Merkel's party “included” the Kaliningrad region in Germany

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In German city Teterov, posters of the ruling CDU party appeared on the street showing Germany on the border between World War I and World War II – including the Kaliningrad region, which at the time was called East Prussia, Nordkurier said.

Also in the composition of Germany, the posters showed some countries that were later included in Poland, such as the city of Elblag (formerly Elbing). “The whole of Germany must become an undivided homeland through the CDU,” the poster said in the slogan.

CDU District Representative Hannes Dettmann noted that the posters were not approved by the party, so this is most likely the “intrigue of competitors.”/p>

Parliament and a new government will be formed. CDU leader Armin Laschet is expected to become chancellor.


The head of the Ukrainian Foreign Ministry said that he knew nothing about the Ukrainians who were taken over from Kabul by the Russian Federation


Minister of Foreign Affairs Ukrainian Affairs Dmitry Kuleba said he had no information about Ukrainians who had been removed from Kabul by Russian planes. He said this at an online briefing.

“We have no information that Ukrainian citizens are on board these planes,” Kuleba said. He also said that Russia had been involved in disinformation for seven years and was annoyed that many Ukrainians were still being carried out.

Kuleba also assured that he would not condemn the Ukrainians if they actually flew from Kabul by Russian planes. According to him, there is “no betrayal” in that, because the man was afraid for his life and did not care which plane to flee.

It was previously reported that four Russian military aircraft took Russian citizens from Afghanistan, CSTO countries (Kyrgyzstan, Tajikistan, Belarus), Uzbekistan and Ukraine. A total of 500 people were evacuated.


Kuchma said Putin had united the Ukrainian people

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Former President Leonid Ukrainian Kuchma wrote an article for stating that he could not imagine in a “nightmare” that Ukraine would be united by Russian President Vladimir Putin. He noted that he grew up in a Soviet environment where everything was Ukrainian fringe. “Being a Ukrainian was usually allowed for something that was treated arrogantly or even ironically.” Salo and hopak, “Kuchma remarked.

Kuchma himself has always sympathized with the Ukrainian, although he himself remained Soviet. He is even ready to be one of the “red directors”. But soon his views began to change. It happened in the late 1980s. “Back in February 1990, at the plenary session of the Central Committee of the Communist Party, I called for the full economic and political sovereignty of Ukraine,” Kuchma writes.

The former president writes that Russia helped the Ukrainians to realize themselves as an independent nation. “Even in the nightmare, I could not imagine that the president who would finally unite the Ukrainian people would be Putin,” Kuchma stressed. However, he agrees with Putin in his warning that Ukraine could turn into an “anti-Russian” one. After all, it means that you will have to develop purely on the negative, to be a reflection of something.

Ukraine should always remain itself, its main value is independence. And European integration does not make much sense as a construction, because Europe is “several” and Europe is constantly changing and in different directions. “Independence is something that is definitely worth living for,” Kuchma added.


The Taliban believe the West is taking valuable people from Afghanistan


Prohibited in Russia's Taliban terrorist movement Zabihullah Mujahid told The New York Times that he believed the United States was taking people from Afghanistan in need of their homeland. Recall that since August 14, Americans have evacuated more than 82,000 people from the country, including 4.5,000 Americans and their families.

The terrorist representative said that doctors and teachers were leaving the country. He believes that in the United States, they will become chefs and dishwashers. A spokesman for the militants, who cut off people's hands for theft, believes it is inhuman.

Recall that terrorists took power in Afghanistan on 15 August as a result of President Ashraf Ghani's escape from the country. There is only one province left in the country that defends their government – Panjshir. The entire population of the region consists of Tajiks.


US and British authorities warn of security threat at Kabul airport


US Government and The United Kingdom strongly encourages its citizens to leave Kabul Airport and avoid traveling to Afghanistan for life and health risks. The BBC news server informs about it.

It is clarified that both states issued a warning last night because thousands of people are still at the airport waiting to depart. The website of the US diplomatic mission added that American citizens “must leave immediately” three checkpoints at the air port.

“Such measures are taken due to the presence of security threats from outside the entrances. to Kabul Airport. We recommend that all US citizens avoid traveling to the airport and entering airport ports. The only exceptions are those who have received individual instructions from the US government, “the ministry said.

in a large crowd. “Among other things, you need to monitor the news published in the local media for the latest news and adjust your plans based on the information received.


SVR documents declassified after Soviet troops entered Iran

Secrets of Operation Approval

At dawn on August 25, 1941 (ie, two months after the outbreak of World War II), the Soviet Union sent troops to Iran to prevent Nazi Germany from taking over the country under your control. control. Fantastic success (lasted less than a week!) An operation called “Consent”, which few people know about.

