Foreigners in the Crimea warned against theft of land


At the Ministry of Property and Land Relations on Crimea said that the deadlines for voluntary theft of land covered by a presidential decree in a territory where foreigners are prohibited from owning land have expired. Minister Larisa Kulinich.

President Vladimir Putin signed the corresponding decree a year ago. According to her, foreign citizens and companies are forbidden to own land in most of the Crimean peninsula. The decree applies to 19 of the 25 municipalities in the region.


MP Yabloko Shlosberg removed from the Pskov parliamentary elections


The Pskov Region Electoral Commission decided on removal from the regional elections of deputies of the leader of the regional branch of the Yabloko party, the current deputy of the Legislative Assembly, Lev Shlosberg. A similar decision was made by his party colleague Nikolai Kuzmin due to their involvement in the activities of the extremist organization.

According to the Yabloko press service, Schlosberg and Kuzmin attended one of the rallies organized by the Anti-Corruption Foundation (an extremist organization banned in Russia, included in the register of foreign agents by the Russian Ministry of Justice).

That day, Schlosberg was detained by police. The court subsequently fined him for participating in the wrongdoing. Schlossberg himself has now announced that he will appeal against the election commission's decision in court.

The chairman of the Federal Political Committee, Yabloka, Grigory Yavlinsky, previously explained why he announced his refusal to run for the State Duma. According to him, “the time has come for the younger generation to have opportunities to do the same thing together.” He also noted that the party will actively participate in the election campaign itself.


Komarovsky spoke of the humiliation of Ukraine because of the language ombudsman

Photo: Photos from the video

Doctor and TV Moderator Yevhen Komarovsky said he considered it degrading for the country to have the post of ombudsman for the protection of the Ukrainian language in Ukraine.

According to him, if he had been told 30 years ago that he would live in a country with a language ombudsman, he left and took the whole family.

Still silent. “We all understand that this is not the same as banditry in the 21st century,” he told Ukraine channel 24.

Komarovsky added that what is happening is few and humiliates the country “century of tolerance “. These people sit on doctor's taxes and count the “percentage of words spoken in the air.” According to the expert, such statements were sometimes made in the wording “What can Komarovsky know about breastfeeding if he does not have breasts?” he was a good neurosurgeon. ”


The Georgians wrote a letter “To His Excellency” to Putin


Georgian opposition party & quot; Georgia Alliance of Patriots & quot; she wrote a letter to Russian President Vladimir Putin, urging him to facilitate the resumption of contacts between the two countries at the highest level. The letter was published on the social network by one of the party's leaders, Irma Inashvili.

As Regnum noted, the letter to the Russian leader is addressed to “ Your Excellency, Mr. President & # 39; & # 39; and express the deepest respect. Politicians point out that power in their country has become a theater for two actors & ndash; talk about the “Georgian Dream” parties and the national movement. They are suspected of being “in a collusion that destroys the country,” and the United States calls itself a director. NATO's endless exercises in Georgia & ndash; this is a “challenge for Russia”, the letter said.

The authors express concern at the deterioration of Georgian-Russian relations and emphasize their support for “truly sincere and friendly relations”; between the two countries.

According to Inashvili, she and her colleagues had previously met with Russian deputies and officials, and “ these meetings more than once calmed the tense situation & # 39; & # 39; as well as & nbsp; “Maybe he even saved us from the war.” However, the ruling forces in Tbilisi have done everything possible to ensure that contacts are frozen. In this regard, Putin is asked to “ relieve tension and resume dialogue. '' Georgian social media users were ambiguous about Putin's address. Some supported the initiative and pointed out that there was no alternative to dialogue. Others accused the authors of the message of betraying their homeland. Many were also bothered by the excessive, in their view, respectful appeal to the Russian leader.


The court sentenced Lyubov to Sobol a restriction of liberty to 1.5 years

In Moscow, Preobrazhensky court sentenced Lyubov Sobol to one year and six months' restriction of liberty. & Nbsp; Interestingly, during the verdict, a former FBK judge (a extremist organization banned in Russia and recognized as a foreign agent) was removed from the courtroom. Without permission, she filmed what was happening on the phone.

During the debate, the prosecutor's office asked the court to appoint Sobol two years in prison. He asked him to forbid her from leaving the house from 10 pm to 6 am, as well as to attend or participate in mass and other events. In addition, she was asked to ban leaving the village where she lives.

The court had previously found Sobola guilty of inciting violations of hygiene standards due to misconduct in the capital. & Nbsp;

The investigation believes that she and other defendants urged citizens to attend an uncoordinated assembly on January 23, which caused people, including coronavirus patients, to attend the event, creating a threat of mass executions. diseases.

