The cause of the bloody riots and looting in South Africa is named

Violence erupted in South Africa over the imprisonment of a former polygamist president

At least 10 people have been the victims of unrest in South Africa. Despite calls from the authorities for reassurance, the violence in South Africa is only deepening. And the chaos was caused by the imprisonment of former country president Jacob Zuma.

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South African President Cyril Ramaphosa tagged violence and protests for unprecedented 27 years after the fall of the apartheid regime in the country.

At least 10 people were killed in the clashes – some as a result of gunshot wounds. Among those killed is a 15-year-old teenager with a rubber bullet in his chest, according to local media reports. According to police, 750 people were arrested. There are victims among the police.

According to The Guardian, robbers took away huge televisions, microwaves, clothes and linen amid unrest in the suburbs of Johannesburg, Soweto. Some even went to car and pick-up shops to make it easier to remove the loot.

Many businesses and shopping centers were forced to close, closed shop windows as a precaution, and a number of false alarms led to the panic evacuation of several shopping centers in Johannesburg and elsewhere. reports on social media and calls not only for order but also for obsolete measures to be observed.

While the unrest has so far been limited to the country's two most populous provinces (Gauteng, home of Johannesburg, the largest city and economic center in South Africa and KwaZulu-Natal), authorities have warned that clashes could pose a serious drug and food shortage across the country. This is partly due to the fact that several major South African motorways have been blocked.

There are also warnings that the riots that have taken over the country will slow down vaccination in the most affected country with coronaviruses on the Black Continent. There are also concerns that massive protests and actions by robbers may contribute to the spread of the virus.

The reason for the unrest that engulfed South Africa was the imprisonment of former Head of State Jacob Zuma. It is no coincidence that his home region of KwaZulu-Natal has become one of the main centers of unrest. Banks, shops and petrol stations have closed in the province's capital, Pietermaritzburg. In the center of Durban, the province's largest city, there have been massive burglaries and attacks on medical personnel.

The fact is that the South African Supreme Court sentenced Zuma to 15 months in prison for contempt of court after an ex-president violated a court order to testify for a high-level corruption investigation during his nine years in power in 2009-2018. .

Suddenly, the South African president attracted attention by becoming the first polygamist in the country's history to have 8 wives (five of whom had official status). It has been reported that Zuma has 18 children.

However, the reason for his fall was not the observance of family traditions in Zulu. In March 2018, Jacob Zuma was charged with corruption, extortion and money laundering.

According to media reports, if Jacob Zuma is found guilty of a series of episodes of fraud, corruption, extortion and money laundering, he faces up to 25 years in prison and a large fine.

The first investigation into allegations of corruption against Zuma began in 2005, when he was not president but served as KwaZulu-Natal's Minister of Economy and was one of the ruling party leaders. Subsequently, many other similar cases were opened, some of which were closed.

Zuma, now 80, has started serving a 15-month sentence in a penal colony in his hometown of KwaZulu-Natal. According to the press, this is the first time since the end of the apartheid era in South Africa that a former country president has been sent to prison. While optimists saw this as a milestone in the South African rule of law, the ensuing violence left a dark spot on this success.

In 2018, current President Ramaphos replaced his colleague, a member of Zuma, who faced several allegations of corruption. His own party, which the former president has devoted decades of his life to, has in fact turned its back on its leader.

According to analysts, the imprisonment of Zuma will further strengthen the moderate and pragmatic faction ruling the country. Party of the African National Congress. And it will significantly undermine networks loyal to the former president in government and bureaucratic structures.

Despite allegations of corruption, the 79-year-old former anti-apartheid fighter remains popular with many poor South Africans. So while many people in the country welcomed the court's decision to imprison Zuma, many of his supporters took to the streets to protest. Jacob Zuma's supporters believe that the former president has fallen victim to witch hunts organized by his political opponents.

Sticks, crowds, victims: videos of riots in South Africa have appeared

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Medvedchuk's lawyers appealed against the decision to extend the house arrest


Representative of the Verkhovna Rada Renat Kuzmin stated this lawyers appealed against the decision of the Kiev court to extend the arrest of Viktor Medvedchuk, head of the political council of the Ukrainian party Opposition Platform – for life.