In front of me are yellowed archive sheets with red spots. Above the inscription “Top Secret”. The scouts inform the center that there is a “Gizbi Kabud” organization in Iran, which means “Blue Party”. She and other similar groups, I quote, “have set themselves the goal of preparing for the arrival of the Germans.” Documents about the battle in Iran during the war between two intelligence services – Russian and German – were only recently declassified by foreign intelligence. And those provided by the Russian SVR specifically for the Ministry of Culture in honor of the 80th anniversary of the agreement with the operation have not yet been published anywhere.

The Tehran conference has become an important phase of merger allies.

From Mussolini and Hitler to “Concord”

This story is not without a preface to explain why Hitler counted on Iranian aid in World War II and why the country was pro-Nazi in the Middle East.

“It all started long before the war began, in 1925,” says intelligence historian Sergei Anatolyevich. – Then there was a palace coup, a new dynasty was established and Persia was declared Iran, which meant “land of the Aryans”. Do you know who was imitated, adored by the Iranian elites? Mussolini! The main founder of Italian fascism was close to them for his ideas about the superiority of some nations over others, about the idea of ​​building a police state. And they took Hitler with even more enthusiasm. Bottom line: Iran and Germany have been working closely together since 1933. In addition, Berlin is placing great bets on a strategic partner. Just one example: Iranian youth and military personnel of all ages were trained in the Third Reich.

On the eve of the outbreak of World War II, Iran began to turn into a kind of “branch” of Nazi Germany. The Germans worked there on all strategically important facilities in the positions of advisers and even leaders. The country became a refuge for German spies who carried out their subversive activities against the USSR.

Aircraft equipment at one of Iran's airports , ready to fly to the USSR. Year 1943.


“The Germans from Iran are leading intelligence in the USSR. The Germans “fly” from Iran to the USSR and back like grasshoppers. “

Tehran station to the center. 1941.

The first months of the war showed a strong vulnerability to the use of sea routes leading to the northern ports of the USSR for Allied supplies. Iran, with its ice-free Persian Gulf and railways running its entire territory from south to north, could become and in the future become a strategic route for the supply of arms, ammunition, food, raw materials, fuel and other cargo to the Soviet Union under the Lend-Lease loan. .

There was also a real danger that the entry of German troops from North Africa into Palestine, Syria, Iraq from the south and the Caucasus from the north would be a solved problem for Turkey and Iran's entry into the war on the part of Germany. It was only 150 kilometers from the Iranian border to the oil fields in Baku. Without oil from Baku, the Red Army would not last a month.

– When World War II began, the Iranian government declared its neutrality, – Sergei Anatolyevich continues. – Iranian chess refused to demand that Hitler enter the war against the USSR. But the situation could change at any time – the country's ruling elite and its army sided with Hitler. Soviet intelligence received information about the impending coup d'état.

We are talking about a secret visit by German intelligence chief Admiral Canaris to Tehran in early August 1941 to discuss all the details of such a coup. According to our intelligence, its date was discussed and set – August 28.

Needless to say, the USSR and England could not allow Germany to use Iran? The most interesting is that the USSR had all the legal reasons for this. The fact is that on February 26, 1921, an agreement was concluded between the young Soviet republic and Persia at that time. One of its points is: if third countries are trying to turn Persia into a base for military action against Russia, then the other has the right to send troops to its neighbors.

– Three times the authorities of our country have called on the Iranian leadership to demand that all German citizens who carry out activities “incompatible with neutrality” be expelled, says Sergei Anatolyevich. – No reaction. He rejected Iran and a similar demand from Britain. On August 21, 1941, it was decided to send Allied troops – the USSR and Great Britain – to Iran.

On August 25, at dawn, the operation began. The ambassadors of the USSR and Great Britain handed over a note to Iranian Prime Minister Ali Mansur. It was said that Soviet troops had entered Iran in the north and British troops in the south. When (a few hours later) German Ambassador von Ettel handed Iranian leader Hitler an ultimatum demanding entry into the war with the USSR, he replied: “The situation has changed radically.” A day later, the Iranian government issued an order to end resistance to USSR and British troops. Operation Consent was actually completed on August 29. This means that everything took less than a week.

The introduction of troops of the USSR and Great Britain into Iran was the first joint military-political action of the countries that had just become allies in the war with Germany. In Iran, under the influence of significantly changed geopolitical conditions, interactions and agreements were processed, with the help of which the USSR and Great Britain moved from a long-term confrontation to cooperation, including special services.

“Blue Party” in Iran

“Top secret. Air Lieutenant Hadi Rahbari said in Tehran there is the fascist organization Gizbi Kabud, which includes many officers and was formed by Mejlis deputies who suddenly opposed the tripartite pact … The organization aims to bring Germans to Iran.

