The Kremlin comments on rumors of a “chip implantation” program in the brain

Photo: Mikhail Verny

Russian President's spokesman Dmitry Peskov responded to a question from journalists about the existence of a program for “chip implantation” in the human brain.

“No, you know, I don't have such data, so I can't confirm or refute it,” Peskov said. and added that he had not seen a document approved by the president.

Kommersant previously published an article on the creation of a working group under the Ministry of Education and Science, which is developing a federal program “Brain, Health, Intelligence, Innovation”. Among other things, the program focuses on the development of technologies for connecting the human brain with electronic devices and enables the implantation of microcomputers into the brain.


Aksenov demanded the vaccination of 100% of workers in the service sector in the Crimea


Crimean leader Sergei Aksyonov signed a decree to prevent the spread of a coronavirus pandemic in the republic.

The text of the decree recommends the leaders of the Crimean service companies to 100% vaccinate their employees against coronavirus. The measures apply to all enterprises, regardless of their organizational and legal form, as well as to individual entrepreneurs.

At the same time, the recommendations do not apply to those who cannot currently be vaccinated for health reasons. .


Putin has accused the US of organizing an armed coup in Ukraine

Photo: Natalia Gubernatorova

Russian President Vladimir Putin In his article for the German newspaper Die Zeit, he stated that the USA had organized an armed coup in Ukraine in 2014. According to the politician, he was actively supported by European countries.

The publication notes that the United States and Europe have caused a rift in Ukraine and the withdrawal of Crimea from its composition.

The head of state also noted that NATO's expansion to the east was the reason for the growing mutual mistrust in European countries. According to him, the waves of expansion of the bloc and joining the alliance of the former Soviet republics have dashed hopes of a “continent without division of borders.” Tensions are rising on the continent and the risk of new arms races is becoming more real.


Russian Ambassador: Peacekeepers played an important role in the return of Armenian prisoners


Russian Ambassador to Armenia Sergei Kopyrkin said that the preparatory work of the Russian peacekeeping forces has played an important role in the issue of the recent return of 15 Armenian troops from Azerbaijan to Yerevan. According to him, without the peacekeepers, the exchange would hardly have taken place.

Recall that the liberation of the Armenians took place on 12 June. In return, the Armenian authorities handed over 97,000 mines in the Aghdam area to Azerbaijan. Representatives of Georgia were present at the exchange.

Recall that more than 100 Armenian soldiers are in Azerbaijani captivity. They ended up there as a result of the defeat of Armenia in the Second War of the Karabakh. The Baku official claims that these people are terrorists and should therefore be tried, not exchanged.


Sister Kim Jong-un criticizes US expectations of North Korea


Sister North Korean Leader Kim Jong-un and Kim Yeo-jung, a senior official in the ruling DPRK party, said the United States had the wrong expectations of its country. A member of the ruling North Korean family stressed that the Americans are trying to comfort him in this way.

Kim Yeo-jung spoke about this in response to the words of US National Security Adviser Jake Sullivan. The American previously told reporters that in a recent speech by Kim Jong-un, he noticed an “interesting signal” indicating that Pyongyang is preparing for confrontation and diplomacy with the United States.

At the same time, South Korea is now visiting the US Special Representative for the DPRK Song Kim. At a tripartite meeting with his South Korean and Japanese counterparts, he said Washington was counting on Pyongyang's consent to resume north-south dialogue.


Ambassador of the Russian Federation to Minsk: “We will not leave Belarus”


Russian Ambassador in Yevgeny Lukyanov of Belarus said that Moscow would support Minsk after the introduction of new European Union sanctions against Belarus.

“We will not leave Belarus. We are allies. The Allies have not betrayed each other, “Lukyanov said.

According to him, Moscow will support Minsk” down to the most critical circumstances. ”

Recall that on Monday, the European Union added 86 new individuals to the list of Belarusian sanctions: 78 individuals and 8 organizations. Josep Borrell did not rule out adding another package of sanctions. He noted that “everything will depend on the situation in the country.”

In total, there are now restrictions on 166 Belarusian citizens, including President Alexander Lukashenko, and 15 organizations.