The court had previously extended the investigation into the Medvedchuk case by six months. It is specified that the decision was made without the presence of lawyers and the accused himself. The result was an extension of the term of house arrest until September 7.

“The Defense Party has called for an extension of the house arrest term. Will judges now be able to make a legal and fair decision? This process promises to be interesting, “Kuzmin wrote on social networks.

Let us recall that Medvedchuk is suspected of treason and embezzlement of national resources in the Crimea. He was placed under house arrest, ordered to wear an electronic bracelet and hand in his passports so he could travel abroad. Medvedchuk himself refutes all accusations against him and connects them with political persecution.


The Israeli army is detaining more than 30 Hamas activists


During a raid on the West Bank Jordan Israeli the army detained more than 30 activists of the radical Palestinian movement Hamas. The Times of Israel reported it.

It is clarified that the arrest came after students from the Palestinian University of Bir Zeit paid a solidarity visit to the village of Turmus Aya, where the Israeli army destroyed the house of a Palestinian suspected of murdering Israelis during a firearms attack.

The publication states that the Israeli army stopped two buses carrying about 60 students, more than half of whom were detained after the inspection. Dozens of Hamas activists were detained during special operations in the Turmus-Aya village. They were in the organizational unit of Bir Zeit University. Some of them took part in terrorist activities: they took part in the transfer of funds, incitement and organization of Hamas activities in the West Bank, “said the department.


Parliament considered Avakov's resignation a chance for Poroshenko

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Representative of the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine & nbsp; by the “Opposition Platform” For Life & # 39; & # 39; In his telegram, Ilya Kiva commented on the resignation of Interior Minister Arsen Avakov. According to the deputy, this event may be an opportunity for the return of former President Petro Poroshenko to big politics.

“For Poroshenko, this is an opportunity he will not miss … a unique opportunity for another coup. It will be generously funded – to unleash dissatisfaction and protests, “Kiva wrote.” The MP added that Avakov acted wisely against the background of growing tensions in the country, “he wrote a statement and went to rest. “


Commission of the Ministry of Emergency Situations checked personnel reforms in “Centrospas”

The elite team is in danger of being left without professionals.

The elite international rescue team “Centrospas” was amazed by the wave of redundancies. According to REN-TV, personnel failures began in September last year with the arrival of the new boss, Yevgeny Lineichev. The Ministry of Culture asked experts familiar with the situation about the causes of the conflict.

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In 1992, a rescue team of “universal soldiers” appeared at the Ministry of Emergency Situations. It was created from professionals at the highest level. Thanks to his specialists, tens of thousands of lives were saved, both in Russia and abroad.

Experienced employees are now being broadcast on the street, as the “MK” said. At best, of their own free will, and someone completely officially. By September 2021, it is planned to reorganize the department itself from a state-owned enterprise to a budget one.

A letter from Andrei Gurevich, Deputy Head of the Ministry of Emergency Situations, to Yevgeny Zinichev, head of the department, dated 20 May 2021, to which Izvestia refers, states that a number of paid services will be provided to enable the company to earn 74 million rubles a year. This change will significantly expand the activities of the company “Centrospas” and improve the material-technical and training base of the department, wrote the deputy head of the Ministry of Emergency Situations.

According to the document, rescuers will also be able to provide commercial services. For example, to participate in medical and sanitary evacuation, medical escort of patients, research of potentially dangerous underwater facilities, maintenance of dangerous industrial facilities, engage in further training, accompany tourists and ensure the safety of cultural events for a fee. Commercialization has also forced many professionals to leave the team. For most truly dedicated specialists, saving money for money is against the idea of ​​a professional and simply human duty.

Yesterday, July 12, after this information appeared in the media, Centrospas arrived on a commission from the headquarters of the Ministry of Emergency Situations. Up to two deputy ministers – Andrei Gurevich and Viktor Yatsutsenko.

As the “MK” sources said, subject to anonymity, important guests did not warn anyone in advance about their visit. In this context, except for a shift in the service, no one in the unit met. I had to wait for at least part of the staff to gather. The outcome of the meeting was not reassuring for most employees. The management from Glavka made it clear from the first minutes that it did not question the personnel decision of the new leader “at the top”.