It is called “Kabud” (“blue”) because when the agreement with the allies was approved in Mejlis, the deputies who voted against dropped the blue cards. Note: there is information about the organization “Gizbi Kabud” from the source who joined it, the organization is headed by a representative of Mejlis Nonbakht. The task was given to a resource to get closer to Hadi Rahbari and try to learn more about Kabud.

This document has never been published anywhere. Several signatures on the sheet, which is worn on the holes (apparently it has been read so many times), although there is a note that it was made in two copies.

And here is another document that has never seen the light of day:

“11. On May 1942, the day of the pre-arranged meeting, I visited Deputy Nonbakht. He asked me for a report on the work done. I informed him that I already planned to involve 25 construction foremen in the organization where I work.

Nonbakht said it was necessary to speed up their registration, and changed the order of the oath. Namely, a written oath is not required, just an oral oath. Then Nonbakht gave me the following instructions:

1) Identify the political parties in Tehran through the members of the cell. Their composition and activities. In particular, find out about the “Tud” and “Edalet” moods.

2) Establish the residence of British workers, register them and keep track of who will visit their flats, as these places are the center of espionage. Nonbacht said he was particularly wary of the British. Because they have a vague policy in Iran, they are not afraid of the Russians, because their policy is clear. The British are acrobats who lead deceptive politics, they should be careful and be prepared for anything. A few minutes after our conversation, two people unknown to me came in and started talking to Nonbakht about the events at the front. They expressed the view that if the Germans agreed to provide the Turks with Iranian Azerbaijan, Iraq and other areas that were previously part of Turkey, these parties will act on their side and launch an offensive in the Caucasus. In this case, big events are taking place in Iran. “- In 1942 there were no less than 20. The Blue Party became the main one. It was created by a representative of Mejlis Nonbakht (this is how his last name is spelled correctly. – Verification ), who studied in Germany. At one time he translated Hitler's book “Mein Kampf” into Persian. Our intelligence veterans said he was a fanatic of nationalism. A terrible man who was ready to give his life to make his way to Iran for Iran. He was able to recruit about three thousand people to his party. Just to recruit, because it was a conspiracy organization that looked more like an agent network than a party. It consisted of five sections, each with a senior. And only they had the right and the opportunity to contact the leadership of the Blue Party. It was quite difficult to penetrate there, but Soviet intelligence officers managed it successfully. Most importantly, they worked with those party members who could really influence its activities and provide reliable information. By the way, the name of the construction agent who said about the meeting with the deputy is still secret: be careful, his name is not in the declassified document.

There are really “white spaces” in the text exactly where the meaning should be the name.

The Blue Party later became, in fact, part of another party – the Iranian nationalists (Melliyun-Iran). SS Sturmbannführer Richard August, known as Franz Mayer, developed for her not only a program, but all the attributes, including a military uniform (boots, black pants, blue shirt, a emblem similar to the Nazi swastika).

Document declassified in Russian foreign intelligence archives services.

Ford vs. Gravedigger Mayer

The entire German diplomatic mission was expelled from Iran after the operation was approved. This did not mean, however, that the Germans were no longer trying to take over the country. The confrontation between the intelligence services – Soviet and Nazi – in Iran continued until the end of the war.

The “Trash and Drive” (as contemporaries would say) that accompanied this battle would suffice for a series no less interesting than the legendary “Seventeen Moments of Spring.”

I was shown declassified documents about the measures taken by intelligence to “strengthen the KGB's operational work in Iran.” Let us recall that in the difficult war years – from 1939 to 1946 – Pavel Michajlovič Fitin led foreign intelligence. The documents speak of the creation and successful operation of a unique intelligence network in Tehran, led by Ivan Agayants, a legendary figure.

The main station was led by an experienced intelligence officer II Agayants.

Agayants was fluent in French, Turkish, Spanish, Italian, Persian and English. He came to Iran by order of Pavel Fitin in the summer of 1941, when he was only 30 years old. And he came with his wife, who was pregnant at the time, by the way. He worked as a consultant at the USSR embassy in Iran under the pseudonym Ivan Avalov. In fact, he was the station manager.

The main success of “Ford” (under this name it took place in secret documents): a network of agents with at least 400 people. And they are not ordinary people in Iran, but high-ranking wealthy famous people, many of whom have served in military and government facilities. Recruiting any such agent is a real special operation.

Gevork Vartanyan, who worked under Ford, told the MK commentator shortly before his death:

– Agayanti once gave me a task: to check on an Iranian army general who showed that he was ready to help us . But something in this Iranian worried the station manager. We came up with the idea to follow the general under the guise of boys-cyclists. We found out he was printing fakes himself. It was a channel of misinformation.

And the people of “Ford” identified spies who were trained in Iraq for the subsequent transfer to the USSR.

German special services were represented by the headquarters of foreign policy intelligence and military intelligence – the Abwehr. Before the war, they worked under the guise of diplomatic and consular departments as well as companies such as Siemens. The most active and dangerous was SS Sturmbannführer Richard August, aka Franz Mayer (ideologue Melliyun -Iran).