Military chemists desensitize the flood area of ​​Crimea

More than 20,000 soldiers are involved in the aftermath.

On June 22, the Black Sea Fleet Army Mobile Department will continue to provide assistance to Crimeans who have suffered heavy rains. Repairmen and military equipment are busy removing mud and debris from office buildings and private homes, storm wells and helping repair damaged power lines.

Photo: Still from the video

According to the Ministry of Defense assistance was provided to residents of 130 private houses, more than 52 thousand square meters cleaned. meters of streets, private yards, residential buildings and social infrastructure, more than 370 tons of waste were removed, and over 264 cubic meters of drinking water were supplied to the civilian population.

Today, repairmen will work on the renovation of the central hospital in Kerch, nine kindergartens and eight schools, as well as more than 360 residential buildings and household plots.

The temporary dam in the resort of Yalta was strengthened with the help of special equipment n a dangerous section of the mudflow breakthrough.

A convoy of a combined department of radiation, chemical and biological protection units from Novocherkassk arrived in the area of ​​natural disaster in Crimea. The army undertook a march over 800 km long. The Department of Military Chemists will launch special treatment and disinfection of sanitary facilities, building facades, roads and terrain using special means and equipment. There is everything needed for aerosol disinfection of transport, buildings, structures, the necessary supply of disinfectants.

In total, about 21,000 people and 1,367 special vehicles are involved in the work. Work with the participation of the army takes place in 36 communities affected by the floods.


Israel has completed the first test of an airborne laser complex

air complex.

The devices hit 10 of the 10 UAV targets that went at different heights, ranges and speeds. Voenniy the Observer telegram writes about it.

Elbit Systems is an Israeli company for the development and modernization of various types of weapons: UAV systems, avionics, radar, artillery guidance and missile technology. The largest private defense company in Israel. It achieved remarkable success in the modernization of obsolete Soviet military equipment and competed with Russian manufacturers in this market.

The large center is located in Haifa in the research and production center MATÁM. Subsidiaries are located in Karmiel, Rehovot, Netanya and Nes Zion. The main partners are companies in Europe and America. Participates in the development of the European generation of new generation fighters. He is involved in the development of space exploration satellites.


DPR: Kiev is worsening the situation in Donbas in the middle of the negotiating crisis


Press service The Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Donetsk People's Republic disseminated a report on the Telegram channel accusing the Ukrainian authorities of intensifying armed provocations on the contact line amid a negotiating crisis in the contact group following the deaths of four soldiers as a result of shelling by the Ukrainian armed forces.

The DPR is convinced that the prolonged negotiating crisis is caused by the blocking of all key issues on the agenda by Kiev officials.

“ The crisis is exacerbated by brutal armed provocations on the contact line … While all guaranteeing countries, as well as the United States, have recognized that the Minsk agreements are indisputable and must be fulfilled, Ukraine is deliberately worsening the situation … and norms of international law and conducting civilized negotiations, & # 39; & # 39; it is stated in the report.

In addition, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs sent a note to the DPR to a special OSCE monitoring mission requesting an investigation into the death of the DPR by repairmen and to bring those responsible to justice.


USA: Stopping the construction of “Nord Stream – 2” sanctions will not work


Official of the Head of the State for European Affairs and In an interview with reporters after Anthony Blinken's working trip to Europe, Eurasia Philipia said that Washington did not expect to be able to stop the construction of the Russian Nord Stream gas pipeline.

The White House's stance on Nord Stream 2 remains unchanged – we see the pipeline as a geopolitical project of Russia that threatens Europe's energy security and undermines the security of Ukraine and other Eastern European countries, including NATO's Eastern Wing, & # 39; & # 39; said. Ricoeur added that it was unlikely that President Biden's team would be forced to halt the completion of the pipeline, as the work had been completed by more than 90% at the time of its commissioning.

“It is difficult to prevent the construction of the pipeline through sanctions, so we have postponed a number of measures. It is better to achieve a certain positive in this difficult situation than to damage relations with European allies by further sanctions, & # 39; & # 39; said a spokesman for the Foreign Ministry.