“We are keeping up with the times, changes cannot be avoided, they are needed,” explained senior officials of the forthcoming reorganization.

The members of the commission also called for “not to wash dirty laundry in public” and to send all requests and wishes directly to the Main Department.

“And we will consider and decide”, – quotes a source expressed at the meeting.


In the interests of gender equality, the Verkhovna Rada renamed the Day of the Defender of Ukraine


On Wednesday, July 14, members of the Verkhovna Rada voted for Bill No. 2325, which renamed the public holiday “Day of the Defender of Ukraine” to “Day of Defenders and Defenders of Ukraine”. According to the “Strana.UA” portal, 317 deputies voted for this document.

The explanatory memorandum to the bill states that its adoption will help “ensure gender-balanced coverage of the role of repairers of both sexes. “In addition, women and men – defenders and defenders of the independence and territorial integrity of Ukraine – will be duly mentioned.

Note that the number of women in the Ukrainian Armed Forces has increased significantly over the last 13 years. . In 2008, their number did not exceed 1.8 thousand and in 2021 about 31 thousand.

The national holiday dedicated to the defenders of the homeland has been celebrated in Ukraine every year on October 14 since 2014.


The chief designer of the MiG-31 Valery Vasilkov died


MiG-31 aircraft designer Valery Vasilkov died at the age of 62. Information about the death of the engineer was confirmed by the Russian airline MiG.

“Unfortunately, this is true,” the report said. “Valery Olegovich has died.”

The causes of Vasilkov's death were not specified.

The MiG-31 was developed in the 70's and became the first Soviet fighter aircraft of the fourth generation.


Slovenia opens its border to the Russians

Photo: Still from the video

The Slovenian authorities have decided to allow tourists from Russian Federation arrive in the country. Mandatory quarantine is also abolished upon arrival in the Republic. The information is published on the official website of the Slovenian government.

You can now enter Slovenia by submitting a negative PCR test obtained no earlier than 72 hours before your arrival in the country. In addition, a tourist may enter with an antigen test valid for 48 hours, a certificate of coronavirus transport or a certificate of vaccination with any drug, including the Russian Sputnik V vaccine.

If the tourist is unable to present the above documents ten days of self-isolation. Otherwise, the Russian citizen may be denied entry.

This decree is temporary and will apply from 15 to 23 July 2021. Interestingly, on 3 July, just 11 days ago, Slovenia included Russia on the “red list” of countries with an unfavorable epidemiological situation, and closed the entrance for Russian tourists.


Shoigu: The Russian army is the most modern in the world

Photo: Natalia Gubernatorova

The Russian Armed Forces have the largest percentage of modern weapons and military equipment. Of all the equipment, 71% is modern equipment and weapons. This was stated by Minister of Defense Sergei Shoigu.

“Today, everyone – some angry, some with consent – understand and claim that the Russian military has more than 70%, more precisely almost 71% of modern weapons and technology,” the minister said during a meeting with airline employees. Rostvertol.

Shoigu noted that the strategic nuclear forces, which are the basis of nuclear intimidation, are equipped with 83 percent modern weapons. According to the minister, the whole situation in the army and the attitude towards it in society have changed radically in the last decade.

“But the most important thing is, of course, the armaments, equipment, training and formation of the armed forces of the Russian Federation as one of the most modern armies in the world,” Shoigu said.

According to him, nine years ago, people said that regular “cans with nothing in them” were brought to the show, but today no one says that anymore.


The Russian fighter accompanied American reconnaissance aircraft over the Black Sea


Russian Su – 27 accompanied the American reconnaissance aircraft RC-135 over the Black Sea. Journalists were informed about this at the National Center for Defense Administration (part of the Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation).

It is reported that on July 14, Russian control of the Black Sea airspace discovered an air target approaching the border. The fighter of Su-27 members of the air defense forces of the Southern Military District was lifted into the air. This was done to prevent border breaches.

The fighter escorted an American plane over the water. After turning the RC-135 from the state border, the Su-27 returned to the airport. There was no border violation.

The Center emphasized that the flight of the Russian aircraft was carried out in strict compliance with international rules on the use of airspace.