The DPRK leader, who lost 20 kilograms, declared a critical situation


DPRK leader Kim Jong-un speaking with a speech at the National Veterans Conference on the occasion of the 68th anniversary of the armistice in the Korean War, he compared the state of affairs in the republic with the hardships of the war.

According to him, the country is now undergoing a critical moment in testing, which can be compared to a war of suffering. At the same time, he reminded Kim Jong-un that the whole world was in crisis.

Nevertheless, he is convinced that, like the generations of those who fought in the Civil War, his compatriots will cope with the catastrophe. According to him, the pandemic could end in a new big victory for the DPRK.


Crimean Tatars urged Turkey to recognize Crimea as Russian

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Head of Regional National Culture of Autonomy Crimean Tatars Eyvaz Umerov appealed to the Turkish authorities, demanding recognition of Crimea as part of the Russian Federation. “We're home and it's our choice,” he said.

According to Umerov, who recognized Crimea as Russian, the Turkish leadership would show that “support for Crimean Tatars is not political PR,” and also show that his policy is consistent.

Umerov added that 96 percent of the Crimean population “de facto and de jure” supports being part of the Russian Federation.


Russian troops regrouped at a training ground near the border with Afghanistan


In the press service of the Central Office Military District He said Russian troops in Tajikistan had regrouped at the Harb-Maidon training ground near the border with Afghanistan.

“Russian troops at the 201st Military Base in Tajikistan have completed the regrouping of troops at the Harb-Maidon Training Ground. Joint exercises with contingents of Uzbekistan, Tajikistan and Russia, “the report said.

It is clarified that the army arrived from Dushanbe in the exercise area after a 200-kilometer march, during which they worked on issues of combat protection of columns, overcoming conditionally contaminated areas and repelling an enemy attack.

Recall that the exercises will take place from 5 to 10 August.


Politico: The White House avoids imposing sanctions on and around Putin


Political with reference to news from own sources that the White House avoids imposing sanctions on Russian President Vladimir Putin and his entourage.

It is clarified that the administration of US President Joe Biden is not sure whether the imposition of sanctions on the Russian government will lead to a tangible result. In their view, sanctions against Russian oligarchs will only increase their dependence on the state. As an example, they cited similar sanctions imposed on Donald Trump and Barack Obama.

The publication notes that too harsh measures can lead to a crisis in Russia. The White House takes into account the fact that if the “chaos of the post-Cold War era” is repeated, Russia's nuclear weapons could fall into unreliable hands.

Politico recalled that Alexei Navalny's supporters had handed over Biden, who manages a list of 35 people “close to Putin”, and asked for their assets to be frozen.


Kim Jong-un compares the coronavirus pandemic to the war


According to TsTAK, the country's leader Kim Jong -un, who stated at the National Veterans Conference on the occasion of the 68th anniversary of the armistice agreement that the coronavirus pandemic is comparable to the Korean War pandemic.

“ The DPRK is facing difficulties today… and difficulties caused by an unprecedented global health crisis. Prolonged isolation has turned into a test no less difficult than during the war, “said Kim Jong-un.

He also expressed hope that the “ current generation 'should continue the traditions of the ancestors who won the war and lead the country to further prosperity. & # 39; & # 39;


The Deputy Council predicted the overthrow of Zelenský this autumn

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Deputy Supreme Ilya Kiva expressed the opinion of Ukraine from the “Opposition Platform – for Life” on his Facebook page about the radical political changes that may await the country in the autumn of 2021.

Commentary on the large number of participants in the parade in the center of Kiev organized Ukrainian Orthodox Church on the occasion of the 1033rd anniversary of the baptism of Russia, expressed the view that these people will soon carry out a coup in the country.

“Remember those who came to the parade today, and most importantly – their number! It is these people who will come to destroy … Zelenský's criminal power this fall!” – published by Kiva.


The US authorities do not plan to withdraw the US contingent from Syria


According to Politico newspaper report , a senior US presidential official said the White House was not considering the idea of ​​withdrawing a US military contingent from Syria to Afghanistan.

According to him, no changes are expected in the near future in connection with the US mission or presence in Syria.

“About 900 American troops, including the Green Berets, will remain in Syria to support and advise the SDF in the fight against the Islamic State terrorist organization.” .


Communist Party candidate Udaltsov detained in Moscow


Russian Communist Party Anastasia Udaltsova was detained in Moscow, said her husband, coordinator of the Left Front movement Sergei Udaltsov. According to him, his wife, as a registered candidate, planned a meeting with voters in the Nagatinsky Zaton region. However, upon arriving at the meeting, Anastasia was detained by police.

Udaltsov noted that eight other people and his wife had been detained. Udptsova was transferred to Nagatinsky Zaton police station. The reasons for the detention are unknown.

A few hours later, the politician herself stated that she and her colleagues had been released from the department without a protocol.


The leader of the family stood behind the head of the Central Electoral Commission Pamfil

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Family leader party Alexei Zhuravlev was outraged by attacks by a number of parties on the chairman of Russia's Central Election Commission, Ella Pamfil. He stated this at a meeting of the Central Election Commission of the Russian Federation.

“I believe that this is unacceptable and cannot be in the electoral process. When they get personal or insulted, the more they try to somehow leverage it. We see perfectly well that the Central Electoral Commission works from morning to evening and non-stop, “the family leader emphasized.

In response, Nikolai Bulaev Zhuravlev, Deputy Chairman of the Central Election Commission of the Russian Federation, thanked. He noted that “recently some men have crossed the border so roughly and harshly that it is surprising, and I even want to understand if he is definitely a gentleman.” Bulaev also stressed that Pamfil's certainly did not deserve the harsh words addressed to him.

On Saturday, after a meeting of the CEC, a representative of the Saratov Regional Duma from the Communist Party of the Russian Federation Nikolai Bondarenko approached Ella Pamfil, who began to accuse the head of the Central Election Commission and ask him various questions. It was probably this incident that led to an appropriate response from politicians and CEC officials.

In the meantime, the CEC had previously registered the Family Party list, but without significant data. Party chairman Zhuravlev has promised to seek the truth in court.


Wildberries responded to the sanctions of Ukraine


Russian online retailer Wildberries commented on the sanctions imposed by the Ukrainian authorities on the company. They do not expect them to have a negative impact on their work.

They added that sales in this country represent 0.01 percent of Wildberry's current turnover. At the same time the volume of sales of goods of Ukrainian production for the calendar year through the online platform exceeded 1.1 billion rubles.

The company noted that the restrictions may have a negative impact on small business representatives in Ukraine.

The Ukrainian authorities have previously explained the imposition of sanctions against Wildberry. They are linked to the fact that the company sells Russian military uniforms. It was claimed that trade organizations selling the uniforms of Russian soldiers would not be allowed to work in Ukraine.