Sobol read the sentence herself: a video from the court

Watch a video on this topic


Zelensky in rap explains why “Russians don't like Crimea”

Photo: Still from video

Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky in the air of television channel Dom, broadcasting on territory uncontrolled by Kiev, announced the immediate return of Crimea to Ukraine. “Aggressors,” he said, returning to himself. The politician spoke Russian in this language.

“It's only a matter of time,” & ndash; Zelenskyj.

He agreed in the interviewer's statement that the Ukrainian authorities are doing more and more for people on the contact line, accusing Russia and the authorities of the self-proclaimed republics of “ restricting any contacts. & # 39; & # 39;

& quot; Because you either love this country or you don't, & ndash; said Zelensky. & ndash; Do you love & ndash; you are Ukrainian, not & ndash; you are a guest, a traveler.“

He added that the “ occupiers“ will never love the same Crimea as the Ukrainians love it: “This nature is unique to you. It's the sea for you & ndash; it is childhood. These shells are great for you … ”

Whenever you eat shellfish, you look for“ where the sand ”, & ndash; the head of state felt nostalgia for childhood.

He cited a case from his youth as another argument. It turns out that at that time the comedian was trying to win the heart of his future wife and jumped from a high cliff into the sea: “The veins were shaking, but they were jumping.”

“Their generations will not live here. They will not die for our country. It will never be Russian territory, never … & ndash; added the politician. & ndash; Everyone will return to their home. & # 39; & # 39;


In Ukraine, they found the reason for the failure of the fight against “Nord Stream – 2”


Former CEO “Naftogaz” Andrij Kobolev named the reason why Ukraine failed to fight the project, “Nord Stream – 2”. In his opinion, the country lost the status of “favorite” in the US. Kobolev expressed his opinion in an article published by Ukrainska Pravda.

< Kobolev notes that the United States owes nothing to Ukraine. "Why did the United States help us so actively after the Revolution of Dignity (Maidan)?" Because we were Biden's favorites, "he says.

According to Kobolev, Ukraine received unprecedented help thanks to Biden, who was vice president at the time. Now, he said, the country has lost its special position in the White House. “And not only among the current president of the United States, but also among his inner circle,” the author of the article noted.

Kobolev believes that Ukraine has become a “favorite” citizen thanks to the coup, he has voted to vote in favor of the Western world. “He also noted the country's success in implementing several painful but important reforms.

“It all gave us a special status.” We were the story of a victory “against all chances”. “All politicians, regardless of time and geography, want to be associated with victories, not defeats,” Kobolev said. “This rate cost us very expensive and will still cost no matter who owns the White House,” Kobolev believes.

To minimize the consequences of the launch. Nord Stream 2, Ukraine needs to restore “favorite” status The author of the article noted in the US government, noting that this is precisely the main task of President Volodymyr Zelensky.

Because we are a problem and a threat of potential defeat, “Kobolev emphasized. He noted that it is now not possible to ask a question in the format” we – you, you – us “, because Kiev has nothing to offer.


Crimea intends to sue Ukraine for five blockades of the peninsula


Head of the Legislative Committee Crimean State Council, deputy head of the working group of the regional parliament for assessing the consequences of the blockade Sergei Trofimov said that Crimea wants to sue Ukraine for organizing five blockades of the peninsula. Energy, banking and food blockades.

According to Trofimov, in terms of the amount of damage, the most ambitious demands will be for energy and water blockages.

“The basis of the water blockade claim is already ready. We intend to present it in the autumn. At the moment, we are documenting the amount of damage, “added Trofimov.

According to preliminary estimates, the damage caused by just one water blockade amounts to 1.47 trillion rubles.


The representative, who advised the Russians to eat less, declared an income of 0 rubles

Ilja Gaffner, a representative of the Sverdlovsk region legislature, who scandalously advised Russians in 2015 to eat less during the crisis, earned 0 rubles last year.

Photos by Gaffner Facebook page

As “MK Ekaterinburg”, this follows from the published statements of the regional deputies.

A similar situation was observed a year earlier: for 2019, Gaffner reported 4 kicks of revenue.

In Gaffner's statement for 2020, an apartment with an area of ​​66.6 m2 is in use. m. Two more apartments (80 and 201.7 m travel abroad in connection with a debt of 196 million rubles. In the same year the court annulled the diploma of the United Russia on further higher education. In 2017, they were suspected of hiding income.

< In May 2018, the court dismissed the bankruptcy and released the deputy from paying a debt of 160 million rubles.


The US Treasury Department has launched “emergency measures” to reach the public debt ceiling


US Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen briefed Democratic and Republican parties in Congress that on August 2, the ministry began using “additional emergency measures” to conduct financial transactions to reach the country's public debt ceiling.

“The period of time during which emergency measures may apply last year is uncertain due to the economic impact of the pandemic. For this reason, I urge Congress to take action as soon as possible, “the document said.

Bloomberg previously indicated that in the event of inaction in the US sovereign debt situation, it may be “on the verge of failure” by October.