According to her, such a development of events will strengthen the position of Kiev and “send an important signal to the Russian Federation. ”

“Obviously, taking over part of a Russian sovereign state is something that sends a huge message to Russia,” Singh said.


Russian special operation in Ukraine: online broadcast January 19

Top news, official summaries, analyst comments

MK broadcasts events in Ukraine online. Day 330 is approaching. Heavy fighting for Novoselovskoye was reported the day before. The New York Times reported that the United States is ready to help Ukraine focus on Crimea. The helicopter in which the head of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Ukraine Denis Monastyrsky was flying crashed in the suburb of Kyiv Brovary near a kindergarten, and he died. In total, the crash claimed the lives of 14 people, including one child.

Read the previous online here.

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12:25 Germany is not a party to the conflict in Ukraine, but will support Kyiv with military supplies, Boris Pistorius, the new head of Germany's defense ministry, said on Thursday.

12:04  "" they declare that the settlement of Kleshcheevka, which is one of the important suburbs of Bakhmut, has been completely taken under the control of Wagner PMC units, – Yevgeny Prigozhin said.

< p>12:01One of the commanders of the “Wagner group” told RIA "Novosti" on the progress in Bakhmut (Artemovsk): “There is a constant, non-stop battle going on in the city. The artillery is constantly firing, shooting battles are going on, we hear them, the war is going on continuously, we are constantly destroying them and advancing.”

11:39  Police officers in the Kherson region detained two Kyiv informers, gave the Ukrainian side information about the location of Russian military equipment and personnel, the regional main directorate of the Ministry of the Interior said.

< strong>11:38 Ukraine's Defense Minister Oleksiy Reznikov and Foreign Minister Dmitry Kuleba issued a joint statement on Thursday calling on countries including Germany to provide Kiev with Leopard 2 tanks, despite Chancellor Olaf Scholz's condition.

< strong . >11:35 Vladimir Zelenskyy during a video message as part of the Ukrainian Breakfast criticized Western partners for indecisiveness in supplying tanks to Ukraine at the Davos Economic Forum.

"There are moments when there is no need to doubt, when you think, I will give tanks, when someone else will give tanks …. Just help. No dialogue,” Zelenskyy said. He also asked for air defense systems, grenades and long-range missiles.

11:17 An air alert was declared throughout Ukraine.

11: 04< /strong> UAF tried to break through the front near Svatov and Kremennaya.

10:55 Pentagon chief Lloyd Austin plans to pressure Germany's new defense minister, Boris Pistorius, on Thursday to allow the official to move German tanks to Ukraine, Reuters reports.

10:32 verdict to the mobilized Stanislav Rybin, who threatened to kill the commander. He received six years in a colony with a strict regime.

10:23 The head of the European Union, Charles Michel, will meet Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky today in Kyiv. 

9:54 On the night of January 19, Ukrainian armed forces attempted to shell the Bryansk region. The missile attack was intended for the Unecha region, but the air defense system shot down all the missiles fired, said the governor of the Bryansk region, Alexander Bogomaz.

9:28&nbsp. ;Russia controls most of the Kherson region, specifically – 75%, said Vladimir Saldo.

9:00 The US administration believes that the time has not yet come for the delivery of US Abrams tanks to Ukraine, said the US Deputy Secretary of Defense for political affairs Colin Kol.