“It was a real talent,” says Sergei Anatolyevich. – He could turn into anyone. When left without contact with Berlin, he posed like a gravedigger in a cemetery!

Thus described Soviet intelligence officers Mayer in their reports to the center: “37 years old, tall, round face, blue eyes, a scar to the left of the eye to the ear, a burn scar on the chest, a ring on the left hand is short . Fluent Persian. A Nazi fanatic, hysterical, fearless, presents himself as a superman. “

Another Nazi fanatic is Major Abwehr Berthold Schulze-Holtus. Prior to agreeing to the operation, he worked in Iran under the “roof” of the German Consulate General in Tabriz. After deporting German diplomats to his homeland, he found a new job … at the Iranian embassy in Sweden. But not for long – Soviet intelligence officers told the Iranian government, otherwise they demanded an “undesirable element” from the Swedish authorities.

– Schulze -Holtus, like Mayer, got into an illegal position, – say in SVR. – He escaped from the Swedish embassy. But he stayed in Iran. Disguised as an Iranian, he grew a beard that dyed henna. Disguised as a mull. And in this form he survived. And he acted. “Mullah” re-established contact with Berlin only with the help of Japanese intelligence, which supplied him with up to five radio stations.

Another document says that a news station in Tehran informs the USSR leadership that the “Melliyun-Iran” created by German intelligence agents Mayer, Hamotta and Schulz is organizing terrorist attacks. At the behest of German intelligence, he conducts espionage and sabotage against the USSR and England. The Soviet government then demanded that the Iranian authorities arrest 167 Melliyun-Iran activists. The materials gathered by our scouts were enough to ensure that the Iranian parties were led by the fascists. As a result, 140 people were arrested. Then came more arrests and more. For the second time, German spies were shamefully expelled from Persia.

The legendary Tehran conference of 1943, at which the leaders of the Big Three were able to discuss joint actions during and after the war. period, largely due to the successful operation “Agreement”.


The senator proposed to indict Biden for “surrendering” the Taliban


As stated & nbsp ; The Hill, Republican Senator Lindsay Graham has come up with a motion to indict US President Joe Biden for his decision to withdraw US troops from Afghanistan.

“President Biden deserves an indictment for leaving thousands of Afghans who fought side by side. with American soldiers and is about to leave some American citizens because he capitulated to the Taliban (a terrorist organization banned in Russia – ed. note) “, – said the senator.

According to Graham, the withdrawal of the US contingent from Afghanistan was “the most dishonest decision of the US commander-in-chief in modern history. “

” If I were president of the United States, I would send the Taliban to hell, “he said.


Biden said Russian authorities knew who was behind the cyber attacks

photo photo

US President Joe Biden speaks The cybersecurity meeting said the Kremlin was aware of who was behind the major ransomware hacker attacks.

During his speech, Biden also recalled his meeting in Geneva with Russian leader Vladimir Putin. “At the summit with Vladimir Putin, I made it clear that we expect Russia to bring hackers to justice because the Russian authorities know where they are and who they are,” the US president said.


The ECtHR has ordered Poland and Latvia to assist migrants at the borders

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European Court of Justice The Commission for Justice for Human Rights (ECHR) in Strasbourg has called on the Polish and Latvian authorities to provide assistance to migrants from Asian countries who have accumulated on their borders with Belarus. The corresponding requirement is contained in the official declaration of the ECHR.

According to the court's decision, the Polish and Latvian authorities are obliged to provide all applicants with food, water, clothing and medical care. Where possible, migrants should be provided with temporary housing. This measure should be applied within three weeks, by 15 September.

The ECHR took the appropriate decision after 32 Afghan citizens and 41 Iraqi people who tried to get to Poland and Latvia from Belarus tried to go to court.


Russia's ambassador to Afghanistan said there was no alternative to the Taliban


Currently there is no real alternative to the Taliban movement in Afghanistan (banned as a terrorist organization in the Russian Federation). This was stated by the Russian ambassador to Kabul, Dmitry Zhirnov.

According to the head of the diplomatic mission, the Taliban is interested in the country's economic development, especially in creating transport and energy projects with neighboring Central Asian countries. According to the ambassador, the Taliban is open to Russia's participation in Afghanistan's economic life, including the development of the country's natural resources. Everything is up to the Russian business itself.

The head of Russia's diplomatic mission in Afghanistan also claims that the Taliban do not want to seize force by force on Panjshir province. At the same time, however, the ambassador noted that the anti-Tibetan resistance in Punjir had no real prospects.

Recall that the Russian ambassador to Kabul previously spoke of the establishment of order by the Taliban in the Afghan capital and called on the militants guarding the building of the Russian diplomatic mission “normal men”.